A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 21 (An Unexpected Hazard)

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Kalyani waited until the arrangements began. She changed her dress to nighty and waited for the right time. She came over to her balcony and observed Devi’s house. She found Mahima entering her house, and then after some time, Mahima went downstairs. She was speaking to someone on her phone.

Mahima went near the main gate and looked through the small window of the gate. She then hung her call and then called someone. The ring came from Devi’s house. Kalyani then understood that Mahima must have ordered the beverage for the party.

Since her hand was injured, she couldn’t lift them. She wants Devi to lift them. Devi left the house to help Mahima. Kalyani saw her opportunity and ran to Devi’s house. She saw the house was decorated for the anniversary party. She wasted no time, and she went to the cameras and switched them all on.

She noticed the time was 5:30 pm. The cameras should have roughly 10 hours back up. She then raced towards the entrance and heard the bottles chiming sounds as Devi and Mahima were climbing the stairs. Kalyani ran the opposite side, hid around the corner, and waited for them to get inside the house.

After both entered the house, she slowly slipped from there, crossed their door, and climbed the stairs. After successfully planting those cams, she waited in her house and was a little excited. Her nipples have already gone pointy and protruded through the nighty as she was not wearing any underwear.

She planned on having a watch over on the party from her balcony (obviously hidden). As the clock hit 6 pm, she received a WhatsApp app message from an unknown number. Kalyani saw it and was surprised to see a strange number. She opened it, and the video played.

Kalyani couldn’t believe her eyes. She was shocked to see herself sleeping on the terrace. A person is holding the camera in one hand and unbuttoning her blouse on the other. She recognized the video was sent by the culprit who molested her in sleep during the first day she arrived at the colony.

The hand was covered in a glove, and she couldn’t recognize it. Then came another video of her naked on the terrace enjoying herself that night when she was left naked on the terrace. Kalyani couldn’t believe what was happening.

After all these days, the culprit has finally released her video. But she still doesn’t know the culprit’s demand. Then came an address of a market and some storage unit number with a time which said 7 pm today. Kalyani now understood that the culprit wants her to meet him at that address.

So she searched the internet for the address. And the place was about 20km far from her colony. It will atleast take 40 minutes to reach the place. So Kalyani went inside her house. She wore a pink saree and a pink blouse and petticoat with her usual accessories (bindi, bangle, anklet, and mangalsutra).

She also armed herself with a small pen-type electric taser and placed it inside her handbag. It was meant to attack any stalkers (in this case, the culprit). She then took a pepper spray and put it inside her purse. She put her purse inside her handbag.

She then went to Devi’s house and told her that she was going to the doctor as she was not feeling well. Ayesha, who was already there in Devi’s house, asked Kalyani if she could accompany her to the hospital. But Kalyani refused her offer and told her that she was also visiting her friend’s house in the main town.

Then Kalyani called an auto and left the colony. She then reached the market after a 50 minutes long journey. She saw the market was huge and fully crowded with people. There were vegetables, fruits and the last section contained non-vegetarian items.

She entered inside the buzzing crowd and asked a vegetable shop woman to find the storage unit. The woman replied that she could find it at the end of the market. Kalyani walked about 200m straight and then reached the non-vegetarian section.

She used her saree pallu to cover her nose and mouth as she didn’t like the meat and fish smell. She went through the crowd to reach a huge storehouse. It was a really big one, and the whole warehouse was made of blue metal roofing plates. She entered inside.

The temperature there was low as it was where the vegetables and fruits are stored. There were rectangular containers arranged in a row and one above another. No one can see anyone behind the row of containers. There were numbers for different containers.

Once entered inside, it was a maze for an unfamiliar person. She looked around and searched for the number in the container that was mentioned in the text. She finally found the container was on the far end of the warehouse. She went there and looked around and found no one.

She then decided to wait near that place until the culprit arrives there. There were many air-conditioned rooms on the sides of the warehouse for storing high-end fruits, vegetables and meat. Workers, usually the load men, were busy doing their job inside the warehouse.

Some of them looked at her occasionally. She was the only beautiful woman standing alone inside the warehouse. The rest of them were just some worker women and few older women. She found the clock ticked at 7:30 pm already. But she was waiting still, and no one showed up.

The buzz in the warehouse started to go down as the night arrived. Few load men and other men were looking at Kalyani as she was alone waiting inside the warehouse. Few men even checked out her body, but Kalyani maintained her patience.

After waiting for so long and it was finally 8:30 pm. Kalyani lost her patience, and she started thinking that the culprit is making a fool out of her. So she decided to get out and get back to the colony. As she started walking, a young man grabbed her handbag from behind and ran in front of her.

Kalyani was shocked, and she shouted “THIEF,” and she chased him. As there was no one at her sight inside the warehouse, nobody helped her. She was wearing a saree, so she was slower than the boy. He was lean, and he looked very young, like a 19-year-old boy.

He finally went inside an ac storeroom and disappeared behind a container. Kalyani was panting heavily. She went around the container to see the boy facing her and smiling at her with an evil grin. He was juggling her handbag in his hands.

