A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation Part – 23 (The Culprit Shows Up)

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Kalyani switched between the channels and looked for any mentions of her brave act last night. She found the incident was mentioned below in a running template. In which the woman was mentioned anonymously. Kalyani was proud, and she felt like a secret vigilante herself.

She then remembered about the three cameras. She plugged them one by one, and she fast-forwarded the footage to the middle. It was just the regular party stuff. And finally came the revealing of the sex doll Kevin. Ayesha brought the assembled toy with a curtain over it, covering it fully.

After a lot of booze, finally, they sat around the doll for the revealing ceremony. Devi wore shorts and a camisole. She was a little shy as she happens to be the first one to use the doll. Ayesha pulled the curtain, and the whole sorority went mad after seeing the handsome sex doll.

Kamala went forward, and she started grabbing the doll’s dick and sucked it. Ayesha pulled Kamala and told her to stop it. It was Devi’s turn to screw the doll. They all encouraged Devi to taste the doll first. Devi was blushing, and she hesitantly touched its big cock, and she stroked it slowly.

She was blushing all the time. Then she knelt before the doll, which was made to sit on the sofa. Ayesha brought a chocolate syrup and poured it on the cock. Devi started sucking the cock along with the syrup.

Looking at it, Kalyani became horny. She removed her panties and sat on her sofa bottom naked. She started running her fingers over her pussy. Then Devi slowly removed her shorts and went bottomless. Ayesha asked her to take the doll to the bedroom and enjoy her evening.

Devi took it inside the bedroom, and Deepika followed her. Kamala was the one who yearned to fuck the doll. Then the rest of the girls started enjoying the party with more booze. There were dance and a few stripping. Then finally all of them lost their control and crashed respectively into their position.

Then Kalyani fast-forwarded it to see if there was any more exciting event captured. Then suddenly, Kalyani saw a person with a black hood entering the video frame. Kalyani was shell-shocked to see the person. The person wore a black hood coat and had black gloves and a pair of jeans.

The person looked a little shorter than the others and also a little leaner. The person looked around and found everyone was in an unconscious state. Then the person took out a mobile cam and started taping all the semi-naked women.

Kalyani has finally found the culprit is real, and he is no different than the one in her dreams. Kalyani was anxiously looking forward to the culprit revealing his face. But the camera angle was not enough. She plugged in the other cams and found that the culprit has covered his face with some plain white face mask.

Then Kalyani wondered if the real culprit was in the colony, why did he ask Kalyani to come to the market. Kalyani then realized that the whole thing was a distraction. Kalyani was not attending the party. So she must be the only sober person in the colony. And she will interfere with the culprit’s plan.

Kalyani is now 100 percent sure that the culprit must be someone from the colony or someone who knows all the events in the colony. Kalyani then decided to raid every house in the colony for the culprit. But the physique of the culprit was still bothering her mind as it doesn’t match anyone in the colony.

She was then shocked to remember that Pooja, the daughter of Deepika, was the only person who would match the same physique. Kalyani was so confused, and to clarify her doubts, she decided to visit Deepika’s house and search the place for evidence.

Kalyani wore her panty and a t-shirt and 3/4 tights and went to Deepika’s house. She entered her house and found Deepika was already getting ready to bathe. She welcomed Kalyani and asked her the purpose of the visit. Kalyani replied that she wants to ask about few recipes that she wants to practice.

Deepika told her that she was about to get a bath, and she will clarify her doubts as soon as she gets a bath. Kalyani smiled and agreed with her. As Deepika entered the bathroom, Kalyani started searching around the house for any proof of Pooja’s involvement.

Kalyani looked around the almirah and shelves and wardrobe. She didn’t find anything. She then looked under the bed. To her disappointment, she couldn’t find anything that relates to Pooja and the culprit. She then saw a few pen drives under the study table of Pooja.

They were hidden under the table, and Kalyani accidentally found them. She was curious about the data inside, so she decided to plug it into her laptop and inspect it. She grabbed all the pen drives. She told Deepika, who was bathing that she’d be back in the afternoon.

Then Kalyani left the house, and she entered her house and plugged the pen drives one by one. The first pendrive contained few movies and some family photos. Then she plugged in the next one, and it had a few study materials and some school photos.

Then she put in the next, and she opened it. She was shocked to see it was full of porn videos. Kalyani was surprised, and they were all some hardcore porn videos from the internet. She saw that they are mostly lesbian and few threesome videos.

Kalyani’s dirty mind wanted to see them all. She then, without her control, opened them, and she watched them one by one. She then saw a threesome video in which a woman was getting screwed by two men, one dark guy and the other was fair.

The dark guy was fucking her in the doggy style, and the fair guy was giving her a deep throat. The video was wild, and the woman gagged while getting fucked. This reminded Kalyani of her last night’s incident.

If it weren’t for her taser and pepper spray, she would have also been fucked by them in the same manner. Her body showed goosebumps by that very thought. She then switched them one by one. There was a video that looked like a spy video that was taken from a small hole.

And the video showed a woman wearing a red saree, and she was wearing round frame eyeglasses. She wore bun hair, and she was anxiously waiting for someone. The place looked like a school staffroom, and there she was waiting for someone.

Then finally, a woman in a yellow saree came to her. She looked like a demure housewife. She called the woman in the red saree as Geeta mam. As soon as they came closer, the red saree woman (Geeta) started kissing the other, and they kissed wildly.

