Love Or Lust?

This is about the latest encounter I had with one of my colleague who is newly married. I was looking at her from the day one she joined office and was unmarried. But as you know no one can change destiny. The moment I lost hope of fucking her was the moment when she started showing interest in me.

The incident occurred when she got married and shifted to her in-law’s place. It was close to my home. so now she was looking for a commuting partner as she was new to the place. As we normally chit chat, she took the initiative and asked my route and timing.

She requested me to pick and drop her if I don’t have any problem. I was very happy to hear this but reacted in a normal way by saying, “No issues.” So from now on, we started commuting together. Due to the traffic jam, I avoid the car and come on my bike so that we can reach office on time.

The first day when I picked her from her home, she was wearing jeans and a top. She sat on the bike holding my shoulder. This was the first touch of her which seduced me. We started the journey and I was expecting she will hold me from the waist but she didn’t.

This was somehow disappointing. But anyhow she was close to me and that too on my bike. This was more than enough for me. This continued for a few weeks and nothing occurred. But one day everything started to change. We were on the way to home and all of sudden the weather changed. It started raining.

As we were on a flyover, there was no scope of shelter. We rode in the rain and after that, we found a small tree as our savior. I stopped my bike and both of us ran towards the tree. Both of us were fully drenched. Her clothes were sticking to her fair body. Oh, I forget to mention her dress.

She was in a white kurta and green leggings. Wow her bra was fully visible on her kurta and my eyes were stuck. She noticed this and just ignored. After a few minutes, the rain stopped. My chance of viewing her assets was also demolished. We resumed our journey and I found a change in her attitude.

She sat on my bike by holding my shoulders but this time she didn’t remove her hands. I was excited and surprised too. She started shivering for which I asked her if she is ok. She replied she is feeling really cold. As a good gesture, I stopped the bike near the tea stall and offered her tea.

She was very happy with my offer and smiled. We sat on a bench and asked for two teas. As she was still shivering I just held her palms and start rubbing her palms with mine to give her heat. Even I was not aware of where I got the strength. Even she was surprised by my act but she liked it and smiled at me.

She said, “Thanks, dear, you are so caring. I wish my husband would also be so caring.” In emotional flow, she uttered this and I got the chance now. I judged the opportunity said, “Your husband is such a lucky man that he got such beauty for his whole life.” She smiled and replied, “Hope so.”

We sipped our tea and while sipping both of us were silent. But our eyes were reading each other’s feelings. There was a celebration in the office the next day and the dress code was western. I asked what her plans for tomorrow’s dressing are? She showed me some photographs of her in western clothes.

She asked my opinion about the dress she should wear. I was high after seeing her small dresses revealing her thighs. I selected one short dress which was black in color and hardly covering her thighs. She was happy with my choice as it was her favorite dress.

All of sudden she said she will wear this. No need to pick her tomorrow as she can’t commute on the bike wearing this. I said, “No worries. I will come by car so that my angel can commute with me.” She gave me a smile and was impressed by the word ‘angel’.

She winked at me and said as you wish boss. Hey, I forget to tell her name, she is Shakti. I dropped her and when I reached home I found a few texts on WhatsApp from her number. This was the first time she messaged me. In my parking lot, I checked and the messages were.

“Hi, thanks for being so caring, I am really blessed to have a person like you in my life. Might be God is very happy with me that you came in my boring life and recreated the charm in my life”

My reply –My pleasure angel. Thanks to you for giving me the opportunity of commuting with you. It’s my good luck that I got such a beautiful commuter.

Shakti- So sweet Babu, let me finish my household work and will connect you as I am alone tonight.

Me- Me too.

It was night 11:30 I got her text- Hey there!


Shakti- What’s going on?

Me-Nothing much, you say.

Shakti- Nothing. I was trying a dress for tomorrow.

Me- Wow, I want to see.

Shakti- Wait. (and then sent me a few pics)

Me- Looking gorgeous. No words to define your beauty.

Shakti- Ok, so what will be the best word to define how I am looking?

Me- Superhot.

Shakti- Oh, thanks a lot dear, ok catch you tomorrow.

Me- Yes, eagerly waiting for tomorrow, bye.

The next day I went to pick her and she was there in her dress. Trust me guys she was just different from her pic. Short dress, with open wet hairs. It was like the picture was totally different from what I saw today. I noticed an erection on my younger and tried to control it.

We went to the office and all the way I was admiring her beauty which made her happy. She slapped on my cheek by saying you are very flirty. We reached the office and I told her not to exit till I say. She was surprised and smiled at me and asked me why. I said wait.

I parked the car in the lot and went outside. I opened the door for her which made her feel more special. Then I gave my hand to her while coming out of the car and I kissed her hand. She was shocked by this but didn’t react. I thought I crossed my limits and we went to our workstations.

She was not looking at me. I messaged her sorry for my actions. No reply received from her even after several messages.  I was really tensed. Today our office was for half-day and at 2 we all were about to leave the office. I was confused about whether she will accompany me or not.

