First Sex With A Woman In Her 50s

This is my true story. Please leave comments on [email protected] I was 21 and had just finished college. I joined an IT company in Bangalore. Since I was new to the city one of my family friends offered me to stay in their house as a paying guest.

They were Mallus. The family consists of an uncle, his wife and her mother (who is our family friend) and two sons who were 12 and 10 years old. Both the uncle and aunty work a lot. I never get to meet them and only the grandma (amumma in Malayalam) used to be home. I also call her that as the kids call her.

She was around 53 at that time. She was fair, short and a petite structure. She had a beautiful face and wore glasses. She had wrinkles in her face but only slightly. She wore a cotton sari and a blouse with no bra at home. Her blouse and boobs used to be visible as the blouse material was not thick.

I had noticed it while she was cutting vegetables sitting in the hall watching TV. I was also there in the day time. I had a night shift. She started treating me like family and never minded being casual. That’s the day I couldn’t take the eyes of her boobs. It was small but it hung a little.

Her chain was on the outer side of one the boob. It was a dark brown blouse but very thin material. I could see her nipples were pink and not dark. He pallu was rolled up like a rope which left me ample view. From then I never missed an opportunity to ogle and catch this glimpse to masturbate later.

After maybe a year, the uncle told there is a two day trip to Coorg. If I am not going home I can join him and the kids. Before I could answer grandma said, “No let him stay with me. I want to take him to the condolence of a relative nearby. I have some shopping as well.”

I didn’t mind as I also wasn’t keen on going with the uncle and the family. That day they left early morning. When I woke up grandma was in the kitchen and she was very excited and served me tea. I could feel she had an energy that I have never seen. And after tea, she said we will leave at 10 and I said okay.

I got ready and was in the hall watching TV. The phone rang and it was their relative whom we were going to visit. I knocked on grandma’s door and said, “Phone for you.” Then she came out with just a towel wrapped around her and a small towel on her head to attend the call. I was shocked but remained cool.

The towel was just below her ass and I could see pubic hair through the slits while she came out. She was speaking on the phone facing her back to me. I could see her slender fair legs. She had slight wrinkles but was a very toned leg. I got a hard-on.

Seeing me dressed she said, “Wait, I will come in a minute,” and went inside. A little I went to take water from the fridge outside her room. She was in a white bra and petticoat. She saw me but didn’t cover herself. She acted very casually and smiled at me. She wore the blouse very well knowing I was watching.

She said we will have breakfast and leave. The day went as planned. We went to the relative’s house and shopping and it was on my bike. After coming back she was tired and sat on the sofa. She was telling how she lost her husband at a young age. She was very beautiful.

Everyone used to look her sexually as she was a widow at a young age and her eyes swelled up a bit. I just got up from my seat and went near her. I touched her shoulder to console her. She was sitting and she hugged my waist and my crotch was in her face. And a little while she was like that.

I was consoling everything is for good etc. And she took her head from the crotch but didn’t stop hugging me. That’s when I saw her cleavage and I started getting a hard-on. And slowly she said it’s been a long time since she has been happy. I said, “You have grandchildren now you should be happy.”

She grabbed me tight and said not that kinda happy if you know what I mean. I got chills when I heard it. I also pushed my hard cock on her face. Then we stopped talking. She unzipped me and took my cock out and put it in her mouth. I got chills and I was enjoying it.

I could see her head with slightly grey hair going to and fro on my cock. I knew I was coming so I kinda stopped her and pulled her intimating to go to the bedroom. She immediately went ahead of me in a hurry. I followed her and I grabbed her boobs from behind near the bed.

I started to unhook the blouse from the front and remove her blouse with the sari. While I was removing her bra, she pushed down her petticoat and panty and became nude. I turned her to me and sucked her boobs and made her lie in the bed. She wasn’t shy at all.

She laid in bed with hands near her head showing me her armpits. While I was undressing I was looking at the sexy mature lady lying. She was very very fair than expected and had the perfect navel. She had slight wrinkles in her tummy. But since she was lying flat it was gone.

Her pussy had hair which was also grey and black. She had clean-shaven armpits. And she was lying there fully naked with just a long gold chain. I never took my eyes off her while undressing. I immediately put my hand in her pussy and started to finger her.

She was moaning loudly now and was pressing her boobs herself. Her moans didn’t sound like a lady in her early fifties.  Her pussy was wet and I wanted to penetrate. So I did and within a few strokes, I came inside her. And fell on top of her. She didn’t cum.

I was like that for some time and during all this, we never spoke. Then she said, “Wait, I will get water and come,” and went out to the fridge outside. I was seeing her buttocks. She had a lovely figure and only some wrinkles in the skin can tell her age. She came back with water and she was drinking.

She kept the bottle and started sucking my cock. It was full of cum and wasn’t hard. And with a few strokes, it became hard and I was surprised. She then sat on top of me and started to grind. I could see her boobs with beautiful pink nipples. Her hair was tied in a bun.

I wanted to let it loose because it would be sexy in this position. So when I tried to get up in the process to do. She understood and let it down. She was moaning and saying, “Shyam, make me happy please make me happy.” I never knew how I could last that long and she came and fell on top of me.

Then I flipped her and came on her navel. We both looked at each other and smiled. And slept naked. And the next two days we had sex whenever I had a boner. We would be naked in a second and fuck each other. And go back to what we were doing.

After the family returned, I used to say to her to come to my room at night. She would come and say don’t lock the room. At night she used to come just in sari and petticoat with just a towel. We used to fuck in total silence. And she would immediately leave when both of us came.

Later on, if no one was in the house and she was in the kitchen I used to go and pull her sari up and fuck her. Sometimes even though she wouldn’t be in the mood but would allow me to fuck her with a smile. Still today I remember my sexual encounter with her during those two years.

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