Bengali Girl Gets Erotic Massage In Front Of Her Cuckold BF

Hi readers, I am a 26 years old Bengali guy with 5’10” height, with an average build, and good looks. I am working at an MNC in Kolkata.

This is my first story which is also a real-life incident. It occurred with me one month back, after the states had just opened after the lockdown.

I was getting bored and created my profile on a popular dating app. I was swiping left and right and matched with a few girls, and we were having a little chat.

It was almost a month, and in the meantime I had met only one girl who looked better in pictures than in real life. But it did not go as well as I had anticipated.

One fine morning, I matched with a girl named Upasana. Initially, while swiping, I did not bother to read her profile. Her picture showing her cleavage in a halter-neck was good enough for me to right swipe her profile.

However, after the match, I read her profile. The profile I read was an absolute delight. It read, “Need a guy for a full body nude massage. My boyfriend will also be present. No sex.”

The profile seemed interesting, and I sent her a “Hi.” She replied saying she liked my pics and wanted to know more about me. We had a chit-chat for a while, following which we moved to the main topic of discussion.

She told me about the fact that her boyfriend wanted to see her getting a massage from a third person, and it was their fantasy! They had not tried it before, and it was going to be their first time.

Let me describe Upasana for you. She has a bust of 32B with a waist of 26, and with a curve that appeared to be meandering of a river.

We felt comfortable after talking to each other and soon, we decided to meet over the weekend. So, we booked an Oyo. It was that fateful Saturday, and we decided to check-in at 12:30 as the check-in time is 12.

When I arrived on the scene Upasana, and her BF Pravin was already at the reception. I had a firm handshake with Pravin showing him who was the boss. I hugged Upasana in front of Pravin, and I could feel the thrust of her boobs on my chest as she made a forward thrust towards my crotch.

Our rooms were ready. We took the lift and went to our room. We chatted for a while and had 2 drinks of Blender’s Pride to cut down the inhibition and to relax. Then I asked Upasana to get in her birthday suit and wrap a towel around her. She went to the washroom and changed, after which she came back in a towel.

I asked her to lie face down and started rubbing over her thighs and then her back. Slowly, my hand slid under her towel onto her firm ass. The whole time, her BF was sitting on a chair looking like a cuckold.

Then, I opened the towel and asked her to lie down with her face forwards. She did this without hesitating and did not even bother to wrap the surrounding towel. I could see a smile on her face as I slowly started massaging her boobs.

I moved on to her shaved cunt. I started to finger her pussy and she started to moan. Then I positioned myself so that my erect dick is touching her face. She gave me a naughty smile and then told me that she wanted it.

Then she took my dick in her mouth over my shorts. I looked at her BF and saw that pathetic cuckold looking hungrily at what might happen next. I took my dick out of my boxers and shoved it inside her mouth. After a minute I took it out, and she had saliva dripping from her mouth like a nasty slut.

Then I told her to lick my balls which she did very well. I told her that she was a good slut. Then I lay on the bed and told her to face her ass towards her BF Pravin and suck my dick well, maintaining eye contact with me.

I told Pravin to be a good BF and show her how much he appreciated her. I told him to lick his girlfriend’s asshole and lick it clean. He was licking the ass of his own GF, while she was giving me a nice blowjob, a stranger that she had met through OkCupid.

Upasana who has only done Vanilla sex till then, was on Cloud 9. Then after licking my balls, she requested me if she could lick my ass. I gave her the permission, and she started licking my ass giving me a great rim-job. Then I told her that I want to see her on all fours and would treat her like a slut.

She came on all fours crawling towards me. I grabbed her by her hair and kissed her mouth deeply involving her tongue. Meanwhile, her BF went and sat on the chair.

Then I grabbed her hair, and she begged me to fuck her mouth. I pushed my dick inside her mouth and started to mouth-fuck her.

Soon, I was on the verge of cumming but pulled my dick out of her. Then, I told her that I want to cum inside her mouth. I put my dick inside her mouth where it belonged the most.

After a few strokes, I came in a huge gush and my cum was all inside her mouth. I could see her mouth filled with my cum. I told her to tell her BF that she loved him and to give him a kiss. She grabbed her BF by his collar and sat on his lap. Then, she asked him to open his mouth and spat my cum inside his mouth.

Upasana asked him how much he loves her? The cuckold BF could only nod his head, as Upasana had already filled his mouth with her spit mixed with my cum.

Then I told them to kiss each other and I could see them exchanging cum from one mouth to the other. I could see a pair of tongues wrapped around each other, and they were kissing like there is no tomorrow.


The story will be continued in the next part. All readers especially women, up to 35years old, and BFs who want to see their GF with another man can reach me personally over mail at [email protected]

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