Cuckold Experience – Part 5

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The next day morning we got up. But Neha could not walk properly. She got pain in her both the holes. She was a little angry because I allowed Kartik to fuck her ass and I also did the same. Due to her condition, I canceled that day’s program and told her to take rest in the room.

Kartik once tried to fuck her again. But this time I stopped him because of her health condition. Kartik reluctantly agreed. He told us, “I am going back to Bangalore. You people complete your tour. Then come back to Bangalore and stay at my house for 2 to 3 days. Then you go back to your native.”

We agreed and Kartik went back. We stayed there for 3 days more. By that time Neha also got well. Even we did lovemaking sessions which were very intense and we both enjoyed a lot. The entry of Kartik in our life made our sex life spicier. We completed our tour and came back to Bangalore.

But that time we didn’t know what surprise was waiting for us. We went to Bangalore after our tour by his car which he left for us with a driver. So, we didn’t have any problem to find his house. His driver directly took us to their house. The car entered in the house and we saw Kartik was waiting for us.

He greeted us and measured my wife Neha with his eyes. Neha blushed and tried to avoid his gaze. But Kartik made the situation easy and shook her hand and told, “Bhabhi welcome.” They have a big two-storied house. It was situated little outskirts of the city.

From his house, it takes 30 to 40 minutes by car to reach the city. The ground floor consists of a big seating, dining, and kitchen. Their bedroom was on the first floor so that bedroom privacy is maintained. There was a master bedroom that was used by his parents, his own room and one guest room.

The house was well maintained and decorated with modern furniture. His father always was on the business tour. Kartik took care of their main office which was in Bangalore. So basically, he took care of his main office, their house, and his mother. We entered the house and sat on the luxurious sofa.

I was eager to see his mom, Rani. 2 to 3 minutes later Rani came. She was a voluptuous south Indian lady. She can be described as a Mallu aunty. She looks like the famous Bollywood actress Jaya Prada. But the only difference is that her breast is bigger than Jaya Prada.

She was in her early 40 but never looked more than 30. Her boobs and butt are heavy. She must be 36-32-36, and her cup size was “D”. She was fairer than the normal south Indian lady. She greeted us with lime juice. She was wearing a blue sari. She was looking beautiful and hot.

I looked at Kartik, he was smiling at me. After normal chit chat Rani said, “You had a very long journey so go to your room and freshen up yourselves. The food is almost ready. So, eat your lunch and then take some rest. We will talk later.” We also were very tired. So we got up and headed to our room.

Kartik showed us our room. On the way to our room, which is on the first floor, Kartik hugged Neha and kissed on her lips. His movement was so swift that before we could understand he completed. Neha slapped on his face playfully and entered our room. He took me to his room for some talk.

Me: Yaar, your mother is so hot. I can’t wait. When I am going to fuck her.
Kartik: Bro, there is a little problem. Actually, I tried to talk to my mom about this. But I didn’t get courage because I know she will not agree with our proposal.

Me: Then what I will do? I want to fuck your mother that is our deal.
Kartik: Yes bro. of course you will fuck her but we have to move very carefully.
Me: What is the plan?

Kartik: tomorrow morning I will take Neha with me to the city for some shopping. You stay here and say that you cannot go because of a headache. And when we go out you fuck my mom.
Me: She will be ready for that?

Kartik: You fuck her either she is ready or not. If you seduce her and then fuck her, it will be good. But if she doesn’t agree then you fuck her forcefully. Rest I will take care, you don’t worry.
Me: So, I have to wait for tomorrow morning.
Kartik: Sorry bro, have some patience.

I agreed because I didn’t have any other option. I came back to my room. Neha already took bath and wearing a nice yellow color sari with matching blouse. She was looking like a fresh flower. I tried to kiss her but she stopped me and told, “First go to the bathroom and take your bath.”

I agreed and went to the bathroom. After around half an hour we all were seated in the dining room and had our lunch. Dusing lunch, we were talking to each other. it was some casual talk. After lunch, we got up and headed to our room. Kartik followed us. He entered our room. We looked at him. He was looking at Neha.

