My Friend’s Hot Stepmom – Final Part (Continuing Interview With Hot Fuck)

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Hello folks, I was thrilled because I knew my interview would end with a hot fuck

Sandhya Aunty pushed me on to the bed. I laid on my back and watched as she pulled down my jeans and then removed my jockey. “Are you ready for some hard questions?” she asked with a naughty smile.

She removed her bra and dropped her panties. I got rid of my tees. Both of us were stark naked. My lifelong fantasy of fucking a hot housewife milf suddenly seemed so real. I stared at those huge gorgeous milky boobs.

Her breasts were perfectly rounded, firm, and majestic. They were very fair with light pink areolas and dark pink erected nipples. She had light black pubic hair in a perfect V cut, and her pink turgid pussy lips were like a gateway to heaven.

She removed the towel from her head, and gorgeous, silky reddish-brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and neck. Sandhya Aunty was like a Goddess of beauty, the epitome of sensuality, the dream of all lovers, the fantasies of love-poets, and the muse of Italian renaissance artists.

She was a potent sexual force. She probably chewed and threw out dudes like me for breakfast. “I don’t believe it,” I mumbled to myself.

“You’re going to believe it,” she said and started rubbing her body against mine as she slowly moved towards my face.

Sandhya’s eyes were smoky with desire, and her voice was husky with passion. She was sitting on my thudding chest, and I could feel the hot dampness of her pink pussy. “Nice boobs, aren’t they. You want to suck them, don’t you?” She asked seductively.

Sandhya Aunty’s gorgeous tits were hanging in front of me, and by God, I had never seen such beauty and perfection before. The girls I had fucked earlier were just that, girls with pert breasts. Sandhya was, on the other hand, a woman if there ever was one.

No wonder Chandra Uncle had got rid of his first wife and married the younger sex bomb Sandhya. I nodded my head. My throat had become dry. She inched closer to my mouth.

I inhaled the musky odor from her moist turgid cunt, and gently rubbed my face between her thighs. “I want you to suck on this. Suck it and eat it. Lick my pussy. Do you think you can do that?” She is provocating me.

I nodded my head again between her thighs and said, “I love how you smell. I could get drunk off of your juices.” She seemed to like my response. “Good boy. Lick my pretty pussy,” she replied.

I started tonguing her cunt lips in earnest. She started squirming in delight and writhing in ecstasy. I tongued her beautiful musky tangy, juicy turgid warm dark heaven. Her gorgeous milky sweaty ass is grinding against my sweat moistened chest.

I looked at her slutty eyes. I continued to tongue her pussy lips and gave her a little tongue inside the vagina. “Ummm,” she moaned in delight and held my head closer.

Sandhya Aunty came right on top of my mouth, spread her pink pensioned-moistened depths, and started fucking my mouth. “Suck on it more,” she commanded, as she continued to pound her pussy against my mouth.

My hands were now gripping her sweaty white ass so that we were in perfect rhythm. The moment I started to lick the clitoris, she held my head tighter, started grunting, and moaning in delight.

“Just enjoy. Let me make you cum,” I begged as she moaned. Grabbing her butt, I moved her forward. She was soon vigorously riding my mouth, and my tongue flicked and slobbered all her pussy.

“Aah,” she really gave a very long, loud moan.

Sandhya Aunty threw back her head, closed her eyes, her boobs jiggling, and came with a massive dripping pulsating orgasm, which went on and on. I could feel the throbbing slowly subside. My mouth was wet with her musky dripping juices.

“Oh! you are good, Ranjit,” she rasped. “I really liked fucking your pretty little face. Look at you, taste the sweet juices. Tell me, whose pussy have you licked like this before, pretty boy?”

Sandhya was holding my head tight, looking at me expectantly. “I ate Nidhi’s pussy in the Sugarcane fields. She is from my school. I ate Neha Aunty’s pussy in the store.”

“Oh good,” she murmured. “Now put that experience to good use, and make me cum again. Show me the best you’ve got. You need a job, don’t you?” She asked lustily. I resumed eating her wet dripping petal-soft folds of womanhood.

“Oh, God! Suck harder,” she screamed. Her whole body was shaking and trembling hard as she orgasmed twice more.

“Pretty boy licks pretty pussy,” she purred after a while and continued to massage my hair. My tongue had begun to ache, but I was not about to give up as my job depended on this. So, I continued rigorously.

My dick was hard again. I wondered if Sandhya Aunty would let me fuck her pink turgid cunt hard and deep. “Push your tongue deep inside,” she commanded as I touched her erect clit again.

I licked her clitoris as if my life depended on it. The bigger it became, the hornier Sandhya Aunty became, and the harder she held my head. She soon came in another pulsating orgasm and squirted all her juices over my face.

I looked up to check. Sandhya Aunty’s eyes were glazed in pleasure, and she was grunting. My thudding heart, her pulsating pussy, the reverberating drumbeats of African mating rituals all combined to create a wild music and sex field. “Oh, God! I love it,” she mewed like a cat.

