Cuckold Experience – Part 2

I invited Kartik on our trip to Ooty. We had made plans that Krtik can fuck Neha over there. You can read about how it all started in the first part: Cuckold Experience – Part 1

After we entered the room Neha asked, “Why you invited him with us? We will lose our privacy.” I didn’t say much but just made her comfortable that it will be ok. Neha didn’t go for further argument, and we went for sleep.

The next day morning we started our journey at 6 am. Kartik was driving and we both sat in the back seat. We decided that we both will alternatively drive the car. So, in the beginning, Kartik was driving. We three were wearing jeans. Neha was looking hot in her tight shirt.

Her breast shape was clearly visible under her t-shirt. Kartik was driving and looking through the rear-view mirror. Several times he licked his lips. After 1 hour we exchanged our seats. Now I was driving and Kartik was sitting with my wife in the back seat. I saw that Kartik was looking at her boobs continuously.

I was feeling horny because everything was going as per our plan. Very soon I was watching their live fucking session. Two buttons of her shirt opened and Kartik tried to take a glimpse of her cleavage through that gap. It was afternoon then. We stopped at a dhaba for lunch.

By that time 2 to 3 times, we had exchanged our seats. Whenever Kartik went to the back seat he started flirting with my wife Neha. Neha also became free with him. They were now freely talking with each other. We were enjoying our trip. By that time Kartik had touched her hand 3 to 4 times. He pretended that it accidentally happened. Neha also didn’t mind.

Once she felt drowsy and fell on him. Her soft breast brushed his elbow. We sat on a chair and Neha went to the washroom. Kartik whispered in my ear, “Rohit, she is very hot and sexy. I can’t hold it anymore. I badly want to feel her body, at least.” I looked at him and asked.

Me: But how it will be possible at this time?
Kartik: I will feel her body in the car if you give me permission.
Me: I don’t have any objection. But if you try to touch her now, she will come to know our intention. Then our plan will be ruined totally.
Kartik: don’t worry she doesn’t know anything.

By saying this he winked at me and took out some powder wrapped in a paper. He mixed that powder in her glass. I understood that he mixed some sleeping pills in her drinking water. I kept quiet. After 10 minutes Neha came, and we took our lunch.

Neha emptied the whole glass of water in which sleeping pill was mixed. We all got up and went into the car. Kartik told, “Bro can you please drive now? I feel drowsy after lunch.” I knew his intention but didn’t say anything. I sat in the driving seat. Neha and Kartik sat in the back seat of the car.

We again start our journey. After a few minutes, Neha went to sleep because of the sleeping pill. She leaned her head on the back seat. Kartik was now looking at her face. His eyes were roaming all over her body. Her face, lips, boobs, legs.  He slowly brought his hand to her and opened one more button of her shirt.

Now her cleavage was clearly visible. Kartik looked into it deeply. He leaned forward and sniffing her sweet bodily aroma. He couldn’t control himself and slowly placed his right hand on her boobs. I was watching from the rear-view mirror. It was very erotic. I got an instant boner. I wanted to enjoy the session.

I drove the car on a side by-lane. I parked the car in an empty place where nobody could see us. I stopped the car and turned toward the back seat of the car. Kartik was fully excited. He didn’t care about me. He already opened all the buttons of her shirt. Her milky jugs were in front of our eyes.

His eyes were popped out by seeing the beauty of her breast. She was wearing a black front open bra. Her bright color gave a sexy contrast with the black bra. Kartik was kneading her breast. The first time in my life I saw somebody was pressing my wife’s boobs. I was also excited.

Kartik was kissing and licking her lips, and on the other hand pressing her soft melons. I saw a big bulge in his pants. He inserted his one hand under her bra. Oh my god, my wife’s breast was cupped by somebody else. It was too much for me. He was pressing her boobs with full pleasure.

He took out his hand and opened the front hook of the bra. Neha’s proud hills were sprung out from the bra cage. They stood straight in the air. Pink nipples on the top made them more beautiful. Kartik was mauling her breasts with his hands. He was kissing my wife like a mad dog.

He opened the zip of his pants and took out his dick. Pre-cum was oozing from the head. He slowly moved his one hand around his cock and with the other hand pressed her boobs. The scene was very erotic. My dick was paining. I took out my dick from my pants. It was also erect.

Kartik looked at me and saw that I was moving my shaft to and fro by looking at them. He smiled at me and again busy in his job. He forgot everything by seeing such beautiful breasts of my wife Neha. He was kissing and licking every inch of her upper body.

He was sniffing her beautiful body and enjoying her womanly aroma. He bent down his head and took her left nipple in his mouth. He was sucking her nipple like a child who needed his mother’s milk very badly. At the same time, he was kneading and pressing her other breast.

Almost for 10 minutes he was sucking her pointed nipples alternatively. Neha was still sleeping. But her body was excited due to continuous licking and sucking. Kartik couldn’t hold it anymore and opened her trousers button and pulled down the zip.

He pulled down her trousers a little and took out her panty. Her shaved clean pussy was in front of him. He touched it. He pressed her pussy lips slowly. He looked at me and said, “Rohit I can’t hold it anymore. Your wife is also leaking down there. See my finger it is covered with her love juices.”

He showed his finger to me and start sucking his own finger covered with her love juices. He uttered, “Oh man your wife’s pussy juice is very tasty, yummy!”
I smiled at him and said, “Do you like it?”
Kartik: yes man I like it very much and I want to fuck her right now. Please allow me.

I could see the lust in his eyes for my wife. But I stopped him and said, “Don’t do this now. Because if you try to fuck her now, she will wake up and then she will not allow you. And if this happened you will not able to fuck her ever. So, control yourself.”

He looked at me with sad eyes. But he understood that what I was saying is right. He held her hand and took it to his shaft. He wrapped her finger and guided to his cock. He tried to take a handjob from her. But he failed because she was in her sleep till that time.

Kartik kissed her lips and boobs once again and placed his shaft in between those soft buttery mounds. He held her boobs from both sides. He was fucking her boobs. His shaft was going in and out in between her two melons. He was enjoying the titfuck.

What a scene! My beloved wife Neha was lying almost naked on her back in the back seat of the car and Kartik was tit fucking her. I also started shaking my rod. The car was filled with our moaning and granting. After 10 minutes Kartik released his load. His thick juices hit her chin and neck.

He emptied a huge amount of semen. He looked very satisfied. I was also reaching the climax and finally released my cum. I was coming jolt after jolt. I never come that much in my whole life. Both I and Kartik were happy. We relaxed for a few minutes. We wore our clothes after we cleaned our semen with tissue papers. Neha was still sleeping in the back seat.

Kartik came and sat in the front seat beside me. I started the car. We were again going to our destination, Ooty. Kartik leaned his head on the car seat and said, “Rohit your wife Neha is much more beautiful than I thought. I will be the luckiest person when I push my shaft into her glory hole.”

I was excited by listening to his thought. I was sure that we will enjoy our trip very much. I will share the details in the next part of the story. Please send your feedback on [email protected] You can also chat with me.

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