How To Fuck A Girl

I wanted to suck her pussy so bad, but she wouldn’t let me do like I knew how to fuck a girl. She was teasing me for the past half an hour already, almost sitting on my face. But at the last minute, moving away and rubbing her juices all over my boobs, waist, and hips.

“Let me taste you, please,” I begged her. She was in no mood to listen. Her hands firmly kept mine in position, near the sides of my head, and she didn’t let me enjoy any bit of her. “Sandra, you’ve been in charge way too much these days. Isn’t it time we spiced that up a little?” she retorted.

I was already a whopping mess. How much more of my patience was she going to test? Finally, she properly sat on my face in the next few minutes and let me taste her. I could finally put my lips on her velvety pussy, and lick off the juices leaking from her.

My tongue explored the curves in her pussy like it was my first time down there. In these past two years, no matter what I get used to, I would never get tired of sucking her dry. She was a goddess down there.

I don’t know how she did it, but her cum tasted both sweet and spicy. I could feel the thick texture of her juices – the first cum of the day and sucked at them merrily.

“Suck me harder, Sandra,” Aditi moaned. She wanted this so bad, and yet she teased me for half an hour, that woman! I moved my tongue to the tip of her pussy, near her clit, and started circling all around it.

The hood of her pussy was swelling rapidly, and I could feel it opening up under my tongue. I gently explored my tongue inside the hood and licked her clit. She moaned loudly and pushed her pussy closer to my face. She wanted me to go deeper, and I did.

I pushed my tongue deep under the hood of her pussy, right where her clit was, and started tracing circles. Aditi was going crazy now. She wanted nothing more than to push her pussy more into my mouth. But she didn’t, lest my tongue moves out of her clit for a second.

I sucked and licked the tip for a good five minutes, devouring every taste, every liquid oozing out of her. She was in cloud nine. Within seconds, all the juices locked up inside her pussy gushed out of her hole. I was eager to lap it all up.

I shifted my attention from her clit to her hole and started sucking and drinking all the cum that oozed out of her. She was shivering from the orgasm, but I continued to suck her like an obedient girlfriend.

Once I had licked her clean, her pussy was glistening and new as ever. She was now ready to return the favor. She brought out a huge dildo, almost 12 inches in length, and stuck it in my mouth.

Of course, she wasn’t the one to rush things at all. She brandished her index and middle finger and started rubbing my clit gently. Oh! I really needed that so bad. My pussy was yearning for this kind of attention for the past one hour.

At long last, her soft, supple fingers were massaging my pussy. She started soft and slowly increased the pressure on my pussy. With my long deep moans, even she couldn’t resist herself.

She removed the dildo from my mouth and positioned it between our pussies. She started rubbing herself and me on the dildo. She worked her arms up to my ass and hips. She kneaded my boobs in her arms and gently started pushing the dildo in. It was heaven!

The dildo was slowly penetrating both of us simultaneously. In a few minutes, we both had completely gobbled up the dildo among us. It was inside waiting for us to make our move while Aditi, oblivious to it all, started sucking my nipples.

She knew how badly I wanted to be fucked, and yet she took her own sweet time. With one hand on my hips and the other on my left boob, she continued sucking my nipples. And very slowly, she rubbed her clit against mine.

Omg! The movement shifted the dildo inside us and hit all my spots at the same time. I could feel the wetness emanating from her pussy onto mine as her lips continued her attack on my breasts.

I was moaning uncontrollably. “Please go faster,” I begged her. She bit my nipple in response and smiled her evil smile. She started taking my full breasts inside her mouth and wet them completely with her saliva. I really couldn’t take this torture anymore.

At long last, Aditi increased her pace a notch. I started screaming by this point, and my pussy started responding to her movements too. My fingers tightly clutched the bedsheet under me as she continued fucking me with the dildo and her clit.

Suddenly, she began thrusting me with the fake dick inside her, and it actually worked. My pussy was taking in more of the dildo and was hitting right at my G-spot.

I was a wreck – screaming, moaning, not understanding a thing that was going on except her touch. She started fucking me faster now, and I was rocking back and forth to her thrusts. My moans were getting louder and longer.

In a few minutes, no seconds, I was reaching my climax. As she bit my nipple hard and thrust with full force, I reached my end.

I cummed hard for at least 2 minutes continuously, and she continued milking me completely. She reached her second orgasm in a few moments, too, although it was a short one. And we lay side by side, exhausted.

Once I got steady after the huge orgasm, I was ready to tease her back. She had her fun today, and now it was payback time. I got out 2 butt plugs and a suction vibrator and put them inside her asshole and pussy. She thought we were going to go at it again. Oh, was she wrong!

After setting her up, I casually told her, “Let’s go to sleep, Aditi. We have a long day tomorrow!” The look of horror on her face was inconceivable. She knew she was in for a night of disturbed sleep, but I didn’t bother. I stuck myself between her hands and let her spoon me. It was going to be a long night in this new journey.

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