Best Friends Oral Encounter

This is a story of two best friends who always knew that besides a platonic relationship, nothing was possible. Until Rahul messages Neha. You can reach me at [email protected]

Thursday morning, Rahul got up from his bed and the first thing he did was to message his best friend Neha
R: Neha Khanna!
N: Good Morning. Waah!

R: What waah??
N: Full name, achha laga.
R: Bakwaas, I am irritated. 1. We need to stop talking. 2. We need to make out. Choose 1.
N: Arre, yeh kya hua?

And there were no more messages exchanged for the rest of the day. Rahul and Neha had known each other since their first day of college and were now both married. They became close to each other in the last three years and discussed everything including the details of their respective married lives.

Neha had always told Rahul that she loves him but only in a platonic way. She knew that Rahul wanted much more. In fact, he had even kissed her once (in a drunken state), without her permission. He had profusely apologized to her the next day.

Rahul was always horny. However, unlike most men, watching romantic scenes on TV or in a movie. Even porn had no effect on him. In fact, he disliked porn as he found it to be very mechanical and unreal. He always had eyes on women and immediately fantasized about having sex with them.

These women included passer-byes, those drying clothes in their balconies while he was out for a smoke. Even his 19-year young maid (whom he had fucked and received blow jobs from while masturbating daily during his bath).

Neha was very fair and took extremely good care of her 34-25-34 petite figure. Always well dressed. She would often flirt with male colleagues and professional acquaintances at work and with her friends. Taking full advantage of the knowledge she had that someone or the other was always orgasming fantasizing about her.

Neha had always maintained with Rahul that they are best friends They can discuss everything they both wanted. However, she is not desirous of sex with anyone, including her husband.

After Thursday morning’s episode, Neha sent a good morning message daily. She would get the same reply from Rahul asking if her option had changed with no further reply from Neha. Until one day when Neha sent Rahul a message asking him if he would like to have dinner with her as her husband was out of town.

Today, Rahul did not ask her the obvious question. He replied with a ‘Yes’ at 6:30 pm, her place. Neha promptly replied ‘ok’. At sharp 6:30 pm, Rahul rang the doorbell. He was surprised to see her domestic help greet him. Then simultaneously calling out to Neha informing about Rahul’s arrival.

Neha came out running and hugged Rahul immediately pressing her 34B breasts against his chest. That was how she always greeted him even in front of their spouses. She apologized for not being ready. She told him to fix himself a drink from the bar while she took a quick bath.

As soon as she went in, Rahul already started to imagine the water touch and glide on Neha’s supple skin while she soaped her body. Even though he had never seen her even partially naked, he had already imagined her areola, the color of her nipples, her shaved underarms and vagina.

He began to fantasize if Neha was only taking a quick bath or was masturbating in the bathroom and orgasming one after another. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that it was the last sip of his drink. He sipped it and got up to fix the second one with his erection showing from his slim-fit jeans.

He sat back on the couch. He saw Neha wearing a basic round neck t-shirt and a pair of shorts with her navy blue bra strap visible. She ordered herself a green tea before plopping herself next to Rahul on the three-seater. Slapping her hand on his back with a “What’s up!”

Rahul jokingly said everything that needs to be up already is and took a sip of his whiskey. Neha told him to shut up saying,  “Kuchh bhi.” They began to chit-chat. After about 10 minutes, the domestic help got Neha’s green tea. She asked her if there was anything else to be done before he could retire for the evening.

Neha thanked him and asked him to leave. Rahul joked that he would have to go hungry today as the servant had left. Neha moved her face closer to his and gave him a deep kiss on his lips. And asked if he still wanted food or if this qualifies for an appetizer before the rest of the entrée (appetizer in French).

Rahul was beaming and began to smile. Neha quickly interrupted his thoughts from going wild.

N: Not what you’re thinking.
R: What am I thinking?
N: Nothing, you pervert.
R: If I am a pervert, then let me not listen to you.

Rahul held Neha’s hand pulling her toward him. Neha struggled to pull herself back, fighting against Rahul’s strength. Then she succumbed and moved towards him saying, “What?” A reply from Rahul was ‘This,” before gently kissing Neha on her lip.

He began to kiss Neha on her lower lip. Gently parting her mouth open and exploring her mouth with his tongue. Neha began to respond with her tongue entwined with Rahul’s. Their bodies now getting warmer and closer to each other. After about 3 odd minutes, Neha broke the kiss.

She looked into Rahul’s eyes and said, ‘I love you so much’. Rahul responded by kissing her back only this time. Their hormones kicked in. They both got wild, exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues flickering against each other. Their hands rubbing each other’s bodies.

After much struggle, Neha again stopped Rahul. She repeated the same words she had uttered just five minutes back. Then added, “Let this be our secret, baby. Swear now, to take it to your grave.” Rahul nodded in affirmation to which Neha said blurt the word, “Swear.”

Rahul said the words, “I swear to keep what happens today a secret and to take it to my grave.” Now, there was nothing left to stop them. They continued their twice interrupted kiss. Rahul was still sitting on the couch. Neha sat on top of him and began to kiss him even more passionately.

Both her hands were pulling his hair with the changing intensity of their kiss. Her boobs were touching and moving away from Rahul’s chest. Every time she inched closer and then moved back. This was now making Rahul stiffen just a little bit. He was touching Neha’s entire back from outside her t-shirt.

