A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 14

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Then the guard woman said she’ll have to examine the panty and went away with it. Now Kalyani was left with just her bra. She covered her pubic area with her hands and waited for the whole so-called scanning process to end. The other woman also left her.

Now Kalyani was standing alone and bottomless inside the screen walls with just her bra to cover her. She couldn’t even sit as the gap below will expose her butts. She waited for the woman to bring back the clothes.

In between, her thoughts went after the secret parcel Devi was receiving at the same time in the colony was excited to see what it was. In between, Kalyani could hear all those airport noises. Kalyani felt kinky to stand there bottomless. Time passed, and It was 10 minutes since the two left her.

Her heart started pounding a little faster now. She waited for some more time, but the two were not there yet. Kalyani could feel her legs started paining, and she badly wanted to sit. After an hour of standing there, she felt the buzzing airport went a little silent. She could feel the midnight is coming soon.

She couldn’t stay patient anymore. She peeked outside the screen. The whole airport was deserted except for some guards in the distance and some passengers whose eyes were stuck on their mobiles. She cursed those two guards, “Bitches even forgot about me.”

She was in one of the corners of the airport where the checking takes place. So the light was a little dim in that corner. She looked around the place and found that her saree and petticoat were placed over some machine with a conveyor belt. It was about 25 meters from where she was.

She decided that the only way she could get them is to sneak outside without anyone seeing her. She could find some tables in between. It will help her hide from the rest of the space. She even saw if there was any CCTV around. Thankfully no CCTV was focused in her way to that machine.

There was a turning camera that covered the place where her clothes are in a specific interval. She decided to find the blind spot when the cam was looking the other way. She calculated that she has 30 seconds to take the clothes, which is enough to take them away.

She relaxed herself a bit and took a deep breath. She took one last peek outside. The light around her was dim, and no one can see her clearly from a distance. She found there were just three passengers and even saw the other side and the guards. She dug herself in a crouching position and moved outside the screen.

A cold breeze caressed her body. She felt the pleasure of the cold wind. She quickly sneaked towards a table that is 5 meters from the screen and hid behind it. Her heart was pounding, and she could feel the butterfly in her stomach. She then gave another peek over the table.

She made sure no one is looking in her direction. She sneaked towards a thin pillar 10 meters away from the table and ran for it. She then sat behind the pillar. It was so thin that even her naked shoulder will be visible if someone sees her directly. She saw a bunch of switches behind the pillar.

She operated some of them and found it was the switch to turn off the dim lights around her. She felt lucky and switched them off – the place where she is going dark. Only the faint light from the rest of the airport reached her side. She was panting heavily and peeked again.

Then she ran for the trolley train, which was parked about 5 meters from the pillar. She was panting heavily and was waiting for the final move and waited for the camera to turn away. As she was ready to launch herself, she heard a male voice around somewhere.

She immediately went down on the floor and laid flat on the floor. The cool tiles touched her naked bottom and send horny vibes all over her body. She couldn’t see anyone since it was a little dark. A dark male figure entered her area, and it was speaking on a mobile.

Kalyani laying flat on the floor, closed her mouth tight to make no noise. The man was keenly speaking to someone. Slowly, he entered the darkness and went around the pillar. He went right across Kalyani, and a slight look to his left will get her caught. She got back to the duck position and closed her eyes in fear.

The man switched ‘ON’ the light, and Kalyani was dumbstruck with no choice. She thought that she was caught. But she heard the person was still talking on the mobile. She slowly opened her eyes and found the guy was facing the wall and is keen on the conversation over the phone.

If he turns around, she’ll get caught stark naked. She found her chance and ran behind the trolley train to the other side. While Kalyani was hiding from the man, she was already exposing herself to the rest of the airport.

She turned around and saw she was wide open to everyone in the airport, including the guards and three passengers. No one looked in her direction, but not very long. Her heart pumped up to her throat. She had to act quickly.

She saw both sides. One side the man who was on the phone and on the other side there was 5 person in the distance including two guards. She took a leap of faith. She tucked herself into a cannonball position and sat beside the trolley rail. Out of fear, she even closed her eyes.

All she could hear was the man talking on the phone. He was searching for something. 2 minutes passed, which felt like hours to Kalyani. The sound of the guy faded, and finally, his voice stopped. Kalyani, with a confused state of mind, looked up. And to her surprise, she found the man was gone.

