A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 17 (The Video Of Truth)

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Devi woke Kalyani up by splashing water on her face. Kalyani opened her eyes as if she is recovering from an unconscious state. She saw Devi and smiled like an idiot. Devi asked Kalyani mockingly, “What happened, Kalyani? Did someone tried to molest you?” and laughed.

Kalyani replied back sarcastically, “yeah, it was one of your doors,” and laughed. Devi also laughed at her joke and brought her saree stuck on the door. She said that she’d be back after she changed her dress.

Kalyani wore her saree and sat on the sofa for Devi’s return. Devi came out. She was wearing a blue saree and a blouse with the same accessories and jewelry as Kalyani. Devi and Kalyani both went out to the tailor shop as they had planned before.

While having the walk, Devi asked Kalyani about her husband’s reaction to the hot blouse. Kalyani chuckled and said that she had less chance to show it to him and her husband is out of town for some presentation. Devi understood her feelings and then grabbed her shoulders to comfort her.

Kalyani liked the way she squeezed her shoulders. Then they reached the tailor shop. Devi found that the shop was open, but the tailor, Krishna, was not present. She looked around to see if he is anywhere near, but she couldn’t find him.

Devi called Radha’s number, and the mobile was right there on the sewing table. Then Devi thought Radha and Krishna must’ve been to the school nearby where their child was studying. Devi told Kalyani that she’ll have to go there on her own to bring her to the shop as she has left the phone.

Kalyani had to wait atleast 30 minutes for their arrival. As Devi went away to the school, Kalyani was sitting on the sewing table and was bored. She grabbed Radha’s mobile and tried opening it. She didn’t know the password, but she tried some words for fun like Brindavan, Krishna, Radha, etc.

Finally, she typed the word ‘LEELA’ it opened. Kalyani couldn’t believe herself. She then surfed through the gallery and found few photos of Radha and her family. Some were Radha kissing her husband. Then Kalyani was shocked to see Radha’s bra and panties photo.

She looked so good in her pink panties and bra. It was taken in the changing room she used the day before. They looked as if they were some leaked actress photos. Some photos were taken by a second person (likely her husband).

She was wearing a low-cut blouse without her pallu and intentionally bending forward to clean the floor. Her boobs were popping out and showed almost everything except her nipples. Kalyani got aroused by seeing her almost exposed tits.

Some photos contained Radha wearing different model blouses and posing like a model. Kalyani eventually found a secret encrypted folder that required a pattern. Kalyani tried some R and K in the patterns, but she couldn’t get them. Then she tried a big L forward and also reverse.

The pattern was unlocked in reverse. Kalyani couldn’t believe her luck as she has opened two locks without much hassle. She found a few videos in them. At first, Kalyani thought they might have been some secret porn videos downloaded from the internet.

But one of the video names showed ‘SORORITY ANNIVERSARY PARTY STRIP.’ Kalyani was shocked to see the name. Then she thought that this event could be the one Ayesha and Devi were chatting about. Kalyani opened the video.

The video was taken on Ayesha’s house, as she can say it by the background. Radha was holding the mobile as the camera person. There were Devi, Deepika, Ayesha, Kamala, and not to forget Radha. All sitting around in a circle and were waiting for something.

All of them looked drunk, and they were cheering up on something. There were meaningless laughs and giggles. Then finally, a lean man appeared. He was wearing just a pant, and he was blindfolded. He was shirtless. Kalyani assumed he must be the stripper.

The lean guy started moving according to some saxophone music that played in the background. His movements were hot, and he touched himself and pressed his body parts to arouse the women surrounding him. He then slowly removed his pants and threw them away.

Now he is in his underwear. His dick was already up. It looked a little bigger and longer despite his lean body. Now Ayesha was whistling by seeing his tent over his underwear. She shouted, “Release the anaconda,” and Kamala was shouting the same.

Devi was sitting there, and she felt shy. She occasionally buried her face with her palms as if she didn’t like the show. Deepika was staring deep into his crotch, and she had a little disgusted face. Then the man slowly removed his underwear and let out the hard and erect cock of his.

Kalyani couldn’t believe it. His cock was so much bigger like the black porn actors, which contradicted his lean body. Ayesha was howling like a wolf and loved the show. As soon as the cock jumped out, Devi closed her eyes with her hands in shame.