I was waiting for her in the parking lot. After 10 minutes she arrived and looked at me without expressions. I move towards my door and suddenly she said, “Won’t you open the door for me?” These words made me so happy and I rushed to open the door.

She gave me a smile and sat on her seat. I closed the door and rushed towards my seat. I was about to start the vehicle. But before I could start she said, “Wait.” I was shocked and asked what happened. She came close to me and said, “There is a surprise for you.”

I was expecting a kiss and was very excited. But then she gave me a paper and said this is the plan. With little disappointment, I opened the page and found it was an online ticket of a movie for a show at 3:00 p.m. Further, she told this was the reason for coming late in the parking lot.

This is for the good gesture of mine for today’s morning and making her feel special. So now we headed towards the theatre. As the movie was not a hit and a weekday that with noon hours, there was no much crowd. Shakti has already booked recliners in the corners of the last row.

I was impressed by this. I was confused why back seat that to corner. As soon as we entered the auditorium, she held my hand and rested her head on my shoulder. This was really a surprise to me. After we settled on the seat the movie started. Her head was on my shoulder and I hold her hand and kissed it.

As soon as I kissed she pulled her hand back and separated from my shoulder. I said sorry and she didn’t react. Now, this was again a confusing state. But I again beg sorry for which she laughed and said it was and prank. She hugged me and said, “You are so loving and caring, why didn’t you come in my life earlier?”

I said that I always had a feeling for her but never disclosed. I locked her fingers in mine and kissed on her forehead. She closed her eyes and leaned towards me. I locked her in my arms and my hands were moving on her back. Thanks to the flop movie that only a few couples were there with the same intentions as ours.

I held her tight and smooched her. She supported me and now her tongue was touching my tongue. We started kissing like no tomorrow. My hands were now moving on her breast and touching and pressing them. Her hand was on my parts. I moved my hands to her naked thighs and it gave a spark to both of us.

She started melting and slowly my hands were traveling towards her panty. Wow, she was wet and she started holding my cock tight. In meanwhile she unzipped my pant. My hands were inside her panty. Both of us wanted to be naked now which was not possible.

She gripped my penis tightly as soon as I moved my thumb inside her panty. We again looked into each other eyes. I removed her dress from her shoulders to get access to her boobs. I started kissing and sucking her boobs and she was pressing my balls. She came down and took my penis in her mouth.

That heat of her mouth made me crazy. I raised her dress from back and started pressing her ass and ass hole. I told her to remove her panty and she removed it in the next second. She came to me and started smooching me. I was playing with her boobs. Now I started sucking her boobs.

I raised her dress up from below and slid down from the top. Both of us were in full form. Now it was the time for an erotic encounter. I calculated still 40 minutes to go for the interval. I have to fuck her before the interval. I came on top and now we were in missionary position.

As it was a recliner, space was enough to fuck. I placed my dick near her pussy and she guided me to enter by widening her thigs. Oh, what a spark I got on my penis in the first touch of her pussy. Wow, slowly I was digging inside and she was tightening the grip of her hands on my waist

Shakti- Yes, please come deep and dig this.

Me- Yes, dear, I am coming inside and feel my skin,

Shakti- Yes, baby, I am all yours complete me.

Me- Yes, dear here I come.

Shakti- Fuck me slowly, I want to enjoy every stroke of yours.

Me- Yes take it, baby, I am all yours.

Shakti- It feels so good taking you inside me.

She bit my lips. Now I was moving my tongue on her neck and made it wet by my saliva. She was on heat and I kissed her shoulders with the slow stroke.

Shakti- This is the first experience. I love the way you are loving me today. I have just been used as a lust fulfillment for my husband. Please increase the speed I want to release myself.

She tightened her legs and I increased the speed. With each stroke, I was hitting up to her navel and her mouth was wide open.

Shakti- Kill me, dear, I am all yours. Now on you can fuck me as many times as you want. All my holes are yours and only yours.

Our eyes were in contact and her expression was making me wilder. “Oh, Shakti yes baby you are best. I am lucky to get the opportunity to explore your body.”

She kissed my face like a thirsty tigress and I increased the speed. Her nails were digging my back and I was fucking her high. She widened her eyes and she released and I was about to come. I asked her where to come. She said inside her as she wants to feel the heat of my seeds.

I pumped her and pressed her boobs and was about to release. I locked my lips with her and started the final release of cum in her hot and wet pussy. “Oh yes, here I fill you with my seeds.” She smiled at me and hugged me tight and placed my mouth on her boobs.

My seeds were now inside her pussy and some of them were on her thighs too. She took a deep breath. As the interval was approaching we dressed and she gifted me her panty as a memory of our first sex. Both of us were tired. As there was no intention of watching the movie, we moved out of the auditorium.

We went to the cafeteria and had a good lunch. Now it was the time to leave for home. She again smooched me in the parking lot and her head was lying on my shoulder in the entire route. From that day till today we commute by car so that we can have a quick session whenever we want.

Smooching, fingering and sucking is common for all 5 working days. We are now very close to each other and don’t leave any opportunity to be together.

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