Me: What happened, young man?
Kartik: Bro do you mind if I spend some time with your wife in private?
Me: And what I will do?
Kartik: You go down and talk with my mom. She doesn’t sleep in the afternoon.

Me: But I need some rest and Neha also.
Kartik: Just give me half an hour’s time. When we finish, I will call you.
Me: Neha do you have any problem.

Neha blushed and lower down her head shyly because we all know that Kartik was going to fuck her.
Me: Ok but don’t take much time.

Immediately Kartik hugged my wife and start smooching her lips. Neha also gave a response to his kiss. They were eating each other lips madly. I left the room and I heard that they bolted the door from inside. I laughed in my mind and got a little aroused to think that what they were doing now.

I came to the ground floor and sat on the sofa in the seating room. I was watching TV. A few minutes later Rani came and sat beside me. I looked at her. She was a real beauty. She maintained her figure very well. She already changed her dress and wearing a light orange color sari. It increased her beauty.

I was feeling bad because I knew what was going on there in my room. That was the first time my wife Neha was fucked by a stranger in absence of me. I could imagine that Kartik was banging her very hard and fondling her naked body with full intensity. I felt jealous and a peculiar feeling was building in me.

He was banging my wife. I was just lusting for his mom but didn’t do anything physical. I thought that I won’t wait for the next day and tried my luck at that time only. We both were watching TV. But inside my mind devil was preparing a plan. But to my surprise, Rani took the charge and broke the silence.

Rani: You don’t take rest?
Me: No, afternoon time I don’t sleep.
Rani: Where is Kartik?
Me: He went to the office for some urgent work. He told me that he will be back by evening.

Rani: Ok. And what is your wife doing?
Me: Sleeping.
Rani: do you want some tea or coffee?
Me: No, not now. I will take a little later.

Rani: By the way, how was your trip?
Me: It was good
Rani: Rohit, your wife is very beautiful.
Me: Thanks, but may I ask you something?

Rani: Please.
Me: What is your age?
Rani: (smile) Don’t ask a woman about her age.
Me: Sorry, but actually I was a little confused.

Rani: Why?
Me: You are not looking more than 30, but your son is 23. So how it is possible?
Rani: Don’t joke, I am looking like less than 30.

Me: Believe me, when I first saw you I thought that you are his elder sister.
Rani: Don’t tell a lie.
Me: No, I am not lying, it is true.
Rani looked at me with a very strange look. I continued.

Me: I heard that Kartik’s father is always busy and most of the time he is on tour.
Rani: Yes, it is true.
Me: How could a man stay away from a beautiful wife like you? If I was in his place, I would never leave you alone.
Rani: Don’t tell me.

Suddenly I held her one hand and said, “See how soft it is.” Rani pulled her hand out from my grip. She was feeling uncomfortable. She hurriedly got up and said,” You sit here, I am making some tea for us.” And went to the kitchen.
Just a few moments later I also got up and went behind her.

She was standing in front of the gas and preparing tea. I entered the kitchen slowly and stood beside her. She felt my presence but didn’t say anything and also not looked at me. I moved my head close to her back and sniffing her bodily aroma. It was good. Her bodily aroma intoxicated me.

Suddenly I hugged her from behind. She was not ready for that. She jumped with fear and tried to free herself from my clutch. But I wasn’t ready to lose my grip. She was angry and shouting at me, “What are you doing? Leave me.” But I didn’t listen to her word.

I pressed my lips on the back of her neck and start licking. I moved my hands up and groped her breast above the sari and pressing hard. She was shouting, “Leave me.” And tried to free herself from my clutches. But I didn’t leave her and continued mauling her breast in that same position.

Her globes are very soft. I took her pallu from her shoulder. Now her upper body was covered with a blouse and bra. I rubbed my hand on her smooth belly and pressed her melons. At the same time, I was kissing and licking her back and neck. She was breathing heavily and tried a lot to free herself.

