Swam In Khushali’s Wet Cunt On Camping Trip

Hello, this is my first story, and it will surely make you cum. This will be in parts and all parts will have sexual content. Please stick to this series. I hope you will like it and enjoy it.

This happened in the year 2014 when I was 18+ years old and our friends group had planned a camping trip in Ladakh. We thought this is our last year, so why don’t we make this year memorable.

We were a group of five best friends Annanya, Sapna, Khushali, Karan, and Me (Amit).

Ananya is a bit modern, very fair about 5′ 4” height, with black long hair, brown eyes and I think her figure stats, is 34-26-34 which was perfect. She is always in shorts and a skin-tight t-shirt.

Sapna is also similar to her just that she is a typical Indian girl and was always found in Indian Kurtis.

Khushali has a dusky complexion. She was dark in comparison with Sapna and Ananya but she is absolutely good-looking, especially in her cat eyeglasses.

The girls were really beautiful and sexy. You can’t choose anyone among the three. Daily I was masturbating, one time for each of them before going to sleep by seeing their pics from Instagram. I think Karan was also doing the same. Before the trip, we five were just friends.

I and Karan are gym-going guys, so we have a normal muscled body not fat or skinny but perfect, and we were also fair and with a height of 5′ 6”.

This was a five-day trip, and we reached the campsite on Monday. We had two rooms in a hotel one for girls and the other one for boys. Initially, we landed at the hotel and took some rest for two hours as we were tired after a long trip.

Then we ate breakfast at 11:00 am and decided to go for a swim in the swimming pool of the hotel. As it was a regular working day the swimming pool was empty.

We had gone to our rooms for changing our clothes. I had changed to yellow shorts and Karan had worn black shorts. Then we locked the door and reached and the pool.

We were chilling and after five minutes, we saw them, the three sex goddess, Ananya and Sapna in black bikinis and Khushali in a white bikini.

Their breasts were jiggling while they were walking towards us. My eyes were stuck on the three of them, and then I realized that I had a hard-on. Now, I cannot come out of the pool till my penis comes back into its normal state.

They reached the pool. Ananya and Sapna dived into the pool while Khushali was standing at the corner, and then she sat on the side, dipping her legs in the pool.

I asked her, “Why are you not coming in the water?” She told me that she does not know how to swim and here the water is till our shoulders, so she was afraid.

I told her, “Don’t be afraid, come down, and I will give you a hand. Don’t worry I will not leave your hand.” She agreed and enters the pool slowly.

I grabbed her hand. As soon as her feet touched the surface of the pool, she slipped. I grabbed her from the front to prevent her from falling.

In that process, we were in a hugging position. She gave me a naughty smile. Then it came to my mind that she can feel my hard penis touching her body. I helped her to go out of the pool. She was climbing the stairs and I can see her ass crack.

She got out of the pool and turned towards me. I can see her nipples were hard from her bra as it was white-colored. Then she bent down and whispered in my ears, let’s go to the bedroom and have some fun.

I was dumbstruck and was very eager to be in bed with her. I wanted to fuck her since I saw her a year ago, while she had taken admission in our college.

I looked towards Karan. He was playing and enjoying with Sapna and Ananya. I told them loudly, as they were far from us, that the Khushali is afraid of the water, and I will go and drop her to the room and just come back in 5 minutes.

We started walking towards the room. As soon as we reached, I grabbed her from behind as she was closing the door, and my dick got aligned with her ass. I had taken her in my arms and started moving towards the bed and threw her on the bed.

Me: Today, I am going to fuck your brains out.

Khushali: Let’s see, how much power you have in your dick.

Me: You have any doubts?

Khushali: No doubt. I can see the hardness of your cock through your shorts.

I made her sleep on the bed and started kissing her navel. She was moaning slowly, and then I moved a bit upwards and was kissing her cleavage, while my hands were pressing her bra-covered boobs slowly.

Then I kissed her collar bone and earlobes. She was enjoying our foreplay. She was also pressing my dick from above the shorts.

I started kissing her lips slowly at first, then harder, and also started pressing her boobs hard. Her nipples were also hard. I can feel them over the bra.

