A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation Part – 22 (A Lady Police Inspector)

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The police appreciated Kalyani for her brave action. The name of the lady police inspector was Mithra. She approached Kalyani and appreciated her bravery. She asked Kalyani’s name and her address, for which she answered. Kalyani noticed Mithra’s figure and realized she is too hot to be a policewoman.

She looked like Sunny Leone in police uniform same size of butt and breasts. Her skin was also pale, and her face looked like a Barbie doll. She tied her hair in a bun and wore a police hat. Kalyani was little drifted off while she admired Mithra’s hot body. It took a minute to get her back to reality.

Mithra kept talking to Kalyani about how famous she might become with her brave act. Soon the press might show up and will praise her action. But Kalyani said she doesn’t want her name to be published or telecasted. She was a conservative housewife and just wanted herself mentioned anonymously.

Mithra thought for a second and agreed to her point. Those two boys might seek revenge on her if they ever knew about her. Mithra then told her that she could leave the scene and her identity will not be revealed by any means. Kalyani thanked her.

She looked around, and she found very few vehicles as the time was already 10:00 pm. She stood at the nearby bus stop and waited for the bus. She was alone at the stop, and she didn’t have any company. She waited longer than 30 mins, and no bus came by.

She lost her patience, and she desperately needed transport. By around 10:40 pm, a police bolero crossed her and suddenly stopped by her. Kalyani wondered who it might be. It was Mithra, and she asked Kalyani to hop in as she will drop her in her house. But Kalyani said her residence is a little far away from here.

Mithra told her that the colony is just 5km away from her station. She’ll drop her in the colony after she signs off in the station. Kalyani accepted her offer as she got no other way. She jumped on the back seat of the car. It was a non AC variant bolero. It had separate fans for driver and passenger seats.

Mithra was sitting in the front, but she didn’t drive the vehicle. A female constable drove the car. Kalyani could see Mithra’s shirt buttons were open and noticed her cleavage is visible through her white tank. Kalyani understood her state as the temperature was a little high.

Even Kalyani might unbutton her blouse if there is no one around. Mithra didn’t have a mangalsutra, and neither she had a ring. Kalyani assumed her a bachelor. After they reached the station, Mithra asked Kalyani to stay in the car and wait until she returns after signing off. The female constable also left with her.

Now Kalyani was alone inside the police bolero and waited for Mithra’s return. She couldn’t sit inside as the temperature was too high. She looked inside and found the key was just there. So she switched on the battery and switched on a small fan that hung above her. She exhaled and relaxed.

It was so relaxing, and she closed her eyes a bit and enjoyed the cool air from the fan. She then thought of unbuttoning her blouse as her breasts are all sweaty. She made sure no one sees her, and she slowly unbuttoned them. Finally, she opened her blouse and let it hung like a coat.

Now she unhooked her bra from behind, and she lifted her cups to let out her sweaty breasts. As soon as the cold air passed over her breasts, she was relaxed. She covered her exposed tits with just her pallu. She dozed off for a minute, and she forgot she was inside a patrol vehicle and not her bedroom.

Then after few minutes, Mithra returned to the vehicle. Mithra was wearing a normal full-sleeved shirt and pants with her police boots. She found Kalyani was sleeping with her pallu fully covering her body. She didn’t want to wake Kalyani up. So she slowly sat inside the car and started the car.

Kalyani woke up with a gasp, and she let her pallu fall, exposing her breasts. At that exact time, Mithra looked back and found Kalyani exposed. Kalyani covered her breasts with her hand and apologized for her actions.

Mithra laughed and told her, “Take it easy, we are both girls, and I can understand your need.” She then started the vehicle. Kalyani slowly hooked her bra and buttoned her blouse.

Mithra told Kalyani that she was newly appointed to the town and hated staying in quarters. She also said she is looking for a place to stay. Kalyani replied that she was also new and added that a portion in her colony is vacant. She can ask the owner for further information.

