A Birthday Gift For Him

It was Shane’s birthday coming up. Shane is Mr.Love of my life, my other half, anything we can say. He is the world to me. I may have other sexual relationships. But my heart only belongs to him. Since I met him his all birthdays were with me and I made it special with all gifts and surprises.

This birthday too, I wanted to make it special. Luckily it was on a weekend. Friday was his birthday, so I made plans for Thursday night. I bought gifts. Booked an expensive couple night dinner in a seaside hotel in Dubai and a suite room in the same hotel with a personal pool in the big balcony.

So on Thursday I took an off from office and made all arrangements and decorations in the booked room. The bed was neatly decorated by the staff. They even left a few red roses on the bed. After all the arrangements I left my flat and got ready. Shane told me that he will pick me from my flat.

I freshened up and got ready. I shaded my eyes a bit shadowy and put on bright red lipstick. I wore a blood-red blouse that had net-type sleeves. A deep neck that gave a good view of cleavage and a deep back showing almost my entire back. With that, I wore a black see-through sari.

My white skin was visible through the black sari, especially my white belly and back mid rim. Shane rang me and I went down my flat. He was in the lobby. When he saw me his reaction was like ‘Wow!’ And stood stuck looking at me, tip to toe. He was like, “You look so gorgeous.”

Me: “Seeing me for the first time or what?”

Him: “You still blow me out of the world.”

I blushed and he walked with me to his black dodge charger. He was wearing a black shirt and military green color pants. He opened the door for me and we drove off to our escapade. We reached the hotel and were taken to dinner. We had a great time at the hotel having dinner and also watching performers.

Then we headed to our room. The room was chilled and was decorated with dim lights and candles. We got in and he hugged me from behind. I giggled and said that it’s not time yet. I took the gifts that I got for him and handed them to him. I got him a few shirts, his brand of perfume. (He only uses one. Coolwater).

And the main gift, a phone which he was planning to buy, Samsung Note 9. He was so shocked that I planned all this. And he was out of the world just like I wanted. Then we went balcony and stayed there talking to each other and enjoy the night view of the beach with the best climate.

Then he came close and hugged me from behind and sunk his face into my side neck. I hissed as it is my most sensitive part of my body and goosebumps were all over me. With his face sunk into my neck and kissing my side neck. He put his hand into the side opening of my sari onto my belly.

He started to caress my tummy with his hand. I bit my lower lip when he started to play in my belly button with his fingers. Soon, he turned me around and kissed me on my lips and picked me up in his arms and walked into the room. We kissed all the way when he was carrying me.

We reached the bed and he placed me in the bed. Then we started kissing each other again. We were feasting on each other’s lips like there is no tomorrow. He slowly pulled off my sari pallu exposing my deep neck blouse with most of my cleavage seen. He began to kiss my neck and began to wet kiss my cleavage.

He moved further down to my belly and started to kiss my belly and belly button passionately. He started to play with his tongue in my belly button. I held on his hair and pressed his face more onto my belly as I love him doing that. After some time he moved up again kissing all over as he came up.

He began to remove my blouse. I too got hold on his shirt and removed it along. He had tattoos on different parts of his upper body and left arm. He got up and went to the side table where a bottle of wine was kept. I was laying in bed wearing a red padded bra and sari.

It was still tugged in at my waist and gold hip chain that moved on to my belly and golden anklets on feet. He came and sat next to me and opened the bottle. He poured some wine into my belly button and licked it off with his tongue and lips. He did that a few times.

Then we both sat up in bed and had few sips of wine from the bottle. The wine started to kick in and we both were burning in lust. He removed my sari completely and I was in bra and the petticoat. He mounted on me and was kissing me everywhere. Mainly on my belly and hip.

He then moved up and removed my bra and my white mangoes were in front of him. He lowered his face and began to kiss on my boobs and his lips searched for my nipples. I slowly adjusted his face onto my nipples and he began to feed on them alternately.

He licked around and on my nipples and then sucked them. First softly and then very hard. He would also flick his tongue on my nipples. I was moaning and swirling in the bed with pleasure. While sucking my nipples, he began to pull up my petticoat and reached my thighs.

He parted my legs and began to touch my pussy over the panty. I was moaning and hissing a lot out of the feel. He began to rub my pussy over the panty. While sucking my nipples, he pushed the panty to a side and his finger started to swirl into my pussy.

He was sucking my nipples. I spread my legs more for him to touch my pussy. He started to finger my pussy while sucking my nipples. Then slowly seductively he started to move down kissing through my cleavage to my belly and my waist. He paused for a while and pulled out my panty.

I was now just in my petticoat. He then went further down and laid between my thighs and slowly began to lick and eat my pussy. I was fully turned on and was swirling in the bed like a snake. My entire body was shivering as his tongue and lips were working great on my clits.

He then gently pulled my clit into his mouth with his lips and flicked them with his tongue. It made my entire body shake. He began to flick his tongue rapidly on my clits and the pussy slit. I was moaning so loudly when he put his tongue into the inner walls of my pussy.

His tongue was all over and inside my pussy and I was going wild. After some time he came up with my wetness on his lips. With that, he began to wildly kiss my lips and smooch. I could taste myself on his lips. I made him roll over and I was on top of him now.

I pulled down his pants along with his boxer. I got hold around his cock with my soft hand and started to shake it slowly. I looked into his eyes seducingly. While I shake with one hand I began to play with his balls with the other hand. I began to shake his cock and started to lick and suck his balls.