Then I told her let’s get naked. She removed her bra and panties and I also removed my shorts and underwear in one go. She was a goddess of beauty, a black beauty. I told her not to remove her glasses as she was looking very sexy in them.

Now, I slept on top of her. Her naked boobs were in my hands. I started pressing them hard and was kissing her. In the meanwhile, I was also rubbing her pussy lips with my rock-hard 7” dick. She was wet down there. I was also leaking pre-cum.

I started sucking one boob and with one hand I was pressing the other boob. Meanwhile, I started rubbing her clit with my thumb.

She was also giving me a hand job with one hand and with her other hand she was pressing my head to her boob. She was moaning hard and then she came hard. There was a lot of pussy juices flowing below her ass. She was feeling exhausted.

Me: It’s just the start babe. I am going to fuck you so hard that your pussy and ass will be sore in these five days, and you will not forget this time.

Khushali: Oooh, ass too?

Me: Of course.

I put my dick to the entrance of her pussy. I can see her expressions on her face. She was enjoying it. With one hard push, my penis-head entered her pussy.

She screamed and also started sweating. I started kissing her on her lips to lower her moans. In the second hard push, half my dick entered her. She was screaming and was biting her lips.

In the third push, my whole dick entered her pussy. I stopped and let her relax for some time. Then I started moving slowly, and she also started moaning as she was enjoying it now.

In two minutes she was begging me to fuck her harder. I was on top of her in a push-up position and her boobs were jiggling from our fuck.

What a great view it was. I can see her eyes were full of tears of joy. Her pussy was very tight and hot.

Khushali: Amit fuck me hard, please make me cum at least thrice today.

Amit: I will not leave you today, not for the next five days. You are my whore for these five days. I am going to fuck the shit out of your pussy.

Khushali: Yees, aaaaaahhhhh, please fuck me harder.

I started fucking her harder and in a minute she came, but I kept moving faster and harder I slept on her and grabbed her in my arms, and continued fucking her.

In two minutes she came once again. Now she was not moving and was lying down like a log. I kept pounding her, and she did not react now as she was tired.

She was just looking into my eyes and smiling while I kept pounding her. In a few minutes, she got aroused once again.

Khushali: Ahhh. Now let me be on top.

Me: Ok.

I had taken my cock out and slept on the bed. Then she climbed on me and pushed my cock inside her in one go, and started bouncing on it.

Her big boobs were also bouncing. I grabbed them and started squeezing them. She was moaning like hell, very loudly. I remember her unforgettable facial expressions. She was also biting her lips.

After fucking about 20-30 minutes, we both came together. I came inside her pussy.

She slept on top of me without taking out my cock from her pussy. In 5 minutes I was hard again.

Khushali: Hard again? Wow.

Me: You are so beautiful, sex goddess. How can’t I be hard again?

Khushali: You are also really handsome. I wanted to fuck you since the first day I saw you.

Me: Me also. Why didn’t we do it before?

Khushali: Never mind. Let’s do it again.

Me: Ok. Now in the doggy style.

She got on all fours and I got behind her. I tried to push my cock in her wet pussy which was full of our cum. In this position, she was tight.

I started fucking her slowly and gradually increased my speed. She was also moaning. We were in heaven. I was pounding very hard and also pressing her boobs and biting her nipples and also kissing her.

We fucked for 30 minutes, and then I came once again inside her pussy. She slept on the bed tired after fucking, lying down on her stomach. I was on top of her and my cock was still in her pussy.

Khushali: This is my dream come true. I have never been fucked like this. Thanks.

Me: This is just the starting. I will fuck your ass also now. Just wait for 5 minutes for my cock to be hard again.

Khushali: No..no. I don’t have much energy now. We will do it later, besides we have 5 more days to enjoy.

Me: Ya, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I want to take advantage of this situation.

Khushali: Do you like me that much?

Me: Very much.

As we were in a nude position, and I was on top of her, the door opened and Annanya came into the room. She caught us. I will tell you how we had a threesome in the next part.

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