Cuckold Experience – Part 1

Friends today I am going to narrate a story of my wife and me. I am Rohit and my wife’s name is Neha. Also, there are some other characters, Kartik, and his mother Rani. I am living in Kolkata. It is a long story. So I am going to tell this story in parts

Before coming to the story I want to give you a little introduction about us. I, Rohit and my wife Neha are a happily married couple. We married 2 years back. Our sex life is very good. I am well built, 35 years of age and height of 5’8″. My wife Neha is 31 but she does not look more than the early ’20s.  She is very fair and her stats are 32-28-34, and height is 5’2”.

Now coming to the story. This incident happened a few months back. We love each other very much. Our sex life is good. In a word, we were enjoying our life every day. I am a regular reader of ISS. I enjoyed reading all the stories of illicit relations, specially cuckold stories.

Slowly I built a fantasy of cuckold. But I never tried due to fear because my wife is very conservative. I knew she will not allow that. If I approached her about it, our married life was ruined. So I kept my fantasy in my mind only.
Days passed, and one day I met a guy name Kartik.

He lived in Bangalore. He was a boy of 24 years old. He just completed his study and joined a multinational company. We were chatting regularly. Gradually we became very good friends. We started sharing everything. We exchanged our family photos also.

That was the first time I had seen his mother’s pics, Rani. Rani was a housewife. She was a little bit plump but a sex bomb I might say. A few days later we were chatting and suddenly he said, “Bro, I must say that your wife is very beautiful and hot.”

I was stunned. I never heard such type of comments before. I knew that the men around us were always ogling at my wife. But nobody dared to comment on her in front of us. And that day our conversation went beyond the limit. We discussed our sex life. He told that he already fucked his mother. I was stunned.

Me: Is it true?
Kartik: 100% bro.
Me: How it was possible?

Kartik: actually, my mother was married at a very early age. When I born my mother was only 20 years old. Now she is only 44. My parents have a huge age difference of almost 15 years. My father stays in Hyderabad for his job and comes home yearly once or twice.

Kartik: Moreover, he never satisfied my mother sexually. In our house, my mother and I only live. So I took the chance and seduced her. She was reluctant but after our first fucking session, she was relaxed. And now enjoys sex with me. We have been fucking each other from last year.

Me: OMG!
Kartik: Bro, do you have any secrets?
Me: I don’t have any secret. But I have a secret desire to watch my wife fuck with a stranger.

Kartik: Really? Then why don’t you try that?
Me: My wife is a very conservative lady. She will never allow anybody except me.
Kartik: I have a lust for your wife. Do you mind if I fuck her?

Me: I don’t have any objection but she will not be ready.
Kartik: I will make a plan, don’t worry.
Me: Ok.
Kartik: Bro why don’t we swap? You fuck my mother and I will fuck your wife.

Me: I am ready.
Kartik: Can you send some nude pic of your wife. I am sending my mother’s sexy and nude pic. Enjoy bro.
Me: Ok I am sending it.

That day we exchanged several pics. I send her my wife’s pic. All were semi-nude. One pic was where she is completely nude and trying to hide her boobs and pussy with her hand. Kartik also sent many pics. In one pic his mother was completely naked. Her firm boobs were provocative. I wanted to press those soft melons.

Kartik also enjoys a lot. He also sent me a video where he was watching Neha’s nude photo and masturbating by screaming her name. Now we both became mad. At any cost, we wanted to swap our partners. That night I fucked my wife like a horny dog. I fucked her brain out.

She didn’t complain but said, “What happened to you? You are behaving like that we are doing it for the first time. What makes you so horny? But anyway, I am enjoying.”
Kartik made a plan and according to that plan, I and my wife Neha went for a trip to Bangalore in the puja vacation. We reached Bangalore and checked in a hotel. That day we were roaming around Bangalore city. In the evening I told her that one of my friends came to meet us. She was surprised.

She asked, “You have a friend in Bangalore? You never told me about him.”
Me: Yes, he is my virtual friend. We met on social media.
Neha: Ok, when he will come?
Me: I invited him to dinner. So you get ready, we will go for dinner along with him.

My wife went to the bathroom and took a bath. She came out wearing a red saree with a deep neck red blouse. She applied sindoor and red lipstick on her beautiful lips. She was looking damn hot. Inside her blouse, she was wearing a tight bra which little bit pushed her soft mound upward.

Her cleavage was not visible because it was covered with her sari. But anybody can guess that if her pallu slipped for half an inch. Her beautiful cleavage will be revealed. Which made her more mysterious. I wanted to fuck her right there but I controlled myself.

A few minutes later Kartik came. We greeted each other. He sat on the sofa and greeted my wife with a bunch of red roses. Neha offered him, her killing smile and accepted those rose. Kartik’s eyes glued into her body. We were talking but he was looking at her repeatedly. I knew he was super horny by seeing my wife.

We went out to a luxury hotel for our dinner. Kartik brought his car. We went in his car only. Kartik was driving and I sat beside him. My wife Neha sat in the back seat. We were chatting with each other. He always looking at her with a rear-view mirror.

We reached the hotel. We took a table at the corner. We ordered our food. We were talking about some general stuff. I asked him, “Kartik are you busy in the next three days?”
Kartik: Why?
Me: If you are not busy then please come with us. Tomorrow we are going to Ooty.

My wife was surprised by my proposal. Kartik agreed and said, “Then we will go in my car. We can travel comfortably.” I agreed because he had a big white BMW car. After dinner, we headed for our hotel. We reached our hotel and said goodbye to each other.

After we entered the room Neha asked, “Why you invited him with us? We will lose our privacy.” I didn’t say much but just made her comfortable that it will be ok. Neha didn’t go for further argument, and we went for sleep.

I will tell you all about what happened after that in the next part. You can give your feedback and chat with me at [email protected].

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