Sweaty Sex – Part 2

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Hello, my people. This is Rahul again, with the second part of my story. I humbly request people to go through the first part to understand this one.

So let’s straight away hop into the story. Namrata aunty’s saree was raised almost up to her upper thighs. I was going on sniffing her sexy musky pussy. Her black panty was completely drenched in her pussy juices. It looked all the more black in its wet condition.

Her panty was smelling so strongly of her pussy. I am a guy who loves pussies and panties. No, my dear readers, I am not a pervert. Only real men adore women’s pussy, and those sexy panties which cover them. I got my nose closer and rubbed my nose right on her drenched panty.

Namrata aunty moaned sexily. My nose was inhaling one of the muskiest and sexiest aromas that any man has ever encountered. I drew my tongue out and tasted her soaked pussy through her super wet panty. I sucked her wet and warm pussy, on her panty for minutes.

Then I hooked my fingers on her panties waistband and pulled her panty ever so slowly. I removed them from her feet and dropped them on the floor. Her pussy was completely drenched in her pussy juices. We guys lose all our control when we come across these kinds of situations.

Her pussy looked so sexy that I started drooling immediately. My nose was encountering one of the sexiest aromas that were ever known to man. It felt just incredible, guys. After inhaling her musky pussy aroma, it was getting unbearable for me to control anymore.

I raised her saree a bit more and just looked at her pussy. It was all glistening, all wet for me to enjoy. Dishes with delicious aromas can hardly be avoided, and pussy eating has always been one of my favorite things to do. I bent my head and took a sharp intake of her pussy smell.

That was it man, couldn’t take it anymore. I placed my mouth on her pussy, and started licking it. Her pussy folds were so soft, wet, and warm. It was so damn juicy. Every time I put my mouth on a pussy, I fall in love with it all the more. I started lapping at her sexual juices, which were delicious.

When her sexual secretions started flowing in plenty, I started slurping her juices into my mouth. My dear readers, I cannot explain how sexy and erotic it felt, but I was completely drowned in the sea of sexual pleasure. I was going crazy with the taste and smell of her vagina.

I began slurping and sucking her pussy with more intensity. I was in heaven, sexual heaven. Namrata aunty was moaning and whimpering, like a bitch in heat. She was bucking her hips wildly, and because of that, I had to clutch her hips and thighs alternately.

This pussy eating session was getting hotter by the second. I was licking, sucking, slurping, and eating her pussy wholeheartedly. Aunty was going nuts, and I was too. Then I all of a sudden took her swollen clit into my mouth and sucked it. She grabbed my hair and screamed my name.

She was urging me more to destroy her pussy with my mouth. I have had sex with three women throughout my entire life, and all three had sexy-smelling pussies. All I can say is, their pussy tasted sexually delicious.

Aunty started bucking her hips more powerfully. She was going to cum. Already I was eating her pussy as if my life depended on it. Still, I increased my intensity. Namrata aunty screamed my name, and then her pussy blasted with a powerful orgasm.

Till that time, only my mouth was drenched with her pussy juices. After her orgasm, half of my face was wet and slick. I continued slurping her pussy juices till she calmed down completely. She was moving her hips almost violently. Her breathing has reached sky-high. She was almost panting like a dog.

After she cooled down, I gently kept licking her pussy, cleaning all her remaining juices with my tongue and mouth. Her juices had also been splashed around her inner thighs, and it was my sexual duty to lap those drops too. After that, I raised my head and kissed her massive cleavage once.

I got my face closer to her and saw her smiling with a kind of satisfaction seen very rarely on her face. She was smiling while making eye contact with me. She pulled me and locked her lips with mine. We kissed deeply and passionately, but with a slow pace, as if enjoying the sexual intimacy.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other. Namrata aunty said, “It was so good Rahul, I enjoyed it so much.” I smiled and kissed her again. We made out sexily and playfully for a couple of minutes. Then I took aunty’s hand and led her to her bedroom.

She was still draped in her saree, only her pallu was fallen, and her blouse was unhooked. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. Without breaking eye contact, I unsnapped her bra at the back. I pulled her bra straps, and her red bra was in my hands.

Her bra felt so warm. It was partially drenched in her sweat, and her body heat was radiating out of her bra. Oh man, a woman’s bra and panties feel so sexy. I love to smell and feel their body’s warmth from it. I told her that your bra is such a sexy aunty, and I love the color.

She smiled shyly and hid her face against my chest. I hugged her, and she hugged me back. My hands found her ass cheeks and started massaging them. She was draped in a thin chiffon saree, and it felt extremely sexy to fondle her fleshy ass through her saree.

Aunty was moaning softly, and her hands were clutching my body where ever it was possible. I broke the hug and cupped both her breasts in my hands. I gave a gentle but firm squeeze to both of them, which resulted in a lustful moan from her. I took both her nipples in my fingers and pinched them.