She assumed that the man didn’t see her. If he had, he would’ve been transfixed to see this naked angel. She double-checked it and was relieved. But still, the light was on. She ran back to the switches and turned it off. The thrill was so intoxicating and even provoked her inner exhibitionist.

She then got back to her final position. She was waiting for the camera to turn away from that machine table where her dresses were kept. She looked for the right moment. As soon as the camera turned away, she launched herself like an athlete and hid behind the conveyor table where her dress was placed.

She knew the time was so little for the camera to turn back to her. She was very nervous. She accidentally switched on the machine in a rush to get her clothes. The conveyor started moving, and now her clothes were stuck in the conveyor.

Kalyani was shocked by seeing her dress was stuck in that conveyor. It was moving towards a dome-shaped machine. A buzzing sound came from that dome, but not loud enough to wake the whole airport. She tried to pull her saree and petticoat from the conveyor, but it didn’t help her.

She even looked for the off switch but couldn’t find it in all the rush. Above all, the camera was turning towards her slowly. Kalyani saw it and thought the bigger embarrassment is getting caught naked in CCTV. She left her clothes be and ran back to her hide.

She saw her clothes entering the dome and also heard some hissing sound after it entered. Kalyani wondered what kind of machine it was. Then she waited for the camera to turn away and then ran towards the machine.

To worsen the situation, it was a shredder machine through which the unwanted food and materials get shredded and disposed of. She, for a second, blacked out and was full of negative thoughts. She saw her shredded torn clothes on the other side of the dome.

Kalyani then ran back to the trolley hide. She was full of fear and anxiety. Who’d ever thought a conservative housewife will end up butt naked in a huge airport. She sat behind the trolley train without any idea. Then she looked back at the screen room and found there were wheels attached to the frame.

She was like, “Ahh fuck, I should’ve noted this first.” She then ran back to the screen enclosure. She then peeked out to see a restroom was about 30 meters from her. She thought of an idea to move this screen frame along with her until she could reach the restroom. It is a safe spot to hide.

She then slowly moved it along with her. She occasionally peeked out to see if anyone is noticing the moving screen. Even the CCTV could only catch the moving screen and nothing else.

She moved slowly and finally reached the restroom. She peeked in to see if there is anyone inside it. But she found no-one. She then entered the restroom. All she could hear was moaning sounds. Kalyani was so shocked to hear it. It was more than one woman.

She got curious and found that the sound was coming from the last bathroom in the row. It was a shower room. Kalyani grew horny and couldn’t control her feelings. She decided to take a peek from the nearby bathroom wall. She, without making any sound, opened the last but one bathroom.

She grabbed the wall separating both the bathrooms and looked over. She was shell shocked when she found out who it was. She found the two female guards who frisked her were stark naked and were in scissor position. One of the guards was holding Kalyani’s panty on her mouth.

Kalyani got so horny that she badly wanted to join them for a threesome lesbian. But she still stood over the next wall and enjoyed the show. Both women were moaning like wild animals and scissoring their pussies. Kalyani’s hand eventually went to her pussy and started rubbing it.

The two women, after 8 minutes of scissoring, climaxed and passed out on the bathroom floor. At the same time, Kalyani also climaxed. Now Kalyani came back to her senses and realized what she actually needs right now. She found the uniforms of those two women thrown all-around the bathroom.

She suddenly used the opportunity and took them. She took one of the shirts and wore it. Then she took one of the short formal skirts and also wore it. She didn’t wear a panty as she felt disgusted to wear their panties. She looked herself in the mirror, and she posed so boldly. She loved herself in that uniform.

She then saw those two women naked on the floor and thought that she’ll have taught them a lesson by stealing one of their uniforms. She giggled and then, without making a sound, left the restroom. She looked around and found the guard’s office at the corner.

She looked in and found no-one. She then found her purse on the table with her mobile. She opened it and checked her belongings, and made sure she didn’t lose her things. She then grabbed a cap which the female guards used to wear, and wore it along with a pollution mask.

As she was leaving, she crossed those two male guards who were standing at the entrance. The two guards looked at her suspiciously, but they didn’t stop her as she passed them both. Her heart was pounding while she walked past them.

Then she gave a big sigh of relief. She called for a taxi but couldn’t get it. So she went out to the bus stop and waited for the bus.

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