My Hot Emotional Computer Teacher – Part 2

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Hey Guys, today I will be continuing the story of my amazing sex adventure with my sexy computer teacher. Please read the previous part to know how our adventure started.

Before diving into the story, I think it’s better to introduce myself. I am 20 years old, 5 foot 6 inches tall with an athletic body as I am a Badminton Player, and my penis is 6.3 inches long (I know it is not very big, but I know that it’ll grow more as I’m still young). I live in Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore.

I started going to Sudha’s house, saying that I would be learning Python programming language. But I used to fuck her soul out every single day. I used to love having sex with her, and yes, I was in love with her.

Whenever I used to feel her soft lips on mine, I used to get butterflies in my stomach. Every second I spent fucking her felt like heaven. Her body seemed holy to me. Dang! I loved her so much.

But as I didn’t get any answer from her when I told her the first time. I was scared to tell her how I exactly felt. But one evening, when I went over to her place to do the regular thing, I somehow brought my mind together. I took a risk by telling her straight that I had fallen in love with her.

She was quiet for a second. I went to her, cupped her cheeks with my palms, looked into her eyes, and told her I loved her again. She said, “I know this is wrong, but I love you too.” That moment was surreal to me. I was above the clouds, and it was the best moment of my life.

We looked into each other’s eyes, we just couldn’t resist, and we kissed. That was the most passionate kiss that I ever felt. We both were making it clear that we wanted each other. We kissed for so long, and while kissing, we began undressing each other.

It all felt so new. She looked way prettier and sexier to me. Every piece of clothing I removed off of her made her look more beautiful. Dang! I felt like the luckiest person. I began kissing her neck from behind and unhooked her bra slowly.

I took off her bra and slowly kissed her ear and whispered, “Gosh! I love you so much!” I nibbled on her ear while she took off my shirt and pant. I took off her panty and slid my middle finger in. She moaned, and her moans were extra sexy that day.

We were looking at ourselves in the mirror in her bedroom while we were doing this and it was so hot! Her pussy was so wet, and I kept fingering her. I kept sucking her neck and stimulating her clit while she was slowly stroking my cock. She said she wanted to go down on me.

She made me sit on her bed and went on her knees. She gave me an erotic look and looked into my eyes when she slowly slid my cock into her throat. She didn’t look away at all and stared right into my eyes. She looked like she was going to eat me.

She kept choking and gagging on my cock. Her spit again was drooling down her mouth. Her spit was slowly dripping down from her mouth to her tits. Dang! It was then that I noticed her big, soft tits. I kept squeezing her tits while she was deep-throating me.

I said it was my turn to make her feel good. I just picked her up and threw her on the bed. Her pussy was dripping wet. The moment I touched my tongue to her pussy, she gasped. Damn! Her pussy tasted so good. I kept licking her pussy like it was the last time I was getting to lick her pussy.

She kept moaning and gasping. I could say that she felt really good as her pussy became wetter and her nipples were hard. I started licking her clit and squeezed her tits with my hands. I then slid my middle and ring finger into her pussy. I started finger fucking her very fast.

Her pussy started twitching, and her moans got louder. I knew she was going to cum. I fingered her fast and opened my mouth when she was about to cum. She came, and her squirt went all into my mouth. Wow! It tasted really good! She took some squirt with her fingers and licked it.

She then leaned forward, and you can’t imagine what she did. She slowly spat into my mouth, wow! It was so amazing! I then made her lay on her back and went to missionary position, I slowly slid my cock into her pussy, and she moaned so loud.

Her moans were like music to me, and it turned me on like crazy. I slowly started fucking her harder, and her tits kept bouncing. So, I held on to her by grabbing her tits, and I kept pinching her nipples. Every stroke gave me more and more happiness. Her pussy felt so good.

I leaned forward and kissed her while I was pounding her. We both were just staring into each other’s eyes. And then she said, “I love you! Please fuck me hard!” It was the best feeling in the world. I picked her with my hands, and we went to the lotus position.

Our faces and bodies were so close to each other. I could feel her warm breath.
I fucked her aggressively. She said she wanted to be on top. She sat on me and went to cowgirl position. Her tits kept bouncing so much, and I enjoyed staring at them.

She kept bouncing on my cock. I just kept kissing her nipples and playing with her tits. She leaned forward to kiss me, and I grabbed her big booty. I started fucking her hard. She moaned so loud. She kept shouting like a damaged radio, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah.” It was so sexy but funny too.

She grabbed my shoulders when I was fucking her so hard. She was about to cum again, and she held on to me tighter. She finally came. She unintentionally scratched my shoulder so hard. There were nail marks on my shoulder, and she gasped loudly.

She said, “Omg, sorry for scratching you.” I said, “Shhhh, It’s okay.” She got on her knees and went to doggy style. This was such a stable position. I pulled her hair and fucked her hard. She kept screaming my name so loud. She was going crazy, and I was too! I fucked her harder and harder.

I fucked her for so long, and she came again. I licked her squirt off of her pussy slowly and put my dick in again. I kept pounding her, and finally, when I was about to cum, she got down on her knees. I came so hard, and my cum was all over her face.

She kept licking my cum off of my cock and her face for about 5 minutes, and we both collapsed on each other. We both were so happy, and we were madly in love with each other.

The final exams were very near. I wasn’t that prepared for that. My grandpa passed away, so my whole family except me went over to my native place. They said they wouldn’t be coming back for a month.

Sudha told me to pack my bags and stay at her house. So, I went over to her house. And now there were no restrictions for us. We used to fuck almost twice every day now, and we never wore clothes. We roamed naked in the house, and she even helped me with my studies.

We also fucked in a dressing room at a mall. If you want to know the story, please mention it in the comments. I will post the next part depending on the comments. I hope you liked this story about wild and aggressive sex with my hottest teacher.

If you have suggestions to improve my writing, please mail me. Any unsatisfied or horny aunties or girls around Vidyaranyapura, Kodigehalli, Yelahanka in Bangalore can contact me at [email protected] I promise you I’ll give you a great time.

Waiting for your emails and to have some naughty time with you!

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