A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 25 (A Case of Day Dreaming)

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After the plumber left, Devi went to the clothesline and started collecting the clothes. Kalyani, who badly wanted to go home, was waiting for Devi to leave. While picking the clothes, Devi saw Kalyani’s nighty on the far side of the terrace. She went near and took it.

She knew it was Kalyani’s as she has seen her wearing the same. She found the nighty was dry. So she thought Kalyani must have hanged it in the clothesline without the clip. So she took it to herself and planned on giving it to Kalyani personally.

Kalyani watching this felt dumbstruck as her only decent cloth to cover her body was taken away. Then Devi also took the blanket, which was over the other side, and she went down. Kalyani then slowly came out of her hiding place, and she climbed down cautiously.

When she reached her floor, she stopped. She saw Devi knocking on her door to deliver her cloth and blanket. Kalyani was watching her with just her pillow covering her front body. After several knocks on the door, Devi found that the door was locked from outside.

She then thought that Kalyani must’ve gone out somewhere. She placed the clothes near her door and came towards the stairs. Kalyani saw her coming near. She crouched and ran to the opposite corridor of her floor and hid in front of the vacant flat.

After making sure that Devi has left the floor, she rushed to her flat, and she locked the door and jumped on the sofa with a big sigh of relief. She saw the clock, and it was 7:30 am. She knew that she was going to meet Manjima that day. She called Mahima and asked her for the time.

Mahima told her that Manjima is on leave today as she is not feeling well. So she will not be coming to the college today. Kalyani was a little disappointed with her answer. She then asked about Manjuma’s address so that she can meet her.

Mahima said that Manjima is planning to stay in a friend’s house as her parents are out of town. Also, Manjima refused to share the address of her friend. Kalyani was very disappointed, and she hung up the call. She had no other important thing to do that day.

She thought of going and visiting Radha that day. Instead, she called Devi to ask her if Radha’s husband has finished stitching her blouse. Devi told her that the work was done. But Devi is feeling a little nauseous today. So she asked Kalyani to go and get the blouses.

Kalyani agreed to do it as she has also given Radha her blouse that day for stitching the buttons. Kalyani took a bath and wore a red saree and crimson blouse and her usual accessories. She started her journey to Radha’s shop. She was walking to her shop.

On the way, she found two street dogs having sex.  She tried not to see it, but eventually, her eyes saw them. The way the make dog moved disturbed Kalyani and gave her goosebumps. Without knowing herself, her lips smiled. She felt a little horny and her thoughts revolved around her husband, Ravi.

She then reached Radha’s house. She saw the shop was open and there was only Radha and no Krishna. Radha saw Kalyani and welcomed her. Kalyani could see Radha was happier to see Kalyani as her welcoming gestures are somewhat special.

Kalyani asked Radha where her husband was. She replied that her husband has gone to the hospital for his physiotherapy with his friend. Kalyani sat near Radha and asked her about the blouses. Radha told her the work was done and asked her to wait till her husband arrives as he knows where he has kept the blouse.

Radha then asked Kalyani to wait while she brings her some tea. While walking, Kalyani noticed Radha’s walked a little sexier, and her ass looked a little hotter in her saree. Kalyani wondered why Radha was acting like that. Kalyani’s eyes were a little tired over the sleepless night.

She slightly dropped her head on the table in front of her, and she closed her eyes. After some minutes, Radha returned with two cups of tea, and she handed one to Kalyani. Kalyani noticed Radha had lowered her pallu and exposed a little cleavage. It was not noticeable before she went inside.

She had also worn the saree a little low hip. Kalyani clearly understood that Radha is trying to seduce her. Radha then slipped the tea on the floor a bit. Then she took a piece of cloth and started cleaning it. She was on her knees, bent down with her ass facing Kalyani. She started wiping the floor.

Kalyani noticed that Radha is shaking her butts willingly in a sexier way to attract Kalyani. Radha’s hands didn’t do much work, but her ass did. Her ass shape looked so hot, and her hips were so hot and sexy. She shakes her hips slowly like an elephant.

Kalyani enjoyed the show. It even aroused her after watching those dogs on her way. She thought that if Krishna were here, he would have fucked her like those dogs she saw. Radha kept cleaning the floor longer than expected. After giving enough show, she got up and went inside.

Kalyani then took white chalk, which was used to mark the cloth. She crushed it and sprayed it on the chair of Radha and some on her chair. She silently sat over it. Radha didn’t notice the chalk powder on her chair, and she sat on it. They both exchanged some girl talk.

Then finally, Kalyani got up to look into something on the wall. Radha noticed Kalyani’s saree was full of chalk powder, especially in her butt area. She told Kalyani about it, and Kalyani acted so surprisedly. She used her hand to pat on her ass. Radha was watching it.

She saw Kalyani patting her ass as they jiggle in slow motion. Radha’s eyes were fixed at Kalyani’s ass. The Kalyani asked Radha to help her remove the chalk stain as she couldn’t reach the spot with her hand. Radha was on cloud nine as she was waiting for such a wonderful chance for a long time.

Kalyani stood with her back facing Radha and her hands grabbing a table in front of her. Radha gave a smooth pat on her ass over the saree, and the pat showed how soft and firm Kalyani’s ass was. Kalyani bit her lips and enjoyed the mini spank. Radha kept Patting her ass even after the chalk stain was gone.

After few pats, Kalyani moaned without her control. Radha noticed it, and she got back to her sense. Then she stopped patting her ass, and they both exchanged an awkward smile. When Radha turned around, Kalyani told her that she also has the same chalk stain over her saree.

