Cuckold Experience – Part 3

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Cuckold Experience – Part 1

Cuckold Experience – Part 2

Kartik came and sat in the front seat beside me. I started the car. We were again going to our destination, Ooty. Kartik leaned his head on the car seat and said, “Rohit your wife Neha is much more beautiful than I thought. I will be the luckiest person when I push my shaft into her glory hole.”

I was excited by listening to his thought. I was sure that we will enjoy our trip very much. Evening around 6 o’clock we reached our destination. It was a good 3-star hotel. We booked 2 rooms side by side. One room was a suite and another one was a simple double bedroom.

I and my wife Neha took the suite and another room was taken by Kartik. We entered our room. It had 2 parts one was seating and another one was a bedroom. Immediately after entering the room I hugged my wife tightly and we went into a lip lock. She freed herself from my clutches after 3 to 4 minutes.

She smiled at me and asked jokingly, “What happened darling? You are looking very horny.” I replied to her nothing instead of that I hugged her. But this time I hugged her from behind and immediately wrapped my hand around her chest. I cupped her shapely breast in my hands and start kneading them.

She tried to remove my hand. But I didn’t leave her. The sight was in front of my eyes when Kartik was fucking her boobs. I wanted to fuck her. She understood my intention but didn’t stop me because she also felt horny. I knew the reason because her body was used when she was asleep.

I hurriedly opened all her clothes and she opened mine. Within a few seconds, we both got nude and were biting each other lips full of passion and sexual hunger. I took her on my shoulder and went into the bathroom. It was a big one with a bathtub.

I opened the shower. Lukewarm water was showering upon us and we were busy cuddling each other body. She was moaning with pleasure. I took her sweet nipples one by one in my mouth. I was sucking her nipples with heavy intensity. She held my head and pressed it on her boobs.

She was moaning, “Rohit, suck my nipples. It’s good. Oh god, suck it. Suck my nipples baby. Tear me apart. I love you. Give me your penis, fuck me. Don’t tease me anymore I want your dick now. Please give me.” I didn’t delay and immediately pushed my hard member in her cunt.

She wrapped my waist with her legs. I pressed her on the wall and start fucking her pussy vigorously. She couldn’t control her emotions. She cried out loud, “Do it fast, don’t stop, you are too good, I love you.” I stopped ramming her cunt and took her to the bathtub.

I lay there and she came to me. She held my cock and fitted at the entry of her vagina. I pushed it hard deep in her vagina. She closed her eyes with pleasure. She was now riding on me. Her beautiful boobs were hanging in front of my eyes. The bathroom was filled with our groaning and moaning.

We were reaching our climax. After 5 minutes of continuous banging, I took her nipple in my mouth. She moved forward a little. I was pumping her pussy from below and sucking her nipples. We changed our position. I was fucking her in the doggy style. I couldn’t hold it more.

I bent forward and wrapped my hand around her body. I held her beautiful hanging melons in my hand and rammed her pussy from the back with full force. After 2 to 3 minutes I bit her neck from behind and pressed my shaft deep inside her love hole. I emptied my balls. Jolt after jolt hit her inside.

She also came with a loud scream. We both were tired and laid there in the bathtub. We were panting for breath. It was one of the best sessions we had in our life. After around 1 hour finally, we took our bath and came out of the bathroom.

We dressed up and went to the dining hall to have some snacks and coffee. Kartik already there. We joined him. We were chatting with each other. I winked at Kartik. He understood that we had completed one session. His eyes filled with full of lust. We three completed our coffee and went out.

We were roaming a little outside the hotel and came back at dinner time. We ordered one bottle of Jack Daniel and went to our room. That time Kartik also came with us. We three sat on the sofa in our room. After a few minutes, the room service served our drinks and snacks.

Kartik filled up all three glasses and we toasted together. Almost half an hour over. We already completed our 1st drinks and sipping the second one. Neha didn’t want to take more after her first peg. But Kartik insisted a lot and finally, she took her second drinks.

I knew after two 60 ml pegs she was not in her normal state. We were drinking, chatting and enjoying our trip. By that time Neha was on her third peg. She was a little high. She told in a husky voice, “I felt hot,” and removed her shawl. Kartik answered, “Yes bhabhi you are right.” And he opened his t-shirt.

He was then wearing only his short pant. Neha enjoyed his muscular nudity from the corner of her eyes. She was sitting in her long skirt and t-shirt. Kartik was sipping his drink and watching her. His eyes were moving on her body. Every inch of her body was being measured by his eyes.

I was excited. I waited for his move. Neha was totally drunk. The effect of alcohol and whole day journey made her tipsy. She couldn’t think properly, what is wrong and what is right. I played a romantic song on my mobile. We all listening to music.

Kartik made one more peg and gave it to Neha. She took the glass and emptied in one shot. Her mind was not working properly. She lost her thinking capacity. Kartik switched off the main light of the room and switch on a dim light. The atmosphere of the room was very romantic.

