A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 11 (The Carrot Lady)

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Kalyani was now relieved that the culprit was not Mahima. Mahima then asked Kalyani that if she can help her find the culprit behind all this fuss. Kalyani accepted her request and also told her not to disclose this secret mission to the other tenants.

Kalyani told her that she wouldn’t believe anyone except her in this colony. Mahima agreed with her and told her, “You’re right. We should leave no stones unturned.” Kalyani then remembered that she was supposed to prepare the lunch.

She said goodbye and promised her that she’d be back after discussing the leads they got to find the culprit. Mahima was happy that she has now gained Kalyani’s trust. Kalyani then prepared the lunch.

After finishing her chores, she thought about the steamy sex the previous night and exhibitionism and giggled to herself. She lay down on the sofa and was worried about the actual culprit. Suddenly her door was knocked. She answered it and found Devi.

She was standing with a small bag in her hand. She told her that she was about to go to the tailor shop owned by her friend’s husband for a blouse stitching and if Kalyani care to accompany her. And also told her that the tailor was a ladies specialist.

Kalyani suddenly thought of all those fantasies that she has read in sex stories, which aroused her a bit. She thought od a possible threesome with her neighbor and her ladies tailor. She replied that she would love to. Both the ladies went to the tailor shop with their usual attire (saree, single long braid, bangles, and bindi).

It was a 20 minutes walk from their colony. They reached the shop. It was a little two-room shop with a house attached behind it. The shop was named ‘KRISHNA’ tailors. Kalyani giggled to herself and thought that this Krishna must’ve made ‘leelas’ with his customer.

They entered the shop. To her shock, a handicapped man was sitting behind the sewing machine and was running it. Kalyani felt embarrassed about herself thinking such kinky stuff and felt sorry for the tailor. The tailor welcomed them both, and Devi also smiled to compliment him.

Devi then handed him the blouse bit cloth and said that she’ll need a designer blouse. He then handed her the catalog where the photos of blouses were listed. She selected a low cut blouse with a wide-open back. Kalyani wondered why would a conservative housewife select such a glamorous designer blouse.

He then told her that she’ll need a new set of measurements for the design. Suddenly devil started to spin thoughts in Kalyani’s head. She was going to witness a tailor seducing the customer show. He then called the name “Radha.”

From the house behind came a beautiful young lady with a little dusky but glowy skin. She was wearing a green saree and maroon blouse. He then asked her to take the required measurements on Devi. Radha greeted Devi and Kalyani understood that she was the friend Devi was talking about.

Radha leads them into the next room to take the measurement. Kalyani followed them to the next room, and they shut the door. There was a note with a pen to note the measurement. The room was filled with designer blouses for showcasing.

Kalyani looked around and then saw Devi standing in front of Radha. Then the three stood silent for a second Radha, looking straight at Devi, asked her to drop the pallu. Without hesitation, Devi dropped her saree pallu. Kalyani sat on a stool nearby and was watching the mouth-watering scene.

Radha handed Kalyani the note and asked her to write the number she was about to dictate in order. Kalyani was peeking into the hot whitish hip and navel of Devi. Devi lifted her arms, and Radha brought the measuring tape behind Devi and measured the breasts.

In between, she had a ‘long time no see’ friend’s talk. The tape tightly held her breasts over the blouse. Radha went behind her and took few measurements. Kalyani was noting down the measurements and praying to God to turn this scene into a lesbian encounter.

Radha asked Devi to inhale a little to take some measurements for adjustment. She inhaled but couldn’t hold her breath long enough. She burst out and laughed two times. Radha felt a little annoyed, and she playfully pinched Devi’s hips. To which Devi let out a little ‘ahhh.’

And she looked at Radha and pinched her nipples over her saree and blouse. Now Radha gave a husky ‘shhh.’ And slapped Devi’s boobies. Devi gave a sharp scream and then turned Radha around and spanked her ass with a loud ‘splat.’ Radha moaned, and they both laughed at each other.

Kalyani, who was watching all these acts, was so aroused. Radha’s husband knocked on the door and asked her what the noise was about. Radha nervously said it was the needle that pinched her fingers. They both giggled and then took all the measurements.

Radha asked Devi about the reason she wanted a low neck blouse. Devi replied that her husband wants her to wear the blouse during skyping. Radha understood her and said, “Oh, is that it? Your husband wants you to show your heart to him while skyping?” and giggled at her.

Kalyani then saw a really low-cut blouse hanging in the showcase and asked Radha if she can try that blouse to see if the style suits her. Radha told her she can use the trial room if she wants. She pointed her to a small room with a cloth screen hiding it. Kalyani took the blouse inside the room and closed the screen.

Devi and Radha were sitting and talking outside the trial room. Kalyani removed her pallu, then the blouse followed by her bra. She stood now topless and saw her breasts in the mirror reflection. A small screen hid her breasts from the two ladies.

She then wore the blouse without the bra. She found it a little sexier than she thought it would be. The blouse had a thin line in the back, almost backless with a knot type front. She tied the knot and brought her pallu back. She looked at the mirror and found herself no different than a glamorous actress.

She came out with the pallu on. Both the ladies now turned towards Kalyani and asked her to drop the pallu to see the fit. Kalyani hesitantly dropped her pallu. Devi couldn’t believe her eyes. Kalyani looked so hot. Even Radha, without her control, complimented her with a loud ‘Wow.’

