A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 16 (Dream And Chat)

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Kalyani slept that night naked on the couch with a big relief after a thrilling, nearly caught exhibitionist experience. Not to mistake, she has already experienced many more during her young age (will be revealed in future episodes). But this was her first outdoor exhibitionism after her marriage.

Kalyani dreamed about the adventure she had that night. It started with her on the same bus in the same seat, except she was in her red saree and blouse. Only the three women from the bus were office colleagues sitting on the same spot they already were.

There was the same conductor and driver. They are moving along the lonely dark road. Suddenly the bus stops at a place. Kalyani saw two men getting into the bus with their uniforms. She understood they are ticket checkers.

They were asking the three women for tickets, and only one of them showed the ticket. The other two didn’t have the ticket. One of the inspectors said to one of the women that she’ll be fined ₹1000 for traveling without a ticket. The woman stood clueless with no mind for paying the fine.

So she came up with another way of paying the fine. She wasted no time and dropped her pallu and stood in front of them with just her blouse on. Kalyani was shocked by seeing her in such a state. The woman then unbuttoned her blouse slowly and seductively and opened her blouse.

The two inspectors and the conductor were awestruck and are drooling over her breasts. She then asked them, “Is this ticket good for you?” They stood motionless, staring at her boobs. She then grabbed each of their hands and placed them over her bare breasts.

The two started grabbing her breasts and massaged them for few seconds. Then they returned back to their sense, and they looked over the other ticketless woman. The other one gave them a naughty smile and also dropped her pallu and opened her blouse.

This time the conductor stepped in and grabbed both the breasts. And he was massaging them slowly. The two women bit their lips and enjoyed their massage. Then after a minute, the two girls looked over to the back seat where Kalyani was sitting.

One woman asked her, “How about you, princess? Do you have the ticket?”

Kalyani was suddenly looked into her purse for tickets. But the whole purse was empty. She had no money to pay for the fine. She was dumbstruck, and with a pounding heart, she looked back at them with fear.

The two women with open blouses were already standing in front of her. They were smiling, and each grabbed each of Kalyani’s shoulders. Kalyani couldn’t get out of their grip. She tried shaking them, but she couldn’t.

The third woman came forward. With an evil smile, she grabbed her red saree pallu and dropped it to the ground. Kalyani tried escaping the grip, but she couldn’t move a muscle. The third woman then unhooked her blouse slowly.

The three men conductor and two inspectors were looking at the strip show about five feet from her. They were anxious about the exposure. The conductor literally drooled over her breasts. The third woman now fully unhooked the blouse.

The white breasts with pink nipples of Kalyani are now exposed to the audience. The woman then grabbed the two breasts and slapped them softly. The two women on either of her side slapped the respected ass cheeks of Kalyani over her saree.

The three men were now racing to grab her breasts. Kalyani couldn’t even shout at them. And finally, when one of them tried grabbing her breasts, Kalyani woke up real with a gasp.

Kalyani was panting heavily and realized she was safe in her house and relaxed. She looked around, and it was already morning. She looked over the clock and found it was 8 AM already. She said, “Yikes, I’m late already.” She got up from the sofa and still she is naked.

She ran to the bathroom and got ready for the day. As Devi said, she’ll be going to the tailor today to get her stitched blouse. She prepared breakfast and was sitting on the sofa and was watching the news on TV. She then remembered the spy cam.

She took it out and plugged it into her laptop and was anxious to see what kind of parcel Devi and Ayesha were talking about. She fast-forwarded the video to the scene. She saw Ayesha was waiting for the delivery guy at the entrance. She was speaking to someone else on the phone.

Kalyani assumed that it could be the delivery guy on the phone. After about 5 minutes, the delivery guy showed up and extended a 4 feet long box with a 1-foot thickness and 2 feet wide. Then he again extended another box of the same size.

Kalyani was curious what the box might contain. She then saw Devi getting to the spot. Both of them grabbed each other and left the frame towards the stairs. Kalyani assumed that the boxes should be at Devi’s house.

Kalyani then forwarded the video to the time when she entered the colony bottomless with just her bra. Kalyani loved watching her own figure on the screen. She saw the way she removed the bra and was belly dancing and twerking hot.

Kalyani enjoyed her own caught naked video and felt the thrill of getting caught naked in the hidden cam. She then wore her red saree and a yellow blouse with her usual single braided hair and red bindi on her forehead. She wore her bangles, anklets, and necklace. She went to Devi’s house.

She called Devi and entered the house. Devi shouted from the bathroom that she was bathing and will be back in 10 minutes. Kalyani said it was ok and sat on the sofa. Devi’s phone was on the table near.