I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder and start messaging. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. Suddenly Kartik asked, “Bhabhi, can I dance with you?” Before she could react or say something Kartik held her right hand and pulled her in the middle of the room.

My wife was blank. She couldn’t understand what to do now? Kartik again pleaded, “Please bhabhi, just once!” Neha looked at me. I told her, “Go on baby, dance with him.” Kartik took the chance and wrapped his hand around her waist and start dancing.

Neha hesitated and then she also cooperating with him by wrapping his neck with her hand. They were dancing and looking into each other eyes. Kartik whispered in her ear, “Bhabhi you are very beautiful. Bhaiya is very lucky.” Neha blushed but didn’t answer.

I was sitting on the couch and watching them. Kartik brought his face near to her mouth. They could feel each other hot breath. Kartik’s hands were moving on her soft butt. She felt it but couldn’t protest. Kartik became bolder and planted a light kiss on her lips. Neha was shocked.

She tried to free herself, but she failed. She told, “What are you doing Kartik? Please leave me.”
Kartik: Sorry bhabhi but you are so beautiful that I cannot control myself.
Me: It’s ok, Neha.

Neha looked at me surprisingly. Kartik held her head and pressed his lips on her soft beautiful lips. She was trembling but controlled herself and tried to free from his clutch. Kartik held her tightly and smooching her like there is no tomorrow. After a few minutes, Neha stopped protesting.

They were now smooching each other. Suddenly she pushed him and turned towards me. Kartik immediately hugged her from behind. He was kissing on the backside of her neck. His erected member pocked on her butt. Neha wanted to stop but her body took control over her mind.

She murmured, “Please Kartik don’t do this. It is not right. Rohit, please stop him.” I got up from the sofa and went close to her. I planted a small kiss on her lips and whispered, “Sweetheart enjoy, I won’t mind.” She couldn’t believe my words and looked at me surprisingly. By that time, she was in the game.

I went back and sat on the sofa. I took a cigarette and light it. I looked at them again. Now they turned to the other side. Their back was facing me. From the back, I saw that Kartik was dry humping her butt. He was kissing her back neck and Neha leaned her head back on his shoulder.

From the back, I couldn’t see them properly. But I could understand that Kartik’s hand was busy in the front portion of my wife Neha. They turned towards me. As expected, his hand was kneading her breast over her t-shirt. Kartik inserted his hand from the below of the t-shirt.

His hand moved up and cupped her breast over her bra. I could see his fingers moving inside her t-shirt. Neha tried to stop his hand but it was a very weak try. I was watching the live pornography but here the heroine is my wife. Kartik pulled his hand out and opened her t-shirt button one by one.

Within a few moments, he took off her t-shirt from her body. He held her skirt and pulled it down. Now Neha was standing in her black bra and panty. She was looking very sexy. Kartik was mad. His hands were roaming all over her body. She was fully aroused now. But still, she was protesting.

I knew my presence made her uncomfortable. To break the last barrier, I should move out from there. I looked at them and said, “I am going to take some food for us.” And left the room. But I didn’t lock the room. Within a minute I came back and entered the room slowly without any noise.

I hid behind a curtain and watched them. Kartik took her to one side of the room. Neha was not protesting anymore. They had gone into a lip lock. Neha leaned on the wall. She gave up. Kartik was licking and kissing her lips, eyes, cheeks, chin, neck everywhere.

He uttered, “Bhabhi you are a real beauty, any man can die for.” Neha couldn’t answer him. He bent down a little and licking her upper portion of the breast which was not covered by her lacy bra. He tried to enter his tongue inside her deep valley between the twin globes.

Her face, neck, cleavage, the upper portion of the breast was glistening with his saliva. Neha was taking a deep breath. She was biting her own lips to control her moan. But Kartik was an expert player. He used all his expertise on her.

Kartik: Bhabhi tell me how you are feeling?
Neha: Don’t call me, bhabhi, call me by my name.
Kartik: Ok, Neha darling, do you like it?
Neha: I like it. You are good.

Neha held his hair and pulled his mouth on her tits. Kartik licked her nipples over her bra. Sometimes he gave small love bite on her nipples. Neha couldn’t stand anymore. Her knee became week. But Kartik was not ready to leave her. He wrapped his hand around her back.

He opened her bra hook in a swift motion. Kartik took out her bra strap from her shoulder. He threw her bra to the other side of the room. Her melons were hanging in front of his eyes with its full glory. Kartik didn’t waste any time and took Neha’s pink nipples in his mouth.

He was sucking her both the nipples alternatively. He was sucking her boobs like a baby who is dying for her mother’s breast milk. His intensity showed how much he was carving for her sweet beautiful melons. He tried to take her entire boobs in his mouth but he couldn’t. It was big for his mouth.