Radha tried looking back, but she couldn’t. Then Kalyani told her, “Let me help you with it.” She made Radha stand in the same way, and she more like spanked Radha. And she spanked her harder. Radha moaned in pleasure, but Kalyani kept spanking her as if she didn’t hear her moan.

After few spanks, Radha became horny. She couldn’t control herself. She turned around and grabbed Kalyani’s hair, and kissed her on her lips. Even Kalyani was shocked by her action. Kalyani, who badly yearned for some sex, couldn’t resist her kiss. She submitted herself and responded to her kiss.

The two housewives didn’t care about the world for a minute. After a deep kiss, both broke the kiss, and they blushed themselves. Radha asked, sorry, and she said she wasn’t in her right mind and lacked sex for some time. Kalyani also agreed and told her that her husband is also out of town.

Then Radha hesitantly asked her, “So, you liked it?” Kalyani blushed and nodded her head, and she acted shy. Radha then told her that her husband would not be coming for another 3 hours. Kalyani looked into Radha’s eyes, and both exchanged a mischievous look.

Radha was more confident now, and she raised her eyebrows and asked for Kalyani’s consent. Kalyani also couldn’t resist the offer as she wanted some good sex. She thought it would be just this one-time. She told Radha to keep it a secret.

Radha was badly waiting for her approval. She told her that it’d be just a one-day stand and we will never speak about it. Hearing her mention “One day stand,” she was so surprised, and she hesitantly looked at Radha. Radha went bolder.

She grabbed Kalyani’s hips, pulled her close, and gave another deep kiss. Kalyani acted weakly, and she responded to her kiss. They both smooched for minutes. Then Kalyani broke the kiss and told her, “Someone will see us if we do it in the shop.”

Radha agreed, and she suddenly lifted Kalyani as a whole, and it surprised Kalyani. She took her to the bedroom and made her lie down. She removed Kalyani’s pallu and her whole saree. Radha also removed her saree. Now both of them kissed for some time with just their blouses and petticoats.

Radha laid over Kalyani. Both their waist touched each other and felt the warmth in their trunks. Radha grabbed Kalyani’s breasts over her blouse, and Kalyani grabbed Radha’s hair. They moaned while kissing. Then the normal mouth kiss turned into a tongue kiss.

Both started licking their tongues and exchanged saliva. Kalyani couldn’t believe it. Her desperateness has made her break the barrier. Now Radha slowly kissed Kalyani’s lower jaw and descended with a stream of soft kisses. She kissed her neck and upper chest.

She was kissing near her upper chest on the cleavage of her breasts. She then bit Kalyani’s mangalsutra and saw her eyes with lust. Then she started unhooking the blouse, and then she removed them all. She grabbed her breasts along with the bra and started massaging them.

Kalyani felt the pleasure, and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the fondling. She then removed Kalyani’s blouse completely and then removed her bra. Kalyani’s perfectly round breasts jumped out of her bra, and Radha feasted on her pink nipples with her mouth.

Kalyani couldn’t control her pleasure, and she moaned wildly. Hearing her moan louder, Radha grabbed both of her breasts and fondled them so hard and sucked them. Then she went for Kalyani’s belly button and dug her tongue deep in her belly button.

Now Kalyani was howling like an animal. Radha then removed her petticoat and panty. Kalyani was stark naked in the bed. Radha started licking her pubic area. This gave Kalyani a pulse of a shock to her body. She shouted and kept moaning.

Radha seemed more experienced in lesbian sex. She then inserted her fingers inside her pussy and licked them hard. More like she ate them. While Radha was wildly sucking Kalyani, the bedroom door opened, and Krishna (Radha’s husband) watched them both in his wheelchair.

Radha saw him, and she smiled at him. She said, “Come join us, honey.” Krishna also smiled at her, and he just got up from his chair. Kalyani was shocked to see him stand. She tried hiding her naked body, but her clothes are under the bed.

She told Radha she doesn’t want this. But Radha told her to relax and enjoy the pleasure, and she pinned Kalyani to the bed. Kalyani couldn’t get out of her grip. Then, Krishna came near her, and he was stark naked. He was stroking his big cock, and his cock didn’t look like a normal size.

It was bigger and longer. He then kissed Kalyani’s breasts and sucked the nipples. Kalyani shouted with anger, but Radha, with her palm, closed her mouth to stop her scream. Krishna now grabbed both of her nipples and pulled them, making them pointy.

He then caressed his thighs. He suddenly inserted his fingers into her vagina, and he fingered her. Radha then sucked his cock and made it stay erect. Then Radha grabbed both of Kalyani’s hands and held her from above. Krishna went down and opened her thighs.

Kalyani tried to kick him, but he is already between her legs. He then slapped his cock over her pubic area and laughed. He then inserted his big dick inside her. And at that very moment, there was a huge noise of metal glass falling.

Kalyani gasped, and she realized the whole thing was a dream. She was still in Radha’s shop but was sitting on the chair, leaning on the table and waiting for the tea. Radha was still inside the kitchen and making the tea. Kalyani, with a big sigh of relief, thanked God, and her face was all sweaty.

Kalyani understood that the sleepless night must have caused her to sleep without her knowledge. There was no chalk powder spilled near her.

After some time, Radha came back with her tea. Kalyani blushed a little on seeing Radha after a wild dream she had a minute ago. Radha asked her why she looked so disturbed. Kalyani replied that she couldn’t sleep last night properly.

Radha came near Kalyani and placed her palm on her neck, and felt her temperature. Kalyani’s body shivered at that moment when Radha placed her hands over her bare neck. Radha told her that her temperature is a little high and she needs a little rest.

Kalyani agreed on her suggestion. Then Radha told her to go home, take a rest. Radha told her that she’d bring the cloth to the colony in the evening or the next day. Kalyani thanked her, and she left the shop.

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