A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 12 (Groping Women)

Previous Part: A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 11 (The Carrot Lady)

After Kalyani reached the colony, she told Deepika not to disclose this incident to anyone in the colony. Deepika chuckled and said I’ll try my best. Kalyani gave her a suspicious look. Deepika laughed and said, “Don’t worry, what happens in the street stays in the street,” and she pinched Kalyani’s hips softly.

Kalyani smiled and went to her house. Kalyani, after entering the house, gave a big sigh of relief. She dropped the carrots down and stored them in the fridge. She started brushing her teeth. She could sense the smell of paan in her mouth as the dirty carrot women’s mouth was full of them.

She brushed them so hard and rinsed her mouth many times. She then used the mouth freshener and checked one last time for the bad smell. She then saw her dress. Her pallu was a little dirty since she was carrying the muddy carrots on them.

She went to her bedroom and stood near the wardrobe. She opened it and took a dark nighty. She closed the door, dropped her pallu, and then removed it completely and threw it on the laundry basket. She took a moment to see her reflection in the mirror.

Wow, she couldn’t even believe her own eyes. She looked ultra hot. The blouse was sassy deep neck in a back square-shaped with a thin strip holding it. It revealed 90% of her fair back. In the front, it was a deep v-neck with a knot type tie. Her upper boobs were popping out of the v line.

Her nipples were hidden just an inch and half below that blouse. Her boobs were so perfect and round shaped. She was smiling and admiring her own breasts. Her flat belly and curvy hips added beauty to her body. She then grabbed the knot and pulled it. The knot came off, and so did her blouse.

Now her gorgeous boobs came out of their place, and her pink nipples were so hard and pointy. She had natural but perfectly round boobs. She never needed a bra to lift them. She then shook them and felt them dangling. She grabbed those pinky little nipples and twisted them.

She gave a deep moan and closed the eyes to imagine the carrot lady. She loved that woman and her rough hands. The woman’s palm was so hard and rough, like a hard-working man. She wanted the woman’s hands again to touch her boobs. She completely loved that massage.

With just her petticoat and an open blouse, and jiggling breasts, she walked into the kitchen and searched for the potholder glove. She found them and wore them in her hands. With the gloves on, she grabbed her boobs and gave a deep moan. As she can now feel the hard surface rubbing against her breasts.

She started massaging them in circles and moaned. She then grabbed her nipples and pulled them, which shook her body, and she screamed a little. Her body was enjoying every bit of it. She even tickled her titties and loved them. She slowly moved to the hall and then sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

She kept one hand on the boobs to play and brought the other hand down. She lifted her petticoat and caressed her soft white thighs. She then grabbed her panties and dropped them down to her ankle, and removed them. She then caressed her upper vagina and circled around the vagina.

She had very tiny hairs over them. She then opened her legs wide, laid on her back on the sofa, and pressed her pussy lips a little harder. The rough gloves made her so horny.

Suddenly she heard the footsteps, and she then remembered that she forgot to lock the damn door. The footsteps were so close. She had no clothes nearby to cover her body except her petticoat and her sexy open blouse. She dropped the petticoat, hid behind the sofa, and looked at the door to see who it was.

It was none other than Pooja. Kalyani cursed herself, “Ahhh… Fuck, I’m an idiot to keep the doors open whenever I become horny.” Pooja stood near the door and called Kalyani’s by name as she couldn’t find anyone in sight.

Kalyani was hiding behind the sofa. Kalyani was shaking hard and nervous like never before. Pooja looked around and called again and then entered the hall. Kalyani was hiding topless behind the sofa. She nervously grabbed the blouse ends and tied them. But her shaky hands couldn’t make a perfect knot.

She then laid flat on the floor to hide from Pooja. Kalyani was so afraid, and she moved around the sofa to hide from the view of Pooja while she looked around. Pooja then went inside the bedroom and looked for Kalyani.