My erect dick was poking on her back above her sari. She could feel it. 3 to 4 minutes were over, but we were in the same position. I moved my hand up and inserted in her blouse in a swift motion. My right hand entered in her bra. I felt the touch of her booby flesh. It was hot and soft.

I took one breast in my hand and pressed tight. She was shocked. She didn’t expect that I will go that far. She froze. She couldn’t move an inch. I took the opportunity and mauled her breast with full intensity. I was kissing the back of her neck.

Continuously for 10 minutes I was kneading her breast, pinched her nipples. Her nipples became erect. I took my hand out and tried to turn her face to my side. She got back from her initial shock and hurriedly ran from the kitchen. But she wasn’t able to go far because I immediately grabbed her hand.

I pushed her to the kitchen wall. I held both her hands and pinned them on the wall above her hands. Her big boobs, covered with blouse and bra moved up and down with her each breath. I looked at them and observed their movement thoroughly. Her face was red due to shame.

She uttered, “Please leave me, and anybody can come at any time.” I moved my face near to her and whispered, “Nobody will come. I locked the main door, and also bolted your guest room door from the outside. Nobody will interfere, neither my wife Neha nor your son Kartik. So, enjoy.”

Rani: No, I can’t do this. I can’t be unfaithful to my husband.
I didn’t bother and tried to kiss on her lips. But she moved her head and I planted a kiss on her cheek. Every time she moved her head from right to left to avoid my kiss on her lips.

I got frustrated and pressed her body with mine so that she couldn’t move. I left her hand and held her head tightly so that she couldn’t move her head again.
I put my lips on her soft and delicious lips and planted a kiss. It was a nice feeling. I continued my kisses on her lips.

She tried to move her head, but I held it tightly. I moved my face forward and licked her lips with my tongue. I pressed my lips hard on her lips. I took her lower lips and start sucking. She was losing her control. 4 to 5 minutes I was sucking her lower lips. Then I took her upper lips and did the same.

I was not going ahead but continued sucking her lips alternatively. She became weak. I understood and this time took both her lips. I sucked and licked with full of passion. She was reciprocating slowly. I tried to enter my tongue in her mouth. But initially, she didn’t allow me.

A little later she opened her mouth and welcomed my tongue in her mouth. My tongue entered her mouth and licking inside her mouth. She was not participating, and also not protesting. She was standing like a doll. I hit her tongue with mine. She understood my intention and slowly moved her tongue.

Now she was participating, and our tongue starts fighting with each other. A little later she pushed her tongue in my mouth. I accepted gladly. I sucked her tongue. We were into a deep, intense, never-ending smooch. I knew that she was involved in my sex game.

I kept her busy with my lips and slowly took my hands to the front side. I opened her blouse hook one by one. She didn’t notice and totally engaged in our deep smooch. When I opened the last button, she noticed it. Immediately she tried to cover her bra covered breast, but it was too late.

I took her blouse from her body. She was resisting me to do this. But I took it out. I left her lips and again held her hand above her head. I looked at her bra covered breast, which was beautiful, magnificent. Her cleavage was very attractive. I slowly bent down and start licking and kissing her.

I slowly moved down a little and licked her boobs which were jolted out from the above of her bra. It was so soft. My hands were roaming freely on her back. She was now gasping with excitement. I took total control over her body. I was licking and sucking her entire upper portion.

Sometimes I sucked both the nipples above her bra. Her face, neck, shoulder upper chest was glistening with my saliva. Her bra portion which covered her nipples was soaked with my saliva. She murmured, “Please don’t do this. Leave me, someone sees us and my married life will be ruined. Please leave me.”

But I didn’t leave her. Instead of that I wrapped my hands around her back and opened the bra hook. She jerked with my action. But before she could do anything, I took her bra from her body in a swift motion. They were so beautiful. Her boobs were more gorgeous than I thought.