My face was wet with her juices, and my mouth now had the same musky odor as her juicy engorged cunt. Sandhya turned around and grabbed my hard cock.

“Oh, God! You are still hard. My sweet young stud, I’m gonna fuck you. I want you to stick that big hard cock inside me now. Stick it in. Fuck me, baby. I want that big thick iron-hard shaft inside me,” She demanded.

Sandhya Aunty climbed on top of me and slowly eased my hard throbbing cock into her wet pussy. She started straddling my erect cock with her tight cunt.

It was dripping wet inside, and she started grinding her pussy hard against me. “Ummm,” I grunted in sheer joy. Her pussy was like a fiery furnace, sizzling hot, damp, slick, and tight, clamping my torrid extension.

“Tell me how you like me fucking you. Talk to me. Stick it dark and deep,” She gasped as she continued to move up and down over my shaft. “It’s so fucking awesome, Mrs. Chandra. Ummm, Sandhya.”

Sandhya was not one to hide her emotions. Whatever she did, she did with passion and gusto. As I rammed my cock upwards into her soft tight, juicy pliant passion-moistened depths, she screamed in delight, moaning in pleasure.

“Oh my God! It’s almost reaching my stomach. Why are you so big?” Sandhya exclaimed rhetorically. She met me thrust for thrust and soon came in another cock-squeezing prolonged orgasm.

“God, I have not come so many times for a long time. I want you to lay me down and fuck me,” She got up. I turned her over and pushed her against the bed. Both our bodies were now slick with sweat.

The room reeked of her female juices, our sweats, and my cum. With the African drumbeat now reaching a crescendo, I was ready for some hard deep probing action. Sandhya raised her legs and spread them wide.

I placed my cock in the door of Sandhya Aunty’s femininity admiring the turgid pink lips. Then with a sudden force, I rammed my huge cock into her soft, yielding wetness.

“Aaah,” Sandhya cried out in excitement, shock, pleasure, and fear as my cock entered deep into her, deeper than she had ever been probed before. I started fucking Sandhya slow, steady, and hard. Her eyes were closed, and her milky boobs were bouncing up and down.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder,” she was moaning.

Suddenly, I took her entire right boob into my mouth and started milking it. “Oh!” She exclaimed like she was going to have another orgasm. I literally chewed both her boobs one by one.

Sandhya Aunty’s body was already red with my love bites. Her body glistened with sweat. I encircled her back with my hand and gripping her with both my hands. I started ramming my fat cock deeper and harder.

“Yes. Drive it hard and deep. This is so good, Ranjit!” She cried out. Her eyes were closed as she orgasmed. Her vaginal muscles tightened around my cock, throbbing forever and ever, squeezing and releasing.

But I was relentless. I continued to fuck her like a caveman, ramming her soft pussy mercilessly. While Sandhya Aunty continued to orgasm, digging her fingers deep into my back.

Our two sweaty bodies were now fused into one, ramming into each other, and the air conditioner was of no help. We were drowning in the waves of an illicit sexual tsunami.

My chest was thudding frantically, and blood was pumping in my ears. I continued to rock inside her over and over. She was writhing, and squirming, and moaning, and shuddering in unbridled joy.

Suddenly, I felt myself coming. “I’m gonna cum,” I rasped out aloud. “Come inside me. Fill me up with your sticky white cum.” Sandhya Aunty moaned.

At those words, my cock became larger, if that was even possible, and filled up her inside completely. There was a frenzy of similar simultaneous explosions as we both came together.

I felt a tremendous throbbing sensation all around my cock. I slowed down and gave into the pulsing binding moment of release. Stream after stream of my hot white cum filled Sandhya Aunty to the very core. We both plunged over the crest and gave in to our fiery culmination.

Exhausted, we both were lying on the bed. Stark naked. Sandhya Aunty lit a cigarette and offered me one. I declined, saying, “I don’t smoke.” She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

“That was fucking awesome, Ranjit. We should do this more often,” Sandhya Aunty said, looking at me with a dreamy smile. She looked at the wall clock and cursed.

“Shit, is that the time? I am late,” she muttered but made no effort to get off the bed. “We’ve been at it for almost an hour?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. Even for me, this was a record.

“I feel royally fucked. You know what I mean?” She asked. “You have a big cock Ranjit, and no one, and trust me when I say, no one has drilled my pussy so hard, so deep, and for so long,” She said in an admiring tone.

“No one has ever made me cum, so many times by sucking my pussy. It was a different kind of sex encounter,” Sandhya Aunty’s voice was filled with admiration, and my cock responded by twitching and becoming slightly hard again.

I suddenly realized, Why I had come here in the first place? A job. “So, ummm, what about my job?” I asked tentatively. “Oh yes, about that,” Sandhya Aunty said and stretched to get her purse.

Sandhya took out a bundle of notes, retrieved 10 crisp Rs 2000 notes, and handed it to me. “Here, take it,” she said, as she handed over Rs 20,000. “Congratulations. You’ve been hired.”

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