A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 18 (Helping Mind And Exhibition)

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Then Kalyani thought about what might happen if Radha finds that she has found her dirty video exhibition collection in her secret folder. She will lose an admirer of her beautiful body. Radha will know that Kalyani has found out the whole sorority’s dirtyecret.

She did her math and concluded that to leave the video in her secret folder without deleting it. After all, it was just another desperate pervert housewife who’ll enjoy her naked body. So she sent back her video to Radha’s mobile and stored it where it was before.

After about 45 minutes, Devi returned with Radha, the dusky hot housewife of the physically challenged tailor Krishna. As soon as she came in eye contact with Kalyani, Radha blushed a little. Kalyani could see why. Kalyani asked her about her husband, Krishna.

She replied that he is out to buy some goods for the shop using his two-wheeler (of course, it was modified for the physically challenged). He’ll be back in the evening. Then Devi asked Radha about her blouse.

Radha replied that he still hasn’t finished it yet. She’ll call her as soon as he had finished it. Devi was a little disappointed with her answer. Radha then asked Kalyani about her husband’s opinion on the blouse she wore yesterday. Kalyani gave the same reply she gave to Devi that morning.

Suddenly Devi received a call. It was from her husband. She picked it, and she went away from the scene to someplace near. Kalyani and Radha were standing and staring at each other awkwardly. Suddenly an idea for seducing Radha sparked Kalyani’s mind.

She gasped in fear and said, “Oh my god, oh god, something is tickling my body.” Radha became aware and asked her what it was. Kalyani replied that she could feel something moving inside her blouse, some insect. Kalyani acted like she was panicking.

Radha made her calm down and asked her to enter the closed room in the side. She closed the door and turned around to see Kalyani has already dropped her pallu. She was touching her blouse-covered body to act as if some insect has entered her blouse.

Radha saw her navel and her cleavage while Kalyani was pressing her own body. Radha’s eyes were full of desire to see Kalyani’s breasts. Then Radha asked her, “Is it still inside you?” Kalyani replied positively and hurried to open her blouse.

Radha’s heart was pounding as she was about to see Kalyani’s boobs live for the first time. Kalyani, in her hurry, just knocked two hooks off the blouse. She then removed it completely and threw it on the ground, and stood with her white bra. Radha was watching the scene with awe.

She could see Kalyani’s mangalsutra hanging through her breast grooves. Then Kalyani still scratched her breasts over her bra to show that she still has the itch. Radha told Kalyani to remove her bra. Kalyani replied that she is feeling shy to expose her breasts.

Radha said that she’ll turn around and will not look back unless she says so. Kalyani grinned and agreed to her terms. Radha turned around and faced away from Kalyani. Kalyani now unhooked her bra and let out her breasts in the air.

Radha, with her head facing away, asked Kalyani that if she got what was itching her. Kalyani smiled mischievously in mute and said, “Yeah, I got it. It was just an ant.” Radha desperately yearned for a glance at Kalyani’s tits. But Kalyani wanted to play with Radha. She didn’t give her the sign to turn around.

Kalyani wore her bra and then told Radha to turn around. To Radha’s disappointment, Kalyani has already worn her bra. Kalyani told Radha that she has accidentally knocked two hooks off her blouse, so she’ll need a stitch. Radha replied that she can do it, and it’ll only take 30 minutes.

Kalyani then told Radha that she wanted it quicker. Radha, with a disappointed look, told Kalyani that the job will take atleast 25 minutes. Then Kalyani asked for a spare blouse, and she’ll return it the next time. Radha replied with an apology.

She said that she had already given a blouse for free and couldn’t give her more. Then Kalyani told Radha, “It’s ok, I’ll manage it to my way back home. Just like yesterday.” Radha was shocked by her bold reply and let Kalyani do as she wants.

Kalyani then wrapped her pallu around her shoulders like a conservative Brahmin woman and said bye to Radha. She then told Devi, who was speaking with her hubby standing a little far from her, that she’ll be on her way to the colony. Devi replied, ok, and she continued her conversation with her husband.

Kalyani is now walking alone to her house with her pallu wrapped around her and just a bra underneath. The sun was so bright that anyone near Kalyani could see her bra through her saree. She was cautious and was walking very faster. To her luck, not even one soul was present in the street and felt the thrill.