Her nipples were big and erected. I bent down my head and put my face on her magnificent globes. I was pressing and licking her breast alternatively but didn’t touch her nipples and areola portion. I buried my face in the deep valley of her sexy cleavage. I wrapped her with my hands and took her in my lap.

She panicked and tried to stop me. But her weak protest didn’t bother me much. I placed her on the kitchen slab. I was standing in front of her. I was sucking and licking continuously. She couldn’t hold it anymore and became restless. She held my head involuntarily and pressed my face on her left nipple.

I understood that she was in my control now. I took her left nipples in my mouth and sucking it with full intensity. At the same time, I nibbled her right nipples with my finger. She jerked her hip 2 to 3 times and released her love juices for the first time with a loud scream.

She put her hand’s backside of her body on the slab as a support of her body and leaned her head on the wall. Her eyes were closed. I continued my invasion on her boobs. I pressed them, sucked them, bite them, licked them, tickled them, pinched them and what not.

Both her melons became red and there were several biting marks. She was licking her own lips with her tongue because her mouth became dry. I opened my t-shirt and pant but I didn’t leave her melons. My lips, tongue, and teeth continued their duty.

I also opened my underwear and became totally nude. But she didn’t know because still her eyes were closed. I held her sari and pulled it with full force. It came out from her body and this time she knew it. She hurriedly held my hands to stop me, but it was already done.

In this process, she opened her eyes and saw that I was completely naked. My cock was erect and dancing in the air. She panicked once again. “Please don’t fuck me. I will give you a blowjob and release your load. But don’t enter me. It is my humble request.”

I smiled in my mind. I was happy that in this process I will get a blowjob also.
I looked at her and said, “Ok I will keep your request, but I have one condition.”
Rani: What?

Me: When you will give me the blowjob you will be completely nude and also allow me to suck your cunt. Is that ok with you?
Rani: No, I can’t be nude in front of a stranger.

I slapped her boobs tightly. She screamed with pain. But I didn’t stop and gave 3-4 more slap on her boobs. I said in a cold voice, “Enough of your no. Now be a good girl, else spread your leg and I will fuck your pussy.” She understood there was no other option to stop me. She told, “Ok I will agree.”

Me: Then be a good girl and open your petticoat and panty.
She came down from the slab and opened her petticoat. I removed it and threw to the other corner. She held her panty and removed it from her body. Her cunt was shaved. There was not a single hair. I liked it.

I put my hand on her mound and gave a gentle press. She sighed with excitement. I heard from Kartik that she was very much excited and gone beyond control when anybody liked her clitoris. I tingled her clitoris with my finger 3 to 4 times and every time she shivered heavily.

I left her pussy and sat on a tool. She knelt down in front of me and held my throbbing penis in her soft hand. She stroked my cock for nearly 1 minute. I told her, “Before you shove my penis in your mouth, I wanted to experience the softness of your boobs with my dick.”

She understood my intention and guided my penis in her soft, hot and sexy cleavage. She held her both the boobs from both sides and then pressed it on my cock. Now she moved her boobs up and down and gave me a tit fuck. I closed my eyes and experienced a lot of pleasure which can’t be expressed in words.

5 to 10 minutes I got this treatment. At that my hand was busy nibbling her nipples. I opened my eyes and looked at her face. She kept her eyes low and did her job. I held her chin and moved up her head. She looked at my eyes. We were looking at each other.

But within a few moments, she again lowered down her eyes. I bent forward and kissed her lips. “You are doing a good job, now show your skill with your mouth”. She didn’t object and bent down her head and took my cock in her mouth. It was hot. Her soft lips wrapped my shaft and moved up and down.

I held her hand and placed them on my balls. She held my balls and played with them. She was a pro. She was sucking my rod like a lollipop. Some time she licked the tip with her tongue and licked the entire cock with her tongue. She gave a small bite on my dick. She applied all her expertise to my cock.

I was felling a heavenly experience. I was now moaning loudly. I held her head and entered my entire shaft in her mouth. My dick hit her throat. She almost choked. But I didn’t release her head and continued rammed her mouth with my thick long cock. I moved down a little and pressed her both the breast very hard.