Kalyani took it and opened it as Kalyani has already seen Devi’s pattern lock without her knowledge. She opened the messenger and saw Ayesha’s messages.

Ayesha: Where is it?

Devi: I’ve hidden it under the bed.

Ayesha: When will you open it?

Devi: Today evening.

Ayesha: You need my help?

Devi: Don’t bother, I’ll handle it.

Ayesha: You naughty, let’s show it to the girls at the party tomorrow night.

Devi: As you wish, I hope it’ll be better than the male stripper show.

Ayesha: Hahaha, last time Deepika almost puked when she saw the guy’s dick.

Devi: Don’t remind me of that incident. Even I threw up. Are you sure the guy didn’t see our faces?.

Ayesha: Yeah, that is the point of blindfolding him when he stripped.

Devi: Is that hungry Kamala coming tomorrow night?

Ayesha: Yeah, I guess.

Devi: At least she’ll get the cock she wanted this time, hahaha.

Ayesha: LOL, yeah, she’ll love it this time.

Devi: Yeah, her oral encounter with the stripper was a little too much. She almost drank his cum. Yuck!

Ayesha: Hahaha, yeah. He said he won’t come hereafter if Kamala touches him again when he strips. He was a professional stripper and never commits to his customers.

Devi: Well, I hated that strip show anyway, and it felt as if I’m cheating on my husband.

Ayesha: Come on, Devi, it was just a little live show that you watch on mobile every day. You didn’t even touch him.

Devi: Whatever, I feel guilty. That’s why I bought this to satisfy myself in my husband’s absence.

Ayesha: What will you do when your husband is back? Will you try some threesome with it or try some double penetration? LOL.

Devi: Shut up, Ayesha. I’ll give it to you, and you can have your dirty fantasy with your husband.

Ayesha: Yeah, maybe we all should try it sometimes. It’s much better than having a real partner.

Devi: Should we welcome Kalyani into our group?

Ayesha: I don’t know. But we will break it to her slowly and see if she is interested in our late-night activities.

Devi: Yeah, I guess she’ll like it as she is already naughty, and she once slapped my ass for killing an ant LOL. And I spanked her back when she was climbing the stairs.

Ayesha: You did that, you silly girl, now you are into girls? Did you become the LE…..IAN hahaha?

Devi: Stop it, Ayesha, don’t push me. See you at the party.

Kalyani froze as soon as she read the chat. Her inner self was more than happy to hear that her colony mates are so kinky and do hot stuff occasionally. She thought that she will still maintain her position as an innocent housewife.

By the chat, she could understand that the box must’ve been holding some kind of sex toy. She thought she’ll film the unboxing event, so she had the idea of mounting a spycam on Devi’s bedroom. She saw that she still has 5 more minutes to mount the cam.

Kalyani ran back to her house and searched for her motion sensor cam that her friend Preeti gifted her. It was a brand new one that looks like a multi-pin plug. She grabbed it, ran back to Devi’s house, plugged it into a switchboard, and faced the bed. The camera switches on whenever it detects motion in front of it.

Kalyani looked under the bed and found those two boxes, and they were big. She waited for that evening when Devi unboxes it. Kalyani was heavily sweating due to her actions. Her blouse was so wet that it showed the bra line inside.

Kalyani heard the bathroom door lock release, and she ran towards the sofa to sit. But her saree pallu got stuck into the bedroom door. Her pallu dropped off, so does her saree, and she spun and fell down on the floor with just her red petticoat and wet yellow blouse.

She fell down with her front side down. Just then, Devi, with a pink towel wrapped around her naked body, opened the bathroom door and heard the loud thud of Kalyani’s fall. She saw Kalyani lying on the floor with just her petticoat and wet blouse.

Devi saw her curvy lower back and her beautiful ass and lovely wet hips. She looked as if she got chased by the villain who is about to ravage her. She fell with her back facing up. Devi raced towards Kalyani, lifted her head, and placed it over her bare thighs to get her conscious.

Kalyani was semi-conscious and saw the close view of towel wrapped breasts of Devi. Kalyani loved the view, and she tried to get up, acting dizzy. Devi lifted her up on her bare shoulders and made her stand erect. But Kalyani found her chance and looked into the cleavage Devi’s towel-wrapped breasts gave her.

Devi then made Kalyani sit on the sofa. Kalyani intentionally grabbed her towel’s end, and when Devi tried to move back, she tripped. Her towel dropped down and exposed her naked body to Kalyani. Kalyani loved the hot naked show. Devi also had pinkish nipples as Kalyani does.

Devi then grabbed the fallen towel and again wrapped it around herself. She then brought some water to wake Kalyani up.

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