He was so dark, and his hair looked like an Afro, and he had an uneven beard. Kalyani panted heavily, and she asked for her bag. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around to see a similar boy of the same age standing behind her. But he was a little fair. He was also smiling at her.

Kalyani then asked for the dark one for her bag. Both of them are around 8 ft away from her. The boy extended his arm and told her to come and get it. Kalyani hesitantly went forward. When she was about to grab it, the dark one threw the bag to the fair boy.

The fair one caught it, and then he asked her to come to him to get it. Kalyani lost her patience and requested that she badly wanted her bag. Then the dark one told her, “If you want the bag, you have to give us something.”

Kalyani was now confused. She replied that she could give them money. But even the money is inside the purse. Then the dark one asked her what she never imagined. He asked her to give her the saree she was wearing. Kalyani was shocked, and she refused to do it.

But now, both took a knife from their pockets, and they now threatened her. Kalyani unwillingly had to do what she was told to get the bag. Her heart started pounding, and she finally agreed to their terms. She removed her pallu.

Then the dark one with an evil grin was amazed at her body. He took his mobile and started filming it. The fair one was whistling at her. She removed her whole pink saree and stood in front of them with her pink blouse and a pink petticoat. Her navel is exposed, and her blouse cleavage was visible.

Kalyani then threw the saree to the dark one. Kalyani now crossed her hands to hide her blouse and breasts. For the next 1 minute, both the boys were gawking at her hot body. Kalyani saw their eyes were filled with lust. They have already got the boner as she can see their tent from their track pants.

Kalyani’s heart was pounding hard now as the two boys have come closer than before. Now she asked for her handbag. But the fair boy told her that there were two items with him, the hand purse and the handbag. So he said he needs one more offering from her to give her back both.

Kalyani was so annoyed and afraid of their little game. The dark one also asked her to go for it. Kalyani had no choice but to remove her blouse and threw it. She slowly unbuttoned her pink blouse and then removed it completely and threw it to the fair guy.

Now the dark one filming it all on his mobile is so aroused. He was drooling over her body. The fair one caught her blouse and sniffed it, and kissed it. Kalyani was standing between them in just a white bra and a pink petticoat. The breast globes looked hot through the cleavage on the bra.

Now the fair boy dropped her purse and handbag on the floor and asked her to take it herself. Kalyani was already crossing her hands to hide her breasts. She knew their intentions. They will ask her to bend and take the purse and bag.

Then the dark boy will take her from the back, and the fair one will take her from the front. The dark one also stopped his filming process and was getting ready to pounce over her. Now Kalyani had no choice but to grab the bag and purse.

She has very little time to take out the taser and pepper spray and attack them. She decided to go for the spray. She had no hands to hide her bra cleavage if her hands are busy taking the spray. Both inserted their knives back inside their pockets as it will be a disturbance to their action.

As soon as she bent and reached the purse that contained the spray, the dark guy from behind grabbed her waist and rammed his hard tent between her petticoat-covered ass. Kalyani felt his hard cock protruding her ass over the petticoat.

The dark guy moaned and started moving his hips in circles. His cock was getting aroused when she caressed it over her ass. But still, he hasn’t taken his cock out.

The fair one grabbed her single braided hair very hard in one hand, and he started untying his track pant to release his cock. Kalyani went nervous, and her hands were shaking as she unzipped her purse and grabbed the pepper spray.

Now the dark guy started ramming his dick harder on her ass, and he grabbed one of her breasts. Kalyani gasped and was so nervous. She unzipped the bag, and she searched for the taser. The fair one has now taken his cock out, and it was a few inches away from Kalyani’s face.

Kalyani controlled her temptations, and she took them both out of the bag and purse. Now the dark guy had his eyes closed, and he was enjoying her. Kalyani’s hair was grabbed harder, so she couldn’t get up. So she used the taser at his crotch.

As soon as he got tased, the fair guy shouted in pain. He fell on the ground as the electricity passed through his scrotum, and he was shivering. The dark guy realized the moment, and before he could gain the upper hand, Kalyani maced him with the pepper spray in his eyes.

He shouted in pain and fell, but he reached for his knife. Before he could take it out, Kalyani took the knife of the fair guy, and she stabbed him in his hand. The hand grabbed her breast. The boy screamed in pain, and Kalyani then kicked his balls to show her anger.

She then switched off the taser and then kicked the other guy in his groin. Both fell unconscious. They fell and rolled in pain. Now Kalyani stood there in her bra like a Hollywood heroine. With the satisfaction of breaking their balls, she grabbed her saree and blouse and wore them.

Then she took the dark guy’s mobile, which contains her video, and she found the video was saved on the memory card. She removed it, and chewed it, and broke it into pieces. She then called the police on his mobile and told them that the two guys who tried to rape her are down and unconscious.

The police arrived within 15 minutes and took them both into custody, and Kalyani was proud of her action. After the written statement, Kalyani looked at the clock, and it was 9:30 pm. She had to get to her colony soon as it was a long journey.

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