She understood that I was nearer to my climax. I jerked my hip 3 to 4 times and held her head tightly. Before she could understand I shoved my dick deep into her throat and released my load. She tried to move her head but she failed. I released my hot semen jolt after jolt. She drank all my cum unwillingly.

I released her head from my grip and relaxed on the tool. I was breathing heavily. She tried to use the opportunity and got up from there. She went to take her clothes. But I held her waist and pulled to me. She landed on my chest and her boobs were pressed on my chest.

I hugged her tightly and gave a hard smooch. She didn’t protest this time. A few minutes later I lifted her up and again placed her on the kitchen slab. I stood in front of her and start sucking her breast. At the same time kneading her pussy gently. She said, “You promised me that you will not fuck me.”

Me: Yes, I know but I also told that I want to suck your pussy. Did you forget that?
Rani: Please now leave me. Don’t do that.
Me: Sit down quietly and take a trip to heaven.

I finished my word and immediately entered my middle finger in her cunt. She gasped. I slowly moved down my head and kissed her cunt lips. She closed her eyes and leaned on the wall. I started licking her pussy wall. It was tasty. I licked her clitoris.

My lips and tongue were licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris. At the same time, I finger fucked her slowly. She was getting aroused and horny again. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and put my tongue in her pussy hole. I was fucking her cunt with my tongue. She was breathing heavily.

I moved and took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked. At the same time, I rubbed her G-spot with my fingertip. My wife Neha said that I am an expert in pussy sucking. Rani body movement proved it again. I felt that she was reaching her orgasm and immediately I stopped.

She didn’t understand what happened. She opened her eyes and wanted to know what was going wrong? Why did I stop? But she didn’t know my plan. I wanted to take her in such a position that she will tell me to fuck her. Her body jerked several times and slowly it went down.

Again, I sucked and licked her pussy and clitoris. I inserted my finger in her pussy hole. A few minutes later again an orgasm was building inside her and at the last moment, I withdrew myself. She was frustrated with my action but due to shame, she didn’t ask me to complete. Again, and again, I did the same to her.

I licked, sucked and fingered and when she yet to come I stopped. 5 to 6 times I did the same. She loses control of her own body. She wanted an orgasm badly. I never allowed her for an orgasm. Almost 10 to 15 minutes later when I stopped again, she screamed.

“You mother fucker, why did you stop every time when I was yet to coming? What do you want? Do you want to fuck me? Then go ahead and fuck me but don’t torture me like this. I am dying for an orgasm.” I was waiting just for this. I stand in front of her and within a second I shoved my dick in her glory hole.

I held her both the boobs and took her soft lips on mine and start ramming her pussy with full force. We both were grunting and screaming with pleasure. Within a few strokes, she wrapped my waist with her leg and gave me backstroke with her cunt. She bit my lips very hard.

Her nails were scratching my back. With a tremendous shout, she released her juices. She came a lot. Almost 4 to 5 minutes she came. Her pussy juices lubricate her hole completely. I took out my cock and pressed her sari on her pussy so that it soaked the extra juices.

Within a few seconds again I shoved my cock hard again into her cunt. She was now totally relaxed. Her legs were dangling in the air. I was pumping her cunt with my hard piston. I fucked her in that same position for almost 15 minutes. Again, she was excited and orgasm was building.

She was crying and sobbing with tremendous pleasure. I cried out, “Rani darling, sweetheart I am coming.” She didn’t push me but held my butt and pushed my dick deep inside her vagina. Her vaginal muscle was cramping. I couldn’t hold my load anymore and emptied my ball deep inside her cunt.

Jolt after jolt I released my hot thick cum. With my first spurt, she also released her water once again. We hugged each other and remained in that position for 5 minutes more. Slowly we separated. Without a word Rani hurriedly collected all her clothes and ran to the bathroom. I dressed and went to the sitting room.

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