Neha was now moaning heavily. Kartik groped her cunt over the panty. His double attack on her boobs and pussy made her completely mad. She was in full mood. She needed a good fuck then. Kartik moved down her panty and this time there was no protest from her side.

Neha’s pants slid down from her leg. Kartik took it out and throw her panty to the other corner. She was then standing full nude. Only her mangalsutra on her neck and few bangles on her hand. But this made her more attractive. Kartik put his finger on the pussy lips and begin messaging it slowly.

Sometimes he took her clitoris in between his two fingers and twisting it. Neha was licking from below. Kartik opened his boxer and his erected shaft was swinging in the air. He took her hand and guided his big cock. Neha held it tightly without any hesitation. Pre-cum was oozing from the head of his penis.

Neha pressed his dick and played with it. Her handjob gave him tremendous pleasure. He starts giving love byte on her boobs. Her boobs got several marks.
Neha was murmuring in pleasure, “Kartik please don’t play with me anymore. I can’t bear it. Please give me your dick and fuck me. I want to take your cock deep inside me. Show me you’re an animal. Take me to bed.”

I understood the time came for the final countdown. Kartik took Neha in his arms and lifted her. He took her to the bed in his lap. Kartik put her on the cot and jumped upon her. I followed them and went into the room. I also became very hot by watching their intimate lovemaking session just in front of my eyes.

I took out all my clothes and sat on the chair. I took my rod in my hand and was watching the live show. I filled with mixed emotions because my beloved wife was fucked by another man in front of my eyes. It fulfilled my dream of cuckold experience. But also felt bad that my wife no longer belonged only to me.

She has been used by some other guys. Her boobs were sucked and pussy was fucked by another man. I came to reality and enjoy watching them. My beautiful wife Neha was lying naked on the bed. Her boobs were standing in the air with its full glory and proud. Kartik was on her.

He held her boobs and was sucking her lips. He entered his middle finger into her cunt. Neha was waiting for that. She jerked her hip and reached her first orgasm. Kartik moved to her belly and licked her belly button. He didn’t stop there. But took his face to her pussy lips and start sucking her juice.

He enjoyed drinking her love juices. His lips and tongue did the miracle and within few minutes, Neha again backed in form. She was cooperating fully with Kartik. Neha held her head and pushed into her vagina. Kartik moved up and locked her lips with his lips.

Neha was tasting her own juices from his mouth. They were kissing each other madly. The time came for the ultimate part of the sex game. Neha held his rod and guided to her pussy entrance. Kartik positioned himself and pushed his dick inside her glory hole. Neha opened her mouth and gasping for breath.

Kartik slowly pushed further and his dick went half into her pussy. Kartik took it out fully and gave a tremendous push and his dick buried completely into her cunt. He didn’t wait and start humping his piston at full speed. The cot was shaking with his tremendous fuck.

Neha wrapped her legs around his waist and gave backstroke. The whole room was filled with their grunting and moaning. Kartik said loudly, “Neha open your eyes and look at me. I want to see your feeling in your eyes.” Neha opened her eyes and they both looked into each other eyes.

Suddenly they both start granting. Kartik cried, “I am cumming Neha, take my juices.” Neha replied, “Yes baby come in my deep. I want to feel your hot juices deep inside my cunt.” Kartik held him tight and pushed his dick deep inside. His thick hot semen inside her pussy wall and she also reached her second orgasm.

They both hugged each other tightly and released their juices jerk after jerk. Almost 5 minutes they both were coming. Their mixed juices were dripping drop by drop from her pussy. They were both gasping for breath. But I didn’t release my load and after the live show. I was fully excited.

I immediately jumped on the cot. Neha was surprised but she understood that all this was my plan. She blushed in shame. She knew that I watched their complete session. She covered her eyes with her hand. I moved forward and kissed her lips. He hugged my neck tightly and buried her face in my chest.

Kartik moved away and lying beside us. I removed her hand and asked, “Did you enjoy?” She smiled at me and told, “Completely.”
Neha: Now you are happy?

Me: Yes sweetheart.
Neha: Do you want to enter?
Me: Yes honey, I love to.

I pushed my dick inside her vagina. It was flooded with their mix juices. My cock easily entered her cunt. I start ramming her wet pussy mercilessly. Their live show made me so aroused that I couldn’t hold my juices long. Within 5 minutes I released my load. I never got this much pleasure. I released a lot.

She also reached her third orgasm. After 2 to 3 minutes I took out my flaccid cock and lay beside her. We three were completely exhausted and laid on the cot completely nude side by side. Neha was lying in between us. Our mixed juices were flowing through her cunt and were dropping on the bed.

But she didn’t have any power to get up from the bed and clean herself. We both hugged her and cuddled her nude body. A few minutes later I asked Kartik to leave our room. I knew that she needed a very good sleep otherwise all our trip will be ruined. Kartik reluctantly left our room.

We hugged each other and went into a deep sleep. I will continue the rest of the story in the next part. Please send your feedback on [email protected] You can also chat with me.

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