Kalyani found this as her chance. She ran inside the kitchen and hid behind the fridge. Her heart was pounding harder. Pooja looked inside the bedroom and even the bathroom but couldn’t find her. Then she came out to the hall.

Kalyani was eagerly peeking out from the kitchen. Then Pooja came back to the hall and looked around once again. Now she approached the kitchen. Kalyani was dumbstruck, and she hid behind the fridge with her eyes closed, praying for a miracle.

Pooja just took a small glance from the doorway into the kitchen, and she found no one. She then walked back to the hall and then outside the house and went away. Kalyani, who was sitting with her eyes closed behind the fridge, suddenly opened her eyes. She peeked to see no one in the kitchen.

She slowly moved to the hall and also found no one. Kalyani thanked God for such a great escape from getting caught semi-naked by a teenager. She gave a sigh of relief and slowly went near the door and locked it from inside.

To her surprise she searched for her panties she dropped them on the floor and didn’t find it. Kalyani felt suspicious, and she started feeling something was strange about Pooja. She then went inside her bedroom and wore the nightie. She sat down on her bed, a bit confused.

She thought that only Pooja could have taken them with her. But for what? Her head was spinning a web of questions. She decided to see Mahima clarify her doubts. She climbed down the stairs, entered Mahima’s house, and found her lying on the bed and texting someone.

Mahima saw Kalyani and greeted her. Kalyani, with a smile, came in and sat on the bed. She made sure no one was around and then secretly asked Mahima, “How much do you know about Pooja? Is she anyway mischievous or bad?”

Mahima replied, “Pretty much good kid, and she was a little matured type girl. She usually understands the situation and has never been mischievous as far as I know.” Kalyani then understood the positive opinion Mahima has over Pooja.

Devi entered the room with food in her hands. Mahima and Kalyani smiled at her, and Devi asked Mahima to have some lunch. Mahima did as she said. Now Devi and Kalyani were sitting in the hall while Mahima was taking lunch in the bedroom. Both were sitting on the sofa.

Devi told Kalyani, “That was so bold what you did in the morning. By the way, how was the blouse?” Kalyani replied with a smile, “Yeah, it’s good.” Kalyani then asked Devi, “How well do you know Radha and Krishna?”

Devi said, “She was my classmate during college. Krishna was her relative, so she married him.” Kalyani asked her, “When will you go there next?” Devi replied, “Tomorrow morning, we’ll go and collect the blouse.” Kalyani replied, “You mean blouses. She has my blouse too,” and laughed.

Mahima then called Devi to help her wash the dishes. So Devi went away, leaving her mobile on the table in front of the sofa. Kalyani started watching some songs on TV.

Devi’s phone beeped, and there was a text on WhatsApp. Kalyani casually took a look at the phone screen. It was Ayesha on the other side. It says, “It’s arriving today evening, and I’ve already paid the amount.” Kalyani was curious, and she took the mobile and saw the text just from the notification.

“Don’t tell the others yet. It’ll arrive in parts. I’ll tell the delivery man to come after dark.” Kalyani’s curiosity grew more. She heard Devi coming back and placed the phone back where it was.

Devi took the mobile, and her face was a little bright when she saw those texts. She even smiled without her control by reading it.

Kalyani felt something fishy between Devi and Ayesha. She thought she’ll find whatever it was in the evening. Kalyani then said bye to them both and left the house. She entered the house and found the time was 2 pm. She had her lunch and took a little nap.

Slowly she drifted into her dream. In her dream, she was in that tailor shop. She was sitting in front of Krishna, the tailor. She was sitting there for some reason she doesn’t know. Krishna was doing his sewing, and he suddenly calls ‘Radha.’ There appeared Radha with a measuring tape on her hand.

She was wearing a normal blue saree and a blouse with a single braid and a bindi. The same goes for Kalyani, except the saree was a green color. Seeing Radha, Kalyani got up from the chair and tried walking, but she couldn’t. She looked at her feet to find if anything is wrong.

