My Cock Gave Lonely, Married Afreen’s Pussy Company

Hello readers, I am a 22-year-old guy from Gujarat with good family background. I have a huge fantasy of having sex with married women who are not satisfied in their lives, and desperately need to get laid by a young guy.

This pandemic had made me crazy for not having sex, for a long time, so I was just trying out some dating sites, but everyone on these sites was so fake. I continued reading ISS, and it made me crazy how everyone was enjoying this lockdown.

So, coming to my story, it was a Thursday afternoon. I was very much bored at home, so I decided to go to the mall and just have some snacks. I was checking out the busty ladies who come shopping with their kids. I took a meal from McDonald’s and sat alone at one of the tables.

After 5 minutes, a nice busty lady wearing a black saree came and sat next to my table. I was just staring at her, as I was not able to focus on anything there at the mall. I was sure that she might be with her husband or friend but to my luck, she was all alone.

Her navel was very tempting and I could not think of anything much, and I just gave her a smile. First, she didn’t respond but later after 2 minutes when I again thought of giving it a try she smiled at me back.

Our eyes met 3-4 times, so I took some courage and asked her if I could join her, to which she agreed. I gave her my introduction and she told me that her name is Afreen (changed).

We were just chatting casually, and I complimented her that, “You look very beautiful,” and she just smiled. I asked her, “How come there is such a beautiful lady alone in this mall?”

She sort of got sad and said, “Since the whole lockdown, I am alone in the house as my husband is in Dubai.” Hearing this, I got very happy that it was a golden chance for me to lay her.

I asked her if I could accompany her in the shopping and going out for dinner or anything. She was hesitating a bit, but obviously since I was a stranger, and she just can’t trust anyone.

I made her believe that I was from a good family, and was looking for a good company like hers. After taking a long time to think, she finally agreed to only go shopping with me.

We went shopping and she bought lots of stuff, as she was also leaving for Dubai after some days. Gradually, she started trusting me. It was around 8 pm and we decided to go for dinner. We went to a nice restaurant, and there she asked about me, and my family and all.

She kind of liked my company as she never had any trustworthy friends in schools also. She was married to her husband at a very young age, and she was not very happy with him.

We had our dinner and I told her that I will drop her at her home. She agreed. We reached her home, and it was a nice bungalow. I was helping her to keep the shopping bags, and she told me to at least have juice at her home. I agreed and was sitting on the sofa.

She brought me orange juice, and we were just casually talking. But my eyes were roaming towards her boobs. I started inquiring about her hubby.

She told me, “My husband is having an affair in Dubai I know, and here I am still thinking about him.” She sort of started crying, so I just hugged her, and told her that I was there for her.

We hugged for 5 minutes and I was rubbing her back. Slowly, we came closer to each other and I kissed her lips. First, she didn’t respond, but after 5 minutes she responded.

We lip-locked for 10 minutes, and slowly I moved my hand under her blouse. Her boobs were so soft and I got a hard-on. She told me to go to the bedroom.

We went inside and started kissing desperately. I removed her saree. She was in her petticoat and a black blouse. I was completely out of my mind when I looked at her busty figure.

I made her lie on the bed and started kissing her lips, and gave her a kiss on her neck. She was aroused when I kissed her neck and moaned, “Mmmmmhhhhhhh.”

Slowly I removed her blouse, and started licking her busty boobs, and sucked her nipples. Meanwhile, I removed my shirt, and she was moaning, “Aaaaahhhhhhh, baby suck it, aaaaahhhhhhh.” She was thoroughly enjoying her nipples being sucked. Then, I kissed her chubby tummy and her navel and aroused her.

I removed her petticoat and panty and started licking her pink pussy. It was already wet, and I started licking her clitoris, to which she moaned loudly, “AAAhhhhhhh baby.” I licked her pussy for 15 minutes, and she cummed twice. I drank all her juices.

I wanted to lick more, but she was not able to control herself, and she came on top of me. She removed my pants and started sucking my thick 7 inches cock.

My God! Friends, I just can’t describe this feeling in words. She was so.. so.. so good at sucking, that I cummed in her mouth. Now, I was not able to control myself and wanted to fuck her very badly.

I asked her about condoms, but she said she did not have any. She told me that she wants to feel my cock. Without wasting a second, I made her lie in my favorite position, missionary. I inserted my cock, but her pussy was very tight as she was not fucked for months. I was not able to control and in the second stroke, I completely inserted my cock.

She was not able to speak a word, and tears rolled down from her eyes. She just kissed me and told me not to stop and fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I was also in the mood and started fucking her very fast, and she was shouting, “Aaaahhhhhh, yes fuck me, Aaahhhhh it’s all yours.”

We tried every position, and the final position was the girl on top. My cock was fucking her pussy, and we were kissing like couples and smiling.

I increased my speed and she was moaning, “Yeeeaahhh….. Aaaahhh….. yess.” I was about to come, and asked her where to come?

She simply just kissed my lips and whispered in my ear, “Inside your lady’s pussy, my dear.” I was very happy and started kissing her, and finally, I came inside her.

We were very tired as we were fucking for 2 hours. We took a bath together, and then she made dinner and we had it. We got to know each other very well and shared with each other about our loneliness.

She hugged me and thanked me for everything, as she always wanted a friend like me who can satisfy her. I kissed her, and took her to the bedroom, and started licking her pussy. This time, we even tried anal and fucked very roughly. I gave her so many love bites on her breast and neck, and she was so happy.

We slept hugging each other, and in the morning again we had passionate sex. This continued for about 2 months and, then she went to Dubai.

She is busy there now and texts me whenever she misses me. Afreen was a very decent lady. I am glad I had satisfied her completely.

If there were any mistakes in my story, then I am sorry friends. Hope you liked my story as it was a real incident. I’m looking for housewives, aunties, bhabhis, girls, or those who are divorced.

I’m a decent guy and your privacy will be 100% maintained. I can be your good company for sure. I can totally understand your feelings, ladies so don’t think much, and just give me a mail on [email protected]

I am waiting for your mail, ladies.

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