Pre-cum started oozing at the tip of his dick. I kissed on tip of his cock head wet with pre-cum and his pre-cum wets my lips. I then straight away took it in my mouth and started to suck his cock wildly. I was sucking wildly and also flick the tip of his cock with my tongue.

He held my hair all together as my head was bobbing up and down on his cock. He was moaning too. I was sucking his cock with my saliva drooling out and almost gagging on his cock. He then made me lay aside and came on top of me and began to smooch me.

While smooching, he positioned between my legs and kept the tip of his dick on the entrance of my pussy. He began to rub it up and down over the entrance of my pussy gently and then slowly pushed it in. He began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy slowly. He then gradually increased the pace of his strokes.

Later he became very wild. My body was shaking up and down due to his wild long thrusts. I was moaning and making sexual voices in the pleasure of the cock inside my pussy. He hugged me tightly and started his rhythmic strokes with his cock moving in and out of my wet slippery hairless pussy.

Even though the room was chilled with AC, we were sweating. His manly sweat smell with his Coolwater perfume was making me hornier. I wanted to have more of him in my pussy. He now started to kiss all over my face licking the sweat in my neck area.

While ramming me, we began to kiss both my earlobes one by one. I was swirling in the excitement when he did that. Down he kept on ramming me nonstop. Almost pulling off his cock completely. Then penetrating inside my wet pussy again and again.

I was dumbstruck by the feel and my eyes were rolling back by itself. After some time, without detaching from me. He helped me and rolled over so quick and now I was on top of him. We began to smooch with his cock still inside me and then I began to ride him well.

While riding, he was pressing and sucking my both boobs. He was so high that while I was riding him. He was sucking me boobs and also spanking my ass cheeks one by one making it red. He then pulled himself out of me and asked if I wanted to taste myself.

I got onto my knees and pulled his hard cock into my mouth. It tasted just like my pussy. He tried thrusting his cock deep down my throat. I licked the head and caressed his balls with my free hand. He then made me stand on my all four and entered me from the back.

He held my waist and started to ram me from the back. It was so hot that I could see this in the mirror in front of us. He held all my hair together in a ponytail and was fucking me hard from the back. I was moaning as if there was no tomorrow.

I was pretty sure that someone out of the room could hear us and it made me kinkier. I purposely made more moaning and panting voices just to disturb if someone was outside hearing us. He then again laid down and made me ride on top of him. This time I was the riding wild and faster.

My feet began to cling and waves of orgasm struck heavily. My both legs shivered wildly from the orgasm and I laid on his chest exhausted. He wrapped both hands around me. With a few more strokes he began to shoot his loads of hot sperm into my inner pussy walls.

I bounced up and down on him till the last drop of his cum was drained. We both lay naked tired. Once we both caught breath he suddenly turned over making me lay down. He was on top of me in a missionary position. Without any warning, he entered me and started to fuck in and out of me.

I was surprised because he just had cummed and he was still erect. It was a bit uncomfortable for me. My pussy was so sensitive to every touch since I just now had an orgasm. He was wild and got faster and faster, fucking me while biting my neck area.

I too started to bite his neck and shoulders. Soon he pulled up my legs onto his shoulders and began to thrust deep and hard and finally he again shot his hot cum inside me. We both laid panting. I was like, “What the hell was that? It was crazy.”

We laid there for some time talking and cuddling. After an hour or two, I woke up and walked to the balcony all naked. Is was winter and the cold breeze was hugging my entire body. I stood there and watched the nightlife in Dubai. Cars moving all around, busy city, glam world.

There were buildings opposite the one we were staying in. So I imagine that someone will be watching me naked from behind those glasses. It gave me more ecstasy. Shane walked out wearing a towel and hugged me from the back. Then we decided to get in the pool.

It was temperature maintained and had warm water in it. The pool was a slanting one. It deepens as we move in more. The least depth is where the water is up to our feet only and deepest is till our neck. But it was pretty deep for me as I was a shorty.

We both soon go in it and began to swim and play around in the water. As we were enjoying the warm water, again we were into our lovemaking. We began to kiss and feel each other in the pool. Being in the open air, in the pool of warm water and the gut feeling of someone watching us.

All this made me high like anything. We both hugged and kissed wildly in the pool. This time there was not a lot of foreplay. He lifted me in the water and made my legs lock around his hips underwater. Then by holding me like that, he entered me underwater.

He started to fuck me in the pool by holding both my ass cheeks and his cock hitting deep inside me along with water. That feeling was something that can’t be explained. There was a gush of water splashing inside my pussy as he plowed it in.

The water was splashing all over and I could see my legs raising and dropping in water in each stroke. Tiny feet dangling in the water as he lifts and drops me on his monster. I tried maximum to lock them around his hip but due to the feel, it loosened. I locked my arms around his neck as he stood strong.

I started to jumps up and down on his cock. After some time he walked to the shallow side of the pool where water was only till our feet. I then knelt on the floor on all my fours. He positioned himself behind me and started to eat my pussy from the back.

He ate me for a few minutes and then teased his way once again into my pussy. He held my hips and thrust slowly into me. His pace quickened and as it did so I felt my orgasm building. I told him not to stop as I am about to cum. Another heavy orgasm erupted from inside of me.

I was weak by now and laid on my upper with my waist and ass up. My pussy was pulsating and gripping his cock. He too was about to cum. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and came up fast and entered my mouth. I started to suck him wild.

Then suddenly he grunted and shot his thick sperm into my mouth. Thick hot semen began to hit my throat and went all the way down. I swallowed it along with sucking his last drop. We laid on our back in the water, talking various things facing the sky. The night was still young.

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