Mithra thanked Kalyani, and they finally reached the colony. Kalyani thanked her. Mithra told her that she might come to the colony someday if she ever got interested in the flat and went away. Kalyani went near the main gate, and she could hear the party music from Devi’s flat.

She opened the main gate, and she looked at her watch, which showed 11:50 pm. Kalyani knew that at this time, the whole sorority must be exhausted. She slowly climbed the stairs and found Kamala in her bra and petticoat on the stairs. She was fully drunk and was unconscious.

Kalyani walked past her and found Ayesha near Devi’s door. She was hugging Mahima, and both were in an objectionable state. Ayesha was in her bra and shorts and Mahima in her white tank top and panties.

Inside Devi’s house, there were clothes spread everywhere, and no one was in the hall. She went inside and looked at the bedroom and was shocked to see Devi was bottomless with just a bra on top, and she was sleeping over a person hugging him tightly.

Kalyani looked deep, and it was a male sex doll. Kalyani has now concluded that the surprise package contained the male sex doll. The doll’s dick was behind Devi’s ass. She must have had sex in a cowboy position with the doll. She pushed Devi and made her sleep beside the doll.

Kalyani took a good look at the doll. It was a handsome realistic male silicone sex doll, and the dick was so long and big. Kalyani grabbed the dick and felt sticky fluids over it, and assumed it was Devi’s. Suddenly an automated male computer voice came from the doll.

It said, “Hi, sexy. I’m KEVIN, your favorite sex partner. Show me some tits.” Kalyani now found the doll’s name is Kevin and smiled at it. She then found Deepika in her blouse and petticoat under the bed, and she was also unconscious.

Then Kalyani looked out for Radha and didn’t find her. Kalyani thought that Radha must’ve been gone home, or she could be anywhere inside the colony. Kalyani saw Radha’s saree inside the bathroom. So she concluded that Radha must be inside the colony.

Kalyani came out of Devi’s flat and searched for Radha. But Radha was nowhere to be found. Finally, she went to the common bathroom on the same floor. She saw Radha’s blouse and petticoat on the way to the bathroom. She entered inside.

The shower was on, and no one was under it. A bra and a panty were hanging on the wall. Suddenly someone grabbed Kalyani by the waist behind her. Kalyani was shocked, and she felt someone hugged her from behind. Kalyani looked over, and it was Radha.

She was stark naked and heavily drunk. Kalyani turned around, and Radha looked at her face to face and called her, ” Hey, my baby. ” Kalyani could understand it was just drunken talk. She tried getting out of Radha’s grip, but Radha grabbed her by her ass cheeks, slapped them both, and smiled.

Kalyani asked Radha to let go of her. But before Kalyani could finish her statement, Radha kissed her hard and deep. Kalyani tried to resist, but she finally submitted to her kiss. She thought that the drug would make Radha forget whatever she does that night.

Radha grabbed her saree and fully removed it. Then Kalyani herself removed the blouse and petticoat. Radha grabbed Kalyani’s bra and pulled it away and her panties. Now Kalyani and Radha are hugging each other stark naked inside the bathroom.

Radha grabbed her ass and fondled them so hard, and both laid on the bathroom floor. Radha couldn’t concentrate as she was heavily drunk. Kalyani went above her and kissed her breasts, and sucked her nipples. After about 3 minutes of sucking her breasts, Radha slept away.

Kalyani found her dozed off. She stopped her foreplay. She grabbed her boobs and gave them a nice squeeze. She took all her dress, and without wearing it, she came out of the bathroom. She went to Devi’s house and grabbed the three cams, and left for her apartment.

She closed her doors and slept the night completely naked on her bed. While sleeping, the thought of the dark guy’s cock digging into her covered ass aroused her. She wanted her husband to do the same to her. With her husband far away, she badly wanted sex.

She called her husband at midnight, but he was sleeping and didn’t take the call. She then, with a desperate mind, slept. She drifted into the dream now. She recreated the same scene that she encountered the evening.