Now Kalyani was on the exact place where she met the carrot lady who groped her breasts the previous day. She giggled, thinking of the scene, and walked across. She then found an old man with big glasses walking with his stick coming on the opposite side.

He couldn’t straighten his back, and he looked like a hunch back. Kalyani saw him walking, and suddenly he fell down. Kalyani, by looking at him, raced towards him and tried lifting him. In the meantime, she has lost grip of her pallu. It can fall off her shoulders and expose her bra only body.

Kalyani knew her risks, but she couldn’t let an old man suffer. She lifted him, and he couldn’t raise beyond his hips. He was a little bent. The old man’s stick was a little far away from where he was when he tripped and fell down. Kalyani could reach it, but she was already holding the man.

If she leaves him, he’ll fall down again. She thought that atleast he can manage to stand a second without the stick. She asked him, “Grandpa, can you stand for a second while I grab your stick?” He replied that he can. She then left his body and leaned down to grab the stick.

When she got up, the old man lost his balance. To prevent himself from falling, he grabbed Kalyani’s bare waist. Kalyani was stunned for a second to feel the old man’s hand around her hip. He then, with the other hand, grabbed the other side of her waist.

Kalyani stood motionless, holding his walking stick in her hand. She felt the rough hands of the old man on her bare skin. She almost forgot that her pallu needed some grip. A small blow of air knocked of her pallu, and it slid down, exposing her body in just her bra.

It took about 5 sec for Kalyani to realize that she was standing with just her bra in the middle of the street, and an old man has grabbed her waist. The old man didn’t look at her breasts as he couldn’t straighten up to see them. Kalyani then grabbed her pallu and wrapped it around her shoulders again.

She looked around, and no one saw her. The old man then said, “Sorry, my dear, I’m about to slip down.” Kalyani gave back his stick, then he took his hands off her waist. He stood there with the help of the stick. He asked for his specs as he couldn’t see anything without it.

Kalyani found the specs on the ground, and she returned them to the old man. Kalyani was relieved that the old man couldn’t have seen her exposure as he wasn’t wearing the glasses. The old man thanked her and blessed her with few good words and carried on his way.

Kalyani also continued her walk to her house. Kalyani liked the event as she felt horny when exposed to a blind stranger in the open. When she was about 5 minutes walk left to her house, she saw an old and blind beggar couple on the street.

She saw them as they were alone, and no one was around to give them a penny. Kalyani then decided to help them and went near them. She saw that both their eyes lacked the pupil and then confirmed their blindness. She opened her purse and gave the old man a 100rs note and told him it was a 100rs note.

The man thanked her. He was wearing an old dhoti and a small scarf. The woman among the couple didn’t even wear a blouse or bra. She looked barbaric and wore just her pallu to hide her old breasts. Then Kalyani had this ridiculous idea of donating her bra to the old woman.

She found it would give her more thrill. She looked around and found no one around them. She then boldly made the decision. She inserted her other hand behind and unhooked her bra, and removed it completely with one hand holding her pallu. Now it was just the thin saree pallu that hid her topless body.

Anyone near her could see her boobs through the semi-transparent saree pallu. She then placed her bra inside an old bag the old woman was carrying and whispered in her ears, “You’ll need these,” and she walked away.

The old blind woman grabbed what she left in her bag and was touching it. She felt its shape, and she gave a wide grin. Then Kalyani carried on her way. Her nipples were now hard and erect. It protruded through the saree.

Kalyani felt the horniness and goosebumps inside her. She then finally reached the colony and entered her house. She sat on the sofa and unwrapped herself. Her beautiful round breasts with pink nipples were so horny and badly wanted her husband’s tongue. She decided to call her husband and called him.

Ravi picked the call and replied that he is waiting in his hotel room and getting ready to go to the office. Kalyani spoke in a husky tone. She said that she was lying topless on her sofa, thinking of her husband and running her fingers over her nipples and navel button.

Ravi got aroused by her talk, and he told her, “Honey, stop it. I couldn’t control my dick.” She giggled and replied that she badly wants his dick. Ravi was more aroused and started stroking his cock.

Kalyani inserted her hand inside her petticoat and panty. She started digging her vagina and was moaning. Hearing her moan made Ravi hornier, and they both started moaning. They climaxed after 10 minutes. Ravi was sweating all over, and so was Kalyani. She finally gave him a kiss and hung the phone.

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