Kalyani gave a hesitant smile. Devi saw that the blouse was pretty much lower, and around 70% of her breasts were visible. A small jump will pop her breasts out of the blouse. Radha then complimented her, saying that she never thought that the blouse will look so beautiful on her.

Radha asked Kalyani that if she likes the blouse, she can have it as a gift. Kalyani exclaimed happily and thanked Radha for her gift. But Radha, with a devilish grin, said on the condition that she must exchange the blouse she was wearing now.

Kalyani was shocked to hear the condition. But she readily accepted the deal since she would love to have the blouse. Devi was shocked to hear the answer. Even it shocked Radha. Radha said that she’ll give her blouse back during the delivery of Devi’s blouse.

Kalyani agreed to her demands as if it was no big deal wearing this blouse back home. Once she reached her house without any problem, Kalyani thought to herself, she’ll win this beautiful blouse to herself. She wrapped the saree around her like the Orthodox Indian women.

She looked at Radha and told her thanks for the blouse, and came out of the room with pride on her face. Krishna, the tailor, wondered why Kalyani was wearing the saree pallu more conservatively. They both said bye and left the shop. They were walking back to the colony.

Devi occasionally looked at Kalyani and smiled at her. Halfway back, she saw a carrot vendor was selling carrots at a very low price in a Tata ace. Kalyani told Devi that she was going to buy it. Devi showed no interest in buying it and told her that she was already late. She had to prepare food for Mahima.

Kalyani told her to be on her way, and she’ll catch up with her. The vehicle was on the move. So Kalyani called the vendor and speed-walked towards the vehicle. Her saree wrapped around her was a little disturbing for running.

A man was driving the vehicle in the front. A busty dark woman with a dirty saree raised up to her shin was in the back of the vehicle, weighing and selling the carrots. Kalyani asked the women about the carrot. The seller lady replied that the carrot was straight from the farmer and cheaper but fresh.

Kalyani wouldn’t want to miss the chance, so she reached for the bag. Unfortunately, Devi had it with her, and Kalyani forgot about the bag in all the fuss. She turned around to see Devi was long. Kalyani asked the seller lady for a carry bag, but she replied that she doesn’t have one.

The woman suggested she use the ends of the saree pallu for carrying the carrots. Kalyani couldn’t believe what was happening as she will expose more skin if she unwraps herself. She finally decided to go for the bold move and unwrapped the pallu and wore it normally.

She brought the ends of the pallu under her arm and spread them to receive the carrot. The seller lady was shocked to see her sexy blouse and the perfect round breast showing itself a little. Of course, the pallu helped to hide her cleavage a little. The lady smiled to herself and dropped the carrots in her pallu.

It was a little heavy for Kalyani, so she had to hold them with both her hands. Now the lady asked her for money. Kalyani realized that she kept the exact amount in her blouse. She found no other way but to ask the lady to take it herself out of the blouse.

She asked the lady for it. Without hesitating a second, the woman lowered her pallu a little and saw the huge cleavage. Thank God there was no houses or human around the place though it was afternoon. The woman inserted her fingers inside the blouse.

She touched the bare boobs of Kalyani. Kalyani felt the shock run through her body and bit her lower lips. Then Kalyani said it was the other side. The woman then inserted her finger into the other boob and searched for the money. In turn, like an unexpected lover, she felt Kalyani’s tender boobs.

Kalyani was biting her lips as the woman’s hand was a little rough and strong like a man. The woman could see Kalyani enjoying her touch. The woman wanted to tease her more. So she willingly grabbed her nipples with her fingers as if it happened accidentally. Kalyani gave a small moan and closed her eyes.

The woman found no money. So she thought she’ll have something equivalent to money. She saw Kalyani eye to eye and grabbed her lower lip, and brought her closer. Like a dog catching biscuits, she grabbed the lips with hers and gave a hard and deep kiss.

Kalyani couldn’t believe she was getting molested by some random lady in the middle of a deserted street. She felt the tobacco smell as she was kissed. She also felt her hard and burst lips. The seller woman’s one hand grabbed Kalyani’s neck, and the other was massaging her boobs inside the blouse.

Kalyani couldn’t even breathe. Then after a minute or so, the tight kiss broke. Kalyani was panting heavily with a shocked look. The vendor woman smiled at her and grabbed the front knot of the blouse, and pulled it. The blouse holding her boobs dropped out.

The woman with a devilish grin pinched both of her pink nipples and told her, “You’re a fine young angel,” and asked the driver to move on the vehicle. The woman waved her hands with a smile and left the scene.

With all the shock on her face, Kalyani was standing in the middle of a deserted street with her blouse open and her boobs out. She couldn’t use her hands as they are holding the carrots. With her mouth, she reached the pallu and grabbed.

With all her efforts, she managed to hide her boobs under the pallu. But a small shake will reveal her breasts all the way. Now Kalyani slowly moved towards her house so that she wouldn’t pop her breasts out. Suddenly someone called her name from behind.

She slowly turned back. She already knew that her back is showing more skin than it was supposed to. The person put the hand on the bare back of Kalyani and caressed it, which brought a chill on Kalyani’s spine. The person came to the side, and it was none other than Deepika.

She asked Kalyani seeing her too much skin, “It looks like someone is becoming bolder.” Kalyani then came closer to her ear and explained to her that her blouse tight has untied itself. Deepika understood her situation and brought her hands inside her pallu, and tied the knot.

Kalyani thanked her, and they both reached the colony safe.

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