She was in the same warehouse where she gets Trapped between the two boys. This time they didn’t video record her. They asked her to strip her saree, and so did Kalyani. Then they showed another bag and asked her to strip the blouse, and Kalyani also did it.

Then all of a sudden, they find another small pouch and asked her to strip one more garment. Kalyani remembered she placed just two bags, and she wondered where the third one came from. Kalyani had to lose another garment to get back her weapon.

She tried to remove her petticoat. But she remembered she could give them the panty as she has the petticoat to hide her bottom. She did the most disappointing thing for the boys: she removed her panty and threw it. Then she asked about the bags.

To her disappointment, there was another mini purse inside the bag. Both the boys laughed like evil demons and demanded another garment. Kalyani was thunderstruck, and she will expose her body if she removes one more garment.

She stood there clueless and then suddenly came up with the plan of raising the petticoat above her breasts and hide both her breasts and lower assets just like a bath towel. She’ll expose just her thighs.

But Kalyani didn’t have much of choice. She undid her petticoat and raised it above her breasts and bit it in her mouth, and started removing her bra. The boys were looking for a wardrobe malfunction which they didn’t get.

She then threw the bra to the boys and tied the petticoat above her breasts. She stood there in her petticoat like a ‘midnight masala’ actress. Her hot thighs were exposed, and both their pants showed the tents.

Kalyani expected the next scene would be them throwing the bags on the ground and make her pick it and pound on her. But what they did next shocked her. They threw her clothes on the ground, and with a lighter, they burned all her clothes.

Kalyani had no idea how she was going to return home. Then they gave her bag back to her and left the place. Kalyani never expected such a twist. She was standing semi-naked inside the warehouse. Only a petticoat covered her body from breasts to a little above her thighs.

She then thought of searching for any clothes inside the storehouse as it contained almost everything people need. She looked around cautiously as there was no one inside the storehouse except herself. She suddenly saw a glass room in the farthest corner.

It was dark, and Kalyani couldn’t remember noticing it before. She switched on the light, and the room was full of mannequins with clothes and few naked mannequins. She thanked God, and she opened the glass door and entered inside.

She saw all the dresses were men’s, and she found nothing in a woman’s clothes. She had no choice but to wear them. She started removing the clothes from a mannequin. Suddenly she felt someone’s presence inside the room. She looked around and found no one.

She carried on her thing, and suddenly someone spanked her. Kalyani gasped, and she turned around and saw just the mannequins around her. Then something grabbed her hand. Kalyani was shocked, and she saw it was one of the mannequins. It was laughing, and Kalyani couldn’t get her hand off its grip.

Another mannequin grabbed her other hand and shoulder. Now the mannequins around her started moving like in those ghost movies. They were all laughing devilish. Kalyani was afraid, but she couldn’t escape them. Four mannequins restrained her, each holding her limbs.

They lifted her and placed her on a table, and one of them tore her petticoat and made her stark naked. Kalyani was shouting, and she couldn’t get out of it as their grip was stronger. Then they started groping her breasts and belly. Kalyani got aroused, and at the same time, she didn’t like it.

Her nipples were pinched and pulled soft. Each of the mannequins held each of her breasts, fondled and massaged them. Now Kalyani started moaning. Suddenly she heard Kevin’s automated voice. She looked, and it was Kevin, the sex doll standing between her legs.

Her legs were held wide open, and her pussy faced Kevin. Kevin was laughing like a devil and was holding his cock in his hand. He slowly inserted it into her vagina, and this broke the dream. Kalyani got up, panting heavily. She was all sweating.

She caught her breath for some time. She sat on her bed for a moment to relax as she had her worst nightmare a minute ago. She was naked on the bed. She got up and looked at the time, and it was 8 am morning. She wore a camisole and a panty, and she prepared tea for herself and sat on the sofa to watch the news.

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