Story Of A Cuckold Boyfriend

Hello, friends, let me give a short introduction about myself before telling my story about a cuckold boyfriend. My name is Akshay (name changed), I’m basically from northeast India, but I’m currently living in Kolkata for office purpose. I’m 5’8 in height and a decent looking boy.

I’m a regular reader and part-time writer of this site. If you guys haven’t read my previous story, I request you guys to read them here.

Coming back to the story. A boy named Anil proposed to me to seduce his girlfriend Neha and have sex with her. He had a wild cuckold fantasy of seeing his girlfriend fucked by a stranger and that too with a younger guy than him.

In the initial days, we just discussed how to include his girlfriend and have a conversation. He arranged and set a platform for me to chat with Neha.

Let me give you a short intro to Neha. Neha is 5’4 in height with a bombshell figure of 32-30-34. The main highlight of Neha’s figure was her smile and her curvy ass. Anil created a group on hangout and introduced me to Neha as his friend.

Anil: Akshay, meet my girlfriend, Neha. Neha, meet my friend, Akshay.

Me: Hi Neha, it is a pleasure to chat with you. How are you?

Neha: I’m fine. What about you?

Anil: You both chat. I’ll join you both after some time as I have some work.

Me: I’m good, Neha. Anil talks about you every now and then.

Neha: Oh really?

Me: Yes. So what do you do?

Neha: I am a designer.

Me: Wow, that’s great. This is the reason why you look hot, I guess.

Neha: No, I’m not hot.

I was openly flirting with Neha every now and then. She understood everything but pretended to be like she didn’t catch what I was trying to do. In this way, the long day ended, and we slept that night. Within a week, Neha and I started to chat out of the group.

After a week, Neha and I had a good chat where we discussed sexual life and all.

Me: So I hope you and Anil enjoyed it a lot.

Neha: Yeah, everyone does that.

Me: Some are innocent, too, madam.

Neha: Yes, right.

Without wasting time, I shared some of the sex stories with her and insisted on reading them. My plan to seduce her was working slowly by slowly. Initially, she refused to read the stories. But she agreed to read after many requests.

After the day was over, I messaged her again.

Me: Did you read the story?

Neha: Yes.

Me: Did you like the story?

Neha: It was just like a story.

Somewhere I knew that the stories had made her hot and wet, but she was shy to confess that. After about half an hour, Neha asked me.

Neha: Why had you sent me the story?

Me: So that you can read the story and enjoy it!

Neha: The stories made me wet, and I have fingered 2 times by reading them.

Me: Oh, is it?

Neha: Yes, now you have made me hot now it’s your duty to satisfy my pussy.

Me: But what about Anil? What if he finds out you having sex with some other guy?

Neha: Don’t worry about that. I’ll manage everything.

Me: Okay, let’s do it then. We’ll plan everything and then execute the plan soon. What say?

Neha: I’m okay with that, but please sex chat with me now and satisfy my wet pussy.

Me: Okay, let’s do it.

I called her, and we had a long detailed conversation cum phone-sex that night. Our conversations started.

Me: I really like your smile and lips, Neha.

Neha: They are all yours, baby.

Me: Let me hold your hand and feel your presence.

Neha: Here you go, baby.

I held her hand and kissed her fingers, then kissed her lips and started exploring her upper and lower lips one by one. I was so lost in conversation that everything seemed to be happening near me.

She was so hot that she was unable to speak. Instead of speaking, she was just moaning, which increased or triggered my sex nerves. I started to go wild with her.

I kept one of my hand on her left boob, and my other hand was busy exploring her butts. Her breath was making me crazy to go wild and rough. She was the perfect bitch cheating with a stranger in the absence of her boyfriend.

I took of Neha’s t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing any bra inside. Her boobs were perfectly firm, and her nipples were perfectly erect like grapes. Now I started circling her left boobs with my tongue and bit her nipple with my teeth. She went crazy when I bit her nipples.

On the other hand, I was continuously pressing her right boob and pinching her nipple too. Slowly, I started moving my left hand from her boob to pant. I opened her shorts button and unzipped her pant, and slid my hand inside her panty. Her panty was all wet with love fluids.

Without wasting time, I removed her shorts and panty. I inserted my finger in her pussy, and started fingering her in a to and fro motion. She kept on moaning and asked me to go faster.

Within no time, she had her 1st orgasm. Now she requested me to show my dick through a video call. But I denied it and told her, “I’ll show you soon when we’ll have the real fun. For now, let’s continue what we were doing.”

I continued my conversation and made my next move. I made her horny again in no time. This time I sent my dick pic to her, and I imagined inserting my dick in her pussy.

I inserted the dick inside her pussy. It was wet and tight too. She hasn’t had sex for the last 9 months with Anil as he was in Bangalore for his job. She screamed with joy. The happiness was clearly known to me through the call.

I kept masturbating, and in imagination, I kept on pumping her pussy with my dick. She was also so much involved that everything seemed to be real.

Neha: Yes, Akshay, fuck me in this way when we meet.

Me: Your pussy is so good, you bitch (randi).

Neha: Yes, I’m your bitch Akshay. Fuck me, yes. Aah. Anil never had sex with me in this way. You are amazing. I love it.

She was screaming through the call. With a good half an hour call sex, we both released our cum. She was so satisfied that she literally said that this was the best experience I had.

Neha: I had video sex with Anil many times. But this was the best I can say that as you made me feel better and you seem to be experienced.

Me: Yeah, you can say that.

She then went to the washroom and cleaned herself, and in the meantime, I cleaned myself too. We chatted for some time, and then we both slept that day.

Stay tuned to know what happened next?

I hope you liked the story of my cuckold experience. You can comment down below, or you can mail me at [email protected]. Keep on sending your views, guys. This will help me to improve my writing ability.

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