Fun With My Colleague

This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to share another story of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories can read one here.

I have a colleague called Anu. She was my senior. She was fair, tall, slim, and had maintained her physique very well. She used to be very friendly with everyone. She is married and has kids. She used to be friendly with everyone. She has visited my place and was friendly with my parents.

Once there was a celebration planned at the workplace, and everyone was decorating it. She was sticking posters. She started sticking posters on the transparent partition. When I saw her, she placed the poster above her head and held it with both hands.

I could see her navel. She was wearing a black saree, and being fair, her navel was looking too lovely. When I shifted my view above, I could see one of her boobs caged in a black blouse. It was an awesome and mouth-watering view. I went out, stood near her, and asked whether she needed any help.

She said she is fine. I told her not to torture people. She was puzzled and asked what she was torturing. I told her that I was sitting inside the cabin and left for my place. She was thinking about what I said, and when she went for another poster, she realized and smiled at me and continued with her work.

She entered my cabin and said that I should enjoy it if the view was good. We both smiled. We started going out for lunch together, and sometimes I used to drop her. This was usual, which used to happen before. I started to get a feeling that she was a bit closer than before.

This carried on for a while. She used to touch me when we talked and keep hands on my things, but I was confused about whether to proceed. Once I asked her whether there was any celebration coming up. She asked me why. I told her that the place would look nice when decorated and the view would be good.

She smiled and patted me. I could see her blush. We started texting more than before and started talking about many things and not about sex. We both knew we wanted it, but we didn’t speak. When we were sitting nearby, she used to keep her legs on mine.

She used to ask whether I like her, whether it bothers me as she is older than me. I told her that she is my special friend. We became close. Whenever she gets a new dress, she will wear it and ask me how she looks and whether I like it.

On a Sunday evening when we talked, she told me that she had just returned from shopping and was tired and would catch me tomorrow.  I told her that I was alone for the coming week. I was alone at home for the coming week and had told her. I was lying on the bed and watching a movie when I heard the bell.

I was wondering who that might be. I was surprised to see Anu standing at the door. She was in a Black saree with a black blouse. She was ravishing. She came in and asked whether I had brushed. I told her that I had showered and was lying down since there was time to get ready.

She told me that she had brought tiffin as I was alone. I was very happy. I asked her, “What did you shop yesterday? Is this the new saree?” She said she wants to use the restroom. I led her to the room, switched on the light, opened the door, and made way for her.

Before entering, she threw something and told me, “This is what I bought yesterday. Tell me how it is,” and went inside. I was surprised to find a black transparent lace panty in my hand. I rested on the bed and was looking at the panty.

Anu came and sat near me and asked how it was. I said it was awesome, and it would be much better if it was on you. She patted on my thighs but did not take her hand. We just saw each other. I took her hand and kept it on my dick. It was hard already, and I was in a lungi.

She lifted my lungi and took out my cock, moving the side of my brief. She was slowly moving her hand up and down on my cock. I was too excited and kept my hand on her hip and moved up to her breast. She left my cock and opened her jacket. She has a black bra, and she just raised it above the boobs.

Those fair boobs amidst the black were a mesmerizing view. I started kneading it and rose to kiss and suck on her melons. She kept her hand on my head and pulled me. After a while, she pushed me to lie down, took my dick in her hand, kissed on the tip, and slowly started to give a blowjob.

I stopped her after a while and stood up. She was puzzled. I made her lie down on the bed and lifted her saree. I could see her clean-shaven pussy. She was already wet, and it was glittering with her juices. I started licking her, and at the same time, I inserted a finger and fingered her.

She had her hand on my head, and her legs were on my shoulders and were pulling me. In a while, she got her orgasm, and she relaxed her hold. I stood up and climbed over her. We hugged for a while. I asked her whether we can go fully. She nodded and widened her legs.  I rose a little to see her pussy.

She pulled me back and caught my dick, and kept it at the entrance. With the other hand, she pushed my hip. I slowly entered her and was fucking her for a while. After some time, I told her that I am gonna cum. She told me that she is also gonna cum. She asked me to cum inside as she is sterilized.

We laid for a while hugging and then cleaned up and left for the office. The day went on well, and we kept smiling and blushing at each other and parted ways. The next day I couldn’t go to the office as I had some personal work. I had messaged her about this.

In the evening, I got a call from her and asked where I was. I told her that I just reached home and am gonna freshen up. I took a shower and came out and heard the bell. When I opened it I found her standing at the entrance. She came in and went inside. I closed the door and followed her.

I was only in my lungi as I had just finished my shower. She turned and hugged me. I also hugged her. We kissed for a while. I started getting an erection. She caught my erect dick over the lungi and was shaking it. She pulled my lungi, and I was standing naked.

She asked me to lie down on the floor. She put her leg across and was standing near my hip. She raised her saree and sat down on my erect dick. I asked her to remove her panties. She said that she didn’t wear one and wanted to surprise me. Using her hand, she guided my dick into her pussy and rode me.

I lifted her saree to see my dick going inside her pussy. What a sight it was. I was touching her thighs and took my hand, and caught her bum cheeks. After riding me for a while, her speed increased. I knew that she was gonna cum. I was too excited and cummed with her.

Anu slept on my chest. I hugged her and kissed her. We laid there for a while until my dick came out. She cleaned herself, and we kissed and hugged, and she left for her house. My parents came back sooner than expected, and we didn’t get a chance after that.

We don’t talk about this in the office but only in calls or messages. The deal is that I can talk or message only when she does. I respect her words. I am looking forward to some alone time soon.

Girls and women around Chennai, Message me if you wanna have some safe and discreet fun. Those who like to have a chat can contact me on telegram at ram_chennai. Do give your feedback on this story where I fucked my sex colleague. It would help me to write more.

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