Deepika felt nauseous and ran out of that place. Looking at Deepika, Radha laughed out loud. Radha called the stripper to come near her. The stripper was blindfolded, but he moved in the direction of her voice.

The cock was pointing towards the camera, which in turn the person watching the video (Kalyani). She can now see the size of that cock that made her wet under her panties. Radha holding the mobile cam in one hand, grabbed the giant cock with the other hand and felt it.

She stroked it slowly, and then with her finger, she measured it for fun. Then the stripper was rotating his cock like a fan, and Radha loved it. She then made him turn around and spanked his ass. Then Ayesha called him towards her, and he stood in front of her.

Ayesha also grabbed it and stroked it slowly, and felt the cock. Kalyani was already wet on seeing this scene. Then Ayesha brought her lips closer to the big cock and kissed the tip of his cock. It was a gentle kiss, and she didn’t touch him beyond the cock.

Then Ayesha pushed him towards Devi, who was sitting with both her hands closing her face. Ayesha grabbed his cock and made him knock on her closed hands with his cock. Devi felt the cock on her fists. Ayesha then grabbed Devi’s one hand by force and made her grab his cock.

Devi still had her eyes closed, and her one hand on her face and the other grabbed his cock. Ayesha moved Devi’s hand over his cock and made her stroke his cock without her will. After about 10 seconds, Devi pulled her hand back and ran away from that place.

Kalyani thought that Devi must’ve felt guilty by doing it, and so was Deepika. Then finally came Kamala. She grabbed his cock and started stroking faster. The stripper first thought it was just a little handjob. As the pace increased, Kamala kissed his tip.

She caught his whole cock in her mouth and started giving oral sex. The stripper tried to relieve it from her grip, but she pinned his hands along with his ass. Kamala was much stronger than the lean man.

After some time, the man climaxed and threw all his cum over her mouth and face. The man felt exhausted. Ayesha and Radha, who were seeing it, were laughing out. And the video ended right there. Kalyani was thunderstruck and couldn’t imagine that really happened.

She understood that Ayesha was the brain of all this stripper party. She is bolder and never hesitates to enjoy the adult thrills. Devi is trying to be more conservative. Deepika also regrets another man beyond her husband, and Kamala, the widow, is always hungry for sex.

She then closed the video and then looked for more videos. She then found a familiar thumbnail and opened it. Kalyani froze her spine by looking at it. It was a spy cam video taken when Kalyani was changing her dress the day before.

Kalyani couldn’t believe her eyes that she was filmed topless by Radha while changing her dress. Kalyani hurried and sent both the stripper party video and her naked video to her mobile and deleted her naked video from Radha’s mobile. Then she opened her messages to see if she can find anything.

Kalyani found that Radha has been texting Ayesha. Kalyani was so sure that Ayesha must be the brains of all the activities. She unites everyone whenever some kinky stuff was going on. Kalyani could see her name was mentioned many times in the last day’s text.

Radha: Ayesha, the girl Kalyani was so hot, just like you said.

Ayesha: I told you. Did you get the video like always?

Radha: Yes, and I’ll keep them in my collection.

Ayesha: Why don’t you at least try seducing Kalyani? I think she is into girls. Remember the story I told you about Devi got spanked by Kalyani.

Radha: Yeah, I remember. But I still couldn’t jeopardize my family’s peace by having an affair with a woman.

Ayesha: Come on, Radha, it will always be secret. Be bold and express your feelings. Atleast ask her for a one-night stand.

Radha: Oh god, you know you sound so ridiculous when you said that?

Ayesha: Hahaha, atleast I am satisfied with my attitude. You conservative girls are ruining your own youth and wasting your time.

Radha: Ok, I’ll try to talk to her.

Ayesha: Try some wardrobe malfunctions and see her reactions.

Radha: Ok.

And the text ended. Kalyani was shocked and happy that she had actually found a bisexual woman. Kalyani’s heart badly wanted to have complete lesbian sex with a woman. But her current status of being a housewife to Ravi is restricting her.

If she chooses the lesbian path again, only God knows where it might lead her. It could even jeopardize her sexual relationship with her husband. So she decided not to disclose her lesbian nature to any of the ladies.

But at the same time doesn’t want to waste the thrills of lesbian stuff and exhibitionism. She is more of a secret lesbian now.

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