Radha, with a foxy grin on her face, stood in front of her. Krishna said, “Tell me the measurement I’ll note it down.” Kalyani thought she’ll be taken inside a separate room. To her shock, Radha grabbed Kalyani’s pallu and dropped them then and there.

Kalyani couldn’t move a muscle. She couldn’t resist it. She was actually standing in front of Krishna and Radha with her navel exposed. But Krishna wasn’t looking at her. he just kept his eyes on the note and was waiting for Radha to tell him the measurement.

Radha brought the tape to the shoulder, neck arms and said some measurement. Then she brought the tape and wrapped it around her breasts, and said some measurement. Now Radha smiled at Kalyani.

She grabbed the hooks of her blouse and started unbuttoning them casually as if it was a normal procedure to take measurements. She unhooked them 1…2….3…And now she removed the blouse completely off Kalyani. She threw it over Krishna’s sewing table.

Krishna was still minding his own job and not even taking a peek at what was going on before him. Kalyani was standing in front of them with just a white bra and petticoat. Kalyani couldn’t stop Radha’s doings, and she stood petrified without a word.

Then Radha went behind Kalyani, cupped her breasts over the bra from the back, and said some measurements to her husband. Kalyani couldn’t believe that she was getting groped by a lady with a man in front of them. Then Radha unhooked the bra from behind. This froze Kalyani’s spine.

Yet she couldn’t stop her doing it. Radha then removed the bra completely and threw it on her husband’s face. To her surprise, Krishna was still minding his own job and not looking at them even a bit. Now Kalyani was standing topless with her nipples pointing towards Krishna, who was minding his own business.

Kalyani couldn’t even cross her arms to hide her nudity as her hands are in the air. Radha grabbed her tits from behind and licked her ears. Kalyani couldn’t move and resist. The only thing she can do was enjoy what was happening.

Radha grabbed Kalyani’s petticoat with her panties and dropped them down. She threw it over her husband’s face, which now completely covered his face. He was doing his job just like a mannequin with his face covered with the petticoat. He now has no view on them.

Radha then removed her saree, followed by blouse and panties, and threw them at her husband’s face, who is now a living coat hanger. Radha was dusky, and her structure resembled actress Aishwarya Rajesh with a dark areola and black nipple. She had little hair near the pussy. Her boobs were bigger than Kalyani’s.

Radha grabbed Kalyani’s crotch and massaged it. She inserted the fingers of the other hand inside her mouth and gave some strokes inside them. Then she grabbed one of Kalyani’s titties in her mouth and was sucking it gently and slowly. She even did some tongue work on her nipples, which sent her chills.

Suddenly a third hand came from behind and grabbed her another boob and massaged it. It was a rough hand. Kalyani thought it was Krishna, but the idiot husband was still playing a coat hanger. She wondered who it was.

She turned around and saw the carrot lady with the same greedy smile with a mouth full of red paan stains smiling at her. She came close and hugged Kalyani from behind, grabbed one boob, and the other held her ass cheeks, massaging them harder.

The carrot lady then turned Kalyani’s face and kissed her deeply with that stained mouth. Kalyani couldn’t resist that kiss, and it was smelly, horny, and sexy at the same time. Radha now started sucking the pussy of Kalyani, and her tongue was going deeper and deeper.

The carrot lady didn’t even give her time to breathe. She kissed and kissed while squeezing both of Kalyani’s breasts, pinching the nipples, and occasionally pulling them. The pain turned into pleasure, and Kalyani enjoyed every bit of it as if her sexual urges were being satisfied by the lesbian acts.

Radha was grabbing both her ass cheeks and was sucking her pussy. When she was about to reach the climax, the door of the tailor shop opened suddenly.

Ravi was standing in his office attire and said, “Honey, I’m home.” And it woke her up. Kalyani got up from the bed and heard Ravi knocking on the door in real. She cleaned her face and went to open the door.

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