To The Beautiful You

She isn’t the kind of person to talk to just anybody, but her fan following was huge. Almost everyone in the neighborhood would go gaga for her. Perhaps for her perfectly shaped hips, her sexy boobs, her perfect bosom, or even her lush lips.

Every guy wanted to do her, and every girl wanted to be her. Lucky for me, she was my girlfriend.

It was our daily routine, and that night, we were walking to her private beach to see the moonlit waves. The air was chilly. She was wearing her brown jacket, while I was, as usual, dressed in a tank top and shorts. She knew I’d steal her hoodie by the end of the night, and she was prepared for it too.

We held hands throughout the walk as we finally sat down on the shore, waves slightly licking our feet. That’s when I turned to look at her properly. All I wanted to do at that point was kiss her full lips, feel her breath, and taste on mine. We did just that.

She tasted like the water around us as she gently started exploring the curves of my mouth. As our lips kissed passionately, she slid her tongue lightly into my mouth, triggering a moan from my end.

I wanted her to plunge her tongue deep inside my mouth so I could taste her completely. She tasted so good, I can’t pin the taste down. But it’s something I need very badly every day in my life.

Eyes closed with the humming of the waves, this passionate kiss went on for ten minutes before I got greedy. I felt her up, from her perfectly curved hips to her soft, round boobs. Oh my god! They’re the softest ever. The long moan that escaped from her to my touch encouraged me to go further.

While our tongues were raged in their own furious battle. I slid my hand from under and felt her bra. The jacket she wore kept her body warm, and I could feel the warmth on her boobs. I gently pressed it and moved my hand all around her boobs to feel her nipples get hard.

I was getting wet down under, too, and all I wanted was to fuck her in response to her uncontrollable moans. I knew her body like my own, pinched her nipples, and rolled them between my fingers to feel her reaction.

Both my arms were furiously working towards pleasuring her nipples and boobs. Every pleasure points her chest while she was moaning like a baby to every touch of mine.

I could barely get myself together, and I undid the buttons of her jeans and slid my hand under panty. She was so wet that her panty was already soaking, and my fingers could easily slip into her hole.

I didn’t want to give in that soon either. I broke the kiss and started kissing her cheeks, nose, chin, anywhere except where she wanted me to. While I rubbed her clit slowly but surely, I started licking her earlobe.

I traced my tongue on the edge of her ear down to her earrings and went back up and did the same to the other ear. I knew it would drive her crazy, and she yearned for me to just fuck her. “Please, baby, I can’t take this. Please, please fuck me.”

So I moved my fingers into her panty and pushed them through the walls of her glorious pussy. I would never forget the way she arched her back and surrendered herself to me as I went deeper and deeper into her pussy. It was so warm and wet I could feel her juices down there.

I fucked her with my fingers so fast that I could feel her pussy throbbing to my movements and hear the sound of her wetness. Her G spot contracted so much that I could feel every contraction in her pussy inside out. I rubbed her clit hard with my other hand and for good measure.

In just a few moments, she cummed so hard her juices started trickling out of her vagina. Her breathing got heavier and softer. I kissed her on the lips softly to calm her and hugged her tight. I held her till she got completely normal. After which, she showed her true colors.

“Isn’t it time the tables were turned?” she smiled evilly. Oh, God! This woman would be the end of me. She swiftly switched positions and pushed me onto the cold sand on the beach. In one movement, she relieved me of my shorts and underpants. I was stark naked in front of her, waiting for her to devour me.

She moved her arms all over my body, felt every curve, squeezed my boobs hard, and flicked my nipples. She dug her teeth into my neck and worked her way below. All the licking, sucking, and turning me completely hot and bothered.

I wanted her to touch my pussy right this instant. I needed her touch, but she was still busy sucking my nipples. Her perfect contrast between licking, biting, and squeezing my boobs hard in between pushed me to the edge in no time.

One rub to my clit, and I’d come crashing down. She still took her time. Her tongue got my hips wet and then my inner thighs, and she was slowly inching towards my throbbing pussy. I wanted her to suck it big time. And she finally placed those heavenly wet lips on my clit, and it was fireworks in my brain.

She skillfully moved her tongue from clit to inside in gentle circles. I forgot what day was and what night it was. All I could focus on was her tongue tracing patterns on my pussy. She pushed her tongue deep into my pussy and kissed the skin all around.

I’m telling you, I’ve never moaned so deeply in my whole life. The chill air touching my body while her warm mouth soaking my already wet pussy was just too much for me to take.

She started licking me really fast, and my pussy with a mind of its own gyrated on her mouth. I came crashing down. All my defenses were torn apart. I was completely limp from experience. She lay down on top of me and gave me a deep kiss.

We spent almost an hour, sprawled on the sands of the beach, bodies touching, feeling each others’ warmth and comfort. It was a fun evening of lesbian sex with my crush.

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