Geeta removed her eyeglasses. She removed the other woman’s pallu and then grabbed her boobs over the blouse and squeezed them harder. Then she removed her blouse hooks and let out her boobs. They were a little saggy but a perfect shape.

Geeta grabbed her nipples by mouth and started sucking them harder. Suddenly they both heard someone coming. They adjusted their dresses and became normal. The person looked like a peon, and he handed something over to Geeta.

Then the yellow saree woman went away, giving a secret boob press to Geeta. They both exchanged a pervy smile, and the video ended there. Kalyani loved the video, so she copied it into her laptop.

Then she went to Deepika’s house to return the pen drives. They contained no evidence about Pooja’s involvement. Kalyani placed the pen drives where they were before, and she went to the kitchen to see Deepika.

In the afternoon, Kalyani and Deepika were now trying a new recipe in Deepika’s kitchen. While cutting the veggies, Deepika accidentally cut her fingers. The cut was deep, and the blood didn’t stop easy. Kalyani had to tie up the wound temporarily to stop the bleeding.

Then Deepika’s phone rang, and it was from Pooja’s school. Deepika was told that it was a PTA meeting that afternoon, and Pooja forgot to inform her about it. Deepika then hung the phone. As the bleeding has not stopped yet, she thought of sending Devi to the meeting to represent Pooja.

She called Devi, but Devi was a little hungover, and so were Ayesha and Mahima. So Deepika has no other choice but to ask Kalyani. Kalyani agreed to it. She went home and wore a traditional green saree and her usual accessories.

Deepika told Kalyani that she could use her scooter for the travel. Kalyani, using the scooter, went to Pooja’s school about 10 km away from her colony. She entered the school and parked her scooter. She went in and asked for the junior college PTA meeting venue.

A peon led her to a staff room and made her wait for a teacher to arrive. Kalyani sat on a chair and waited for the teacher. The staff room was empty as every teacher was on duty. Kalyani remembered the place from somewhere. The whole staff room looked familiar.

She looked around, and she then looked at the table for the name board. Kalyani was shocked to see the name was written was Ms.Geeta English literature. Kalyani was shocked. She now realized that the video she saw was actually a real video of Pooja’s teacher. But she wasn’t sure if it was the same woman.

After few minutes, a staff member entered the room. Kalyani turned around to see it was the same Geeta from the video. Kalyani saw her, and she stood speechless. Geeta introduced herself and told her that she was the English teacher and class teacher for Pooja.

Kalyani was still in shock. Geeta shook Kalyani’s hand. They felt tender, and she looked no older than 28. Geeta was wearing the same red saree and her spectacles. Geeta sat at her table, and Kalyani in the opposite seat.

Geeta started discussing Pooja’s progress. Kalyani didn’t hear anything. All she was looking at was whitish Geeta’s upper neck and her low neck blouse. Her pallu was also low, and she looked like Kiara Advani from ‘Lust Stories.’ She was so beautiful, and Kalyani couldn’t control her eyes.

Suddenly another parent came inside the room with her daughter. Geeta asked to be excused, and she confronted the other parent. Kalyani looked up, and it was none other than the yellow saree woman from the video. Kalyani now understood the video was an actual parent-teacher sex scandal.

The yellow saree woman was laughing and speaking to Geeta. The yellow saree woman looked at Kalyani, and she smiled at her. She looked so hot and beautiful. She looked like Malavika Mohanan with the same perfect boobs but little hanging.

Her charming speech attracted Kalyani. She introduced herself as Meera. Kalyani eagerly shook her hands and introduced herself as Pooja’s aunt. Meera looked 27, and she told Kalyani that she was also there for her niece. But Kalyani knew why she had come there (to get her tits sucked by Geeta).

Kalyani was given Pooja’s report card, and she was then asked to leave the meeting as soon as she signed it. Kalyani knew what was coming next. Kalyani then left the room. She stood outside the staffroom and waited for some time. Then the girl who accompanied Meera came out alone.

She smiled at Kalyani and walked past her. Now Kalyani knew that only the two are alone in the room. She went near the nearest window of the staffroom and peeked inside. She couldn’t see anything clearly, but she heard few love gasps. She then slowly entered the staffroom.

But the room where the records are kept was locked, and Geeta’s desk was empty. She went near the records room, and she heard the moaning voice of one of the two women. She peeked through the keyhole and saw something she had only dreamed of.

Geeta was sucking the nipples of Meera and squeezing them hard. Meera was moaning so long. Watching them made Kalyani so horny. After 5 minutes, Kalyani heard someone coming inside the staff room. She then rushed and sat on Geeta’s table as if she was a parent waiting for the teacher to show up.

A male peon came in and looked around for staff. He asked Kalyani about Geeta mam. She replied that she was also looking forward to her. Then he handed over a file to her and asked her to make sure Geeta mam sign it before she leaves. Kalyani took it and placed it on the table and the peon left.

Kalyani now knew the two must have heard her and the peon’s conversation. After 2 minutes, Geeta came out of the records room, and she acted normal. She felt surprised by Kalyani’s return and asked her if she needs help with anything.

Kalyani told her that she was looking for a job as a teacher as she has experienced before. Geeta asked her to approach the HM office, and they will help her with it. She also told her that It would be a pleasure to have her as a school teacher. They both shook hands, and Kalyani left the room.

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