Namrata aunty cried in pleasurable agony and then grabbed my head. She pulled my face close to hers and said, I can’t take it anymore, my dear son, please fuck me. Fuck me hard, my baby. That was all I wanted to hear. I caught her saree pleats and plucked them out of her petticoat.

She was wearing a dark blue petticoat. Now what I am going to say, guys will understand it better. There is always a sexual boost when we fuck a woman by lifting her saree, petticoat, or skirt. Instead of getting her stark naked, we feel a kind of erotic kink when we make love to them half-naked.

Namrata aunty and I both were completely charged up sexually. I pulled her remaining saree that was tucked around her hips into her petticoat. We mashed our lips hard against each other and kissed fiercely. We both removed my t-shirt and shorts together.

She pulled my underwear down, and I kicked them past my feet. While kissing hungrily, we both crawled onto the king-sized bed. I hurriedly hiked her petticoat up. I got between her thighs and placed my rock-hard cock on her burning hot pussy.

I rubbed my sensitive cock head against her entire pussy slit. We both moaned lustfully, almost started gasping. Aunty moaned, “Rahul beta, please, do it. I can’t take it anymore at all.” I placed my cock on her pussy hole and plunged it inside her sexual volcanic tunnel.

We both moaned loudly. I immediately started stroking in and out of her pussy. I started at a normal pace but soon picked up speed. There I was, fucking my voluptuous Namrata aunty like a sex-crazy maniac. Her thighs were jiggling out of control. The bed was creaking violently.

I was fucking her hard, too damn hard. That was all she needed, that was all I wanted, and it was vice versa. My hard cock was going through pleasures that were driving me nuts. Every nerve of my cock was experiencing sexual pleasurable sensations.

Aunty was excreting so much of her pussy juice that they were getting splashed onto our thighs. Wow, man, that was heaven. Aunty was moaning crazily, screaming my name again and again. I leaned on to her, and she immediately hooked her legs behind my back.

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and just kept on fucking. Lust and desire were written on her face, and I never enjoyed reading anything more than that. We both were sweating heavily. Even the bedsheet was getting soaked with our sweat.

We both kissed lustfully and hungrily, and all the while kept fucking like sex-crazed lust-filled maniacs. How long can a guy hold back his orgasm if he fucks someone this intensely? Namrata aunty had an orgasm when I ate her pussy. She continued having one more orgasm while we fucked each other insanely.

Now she told me that she would cum again, and she wanted me to cum with her. I increased my pace, looked into her eyes, and gave myself all to her. We both came, and it was a sexual nuclear explosion. It was too hard and intense. It took us almost twenty minutes to recover from our orgasmic bliss.

We both looked at each other and just smiled. She said, “I was always wondering that what is stopping you from making a move on me. What you have done today could have been done much before.

I replied, “You are my mom’s childhood friend, aunty. There was always a strong sense of fear of hurting you emotionally. There is no way I would ever hurt you. Even while we were fucking today, you called me son. Those words touched me deeply. I am happy that you called me son.

Aunty said, “Why not? Aren’t you like my son? Even I have looked after you like a mother. You won’t remember, but I also have breastfed you many times.” I said, “What? Have you breastfed me? But why? I mean, I am glad you breastfed me, but why?”

She said, “Your mom knows that since you were born, I have loved you like my own son. So one day, your mom was feeding you her milk, and I was sitting right in front of her. The way I was looking at both of you, your mom asked me, want to feed him?”

“I was surprised for a bit, but then I was happy to do it. I have always loved you like my son. That’s why I went for it.”

I said, “Wow, aunty, I don’t know what to say. But my mom never mentioned it to me.” Aunty said, “She didn’t tell you as she thought that you would feel embarrassed regarding it.”

I said, “Very well then, I have got no problem regarding it. I am very happy after knowing this. That means your breast milk is also responsible for my growth.” Saying this, I passed on a naughty smile to her. Namrata aunty grabbed a pillow and hit me with it.

We both started giggling like school kids. Then I snatched the pillow away and tossed it beside us. I leaned into her and kissed her. She caught the back of my head, and we shared a deep, long, and passionate kiss. She had a glance towards the watch and told me to have lunch.

We both got up from the bed and went to the bathroom together. We had a shower together, all the while kissing each other frequently. We got out of the shower, and Namrata aunty started wearing her saree. After giving final touches to her saree, she waited till I put on my clothes.

We both headed towards the kitchen, prepared our lunch together with some naughty kissing in between. We had our lunch together, and she had some dark chocolate stuffed in the refrigerator. After lunch, I took some chunks of dark chocolate and fed her a piece.

She took it in her mouth and was almost about to chew it. I said, “Don’t chew it, aunty, suck on it for a while, and then pass it on to me, straight into my mouth.” She naughtily made her eyes big and said, “You Rahul, very, very naughty of you.”

The chocolate tasted better than usual. Or, I would say, more sexy than usual. I hope you all enjoyed my story about Namrata aunty’s delicious pussy. You can send your feedback to [email protected]

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