Sometimes grazing her neck with his nails. He reached to touch her right boob from inside her t-shirt touching her bra. Neha stopped the kiss again. She confessed to Rahul that she had never been with another man except for her husband.

She requested him if he could caress her from only outside her clothes. They could continue to kiss and explore the other uncovered parts of each other’s body. Rahul got a little upset as he had thought that he would make love to Neha tonight. She sensed that immediately.

Without waiting for his reaction, she said, “Or I will do anything you want me to if you want to get completely naked.” Rahul told her that it would happen just like she wanted. He began to kiss her after being interrupted a third time. The boundaries had been set.

Now they could touch each other anywhere but not from beneath their clothes. They both started to get aroused again and deep into the kiss. This time Rahul interrupted the kiss. He requested Neha if they could both get down to only lingerie.

Neha was shy. She said that she could take off her bra and panties and wear back her t-shirt and shorts if that was okay with him. Rahul had no choice but to agree. Neha quickly returned after changing from her room. Rahul could now see her nipples from beneath her t-shirt.

This made Neha even shyer as she noticed Rahul’s eyeballs pop out at her sight. She asked him in a slow voice if he liked what he saw. Rahul nodded saying, “Your t-shirt is lucky to touch the softness of what I want to touch, and not only with my hands.”

Neha sat beside Rahul apologizing for this inconvenience. She was very shy and at the same time feeling sad for her best friend. She finally came up with a solution. She told Rahul that he could do whatever he wanted above her waist. But the condition was that he would need to be blindfolded and his hands tied together.

Rahul immediately agreed to Neha’s condition and they both began to laugh. They joked that if these restrictions were put on the spouses, they would have been divorced by now. They began their fourth kiss. She kept interrupting the kiss only to tell Rahul how much she was enjoying every kiss.

She was stupid to have waited this long to have this secret relation. She told him she was sexually active only once every two or three months. He had got her more wet and moist by only kissing her than she has ever been with her husband. She could sense Rahul get stiff again.

She moved closer to let his dick touch her vagina thereby also rubbing her now stiff nipples against his chest. Rahul had not noticed that Neha had changed into a skirt when she went to get rid of her underclothes. He noticed it now when he got a peek of her inner thighs as she moved closer to him.

He asked Neha to blindfold him and tie his hands. But Neha ignored his request and continued to explore his mouth. She was very horny and was losing her sense of judgment and rationality. Rahul called out her name again. She just grabbed his hand and guided it inside her skirt straight to her already wet pussy.

Rahul, not wanting to take advantage of the situation just kept his hand on her thigh. Neha began to unbutton his jeans and realized that he was still wearing his underpants. She brought his penis out of his garment. She started to circle her thumb on the head making the foreskin roll back and feel his precum on her thumb.

With one swift move, she took off his jeans and underwear. She began to play with his balls which were now free from all the clothing. With her left hand, she held Rahul’s hand again and guided one finger to her pussy. She ground herself forward to open it and make way for his penis to feel her moistness.

It was a clear sign to Rahul that Neha wanted him to finger fuck her. He began to play with her pussy one finger first and then increasing it to two and finally three. He was now masturbating Neha at a slow pace. Interchanging between two and three fingers depending on Neha’s intensity of enjoyment.

She was moving her butt in the rhythm of his movement. And guiding his fingers to go deeper moaning every time it went further inside her. She had stopped touching and stroking Rahul’s dick. She whispered to him that she wants him to fuck her later, deeper than where his fingers are going.

But for now, she wanted him to make her orgasm with his yummy fingers. She kept telling him what else she wanted from him. She began to moan louder taking his name several times. She was asking him to fasten his pace, to put his dick in her mouth.

Asking him to fuck her ass before she finally clenched her thigh and pussy together. She released a load of cum on Rahul’s fingers. She hugged Rahul panting and whispering that today was her day. He can make her do whatever he wants another day.

She grabbed his dick again and put it slowly in her mouth. She began to roll the foreskin back with her tongue and lips. She slowly started to suck his dick licking the head in between intervals. Rahul had not felt his dick get this hard before. He began to play with her pussy.

But she told him not to do anything as she was in charge and got back to sucking his dick. She was not using her hands on his dick. She kept slurping and going down the entire length of his shaft. She was using her tongue to tickle the head and the underside.

She was fondling and squeezing his balls with one hand and gripping Rahul’s right hand with the other. Rahul had been fantasizing about fucking his friend for as long as he could remember. He had masturbated thinking of her on numerous occasions.

But he was unable to believe that this same friend was sucking his dick right now. She was making him reach heights of passion and ecstasy that he had never reached with anyone before. Because of these thoughts, he was getting hornier and knew that he would cum in no time.

He told Neha he was about to cum. She immediately withdrew his dick from her mouth. She started to gently stroke his shaft licking his head in intervals when he finally succumbed. The shot loads of sticky cum on her stomach, boobs, and navel. She had some of it on her hands too which she got up and cleaned with a tissue.

It was a little over 9 pm. Neha asked if he still wanted food or what he was getting would substitute, with a wink. She told Rahul to get up and fix himself a drink and order some food while she cleaned up. She called to check on her husband.

She promised that she would please him after dinner coz it was her day today. She wanted to make the most out of it.

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