A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 13 (The Airport Striptease)

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Kalyani opened the door to see Ravi. He smiled at her and kissed her cheeks. Kalyani wondered why Ravi came earlier than the usual time, and immediately planned a striptease for him tonight. He seemed a little excited. Kalyani asked her about it.

Kalyani: What is all the excitement?

Ravi: Baby, I’m getting promoted soon, for that I’ll have to attend a meeting in Mumbai.

Kalyani was excited about it and asked

Kalyani: I’m so happy, baby, but when?

Ravi: Tonight, by flight.

Kalyani was a little disappointed in his answer.

Kalyani: Why tonight? I had plans tonight.

Ravi then placed his palms on her cheeks and said, “I’ve worked so hard for this. Don’t worry, baby, I’ll be back in five days,” and kissed her.

Then Kalyani replied, “don’t go full work-work. Just come back as soon as possible.” Ravi, with a smile, said, “Yes, your majesty.” They both laughed, and Kalyani helped Ravi to pack things.

Kalyani thought she’ll show him the hot blouse as a surprise after he had returned. She wanted to send-off her husband all the way to the airport. So she planned on joining him at the airport.

But before that, the thought of Devi’s secret parcel crossed her mind. Kalyani couldn’t miss the thrill. So she planned on using the pen cam. After an hour and a half, it was 6:50 pm Ravi was ready to go to the airport.

Kalyani wore a red saree and red blouse along with her usual accessories. Her saree highlighted her hourglass body and lured everyone to squeeze her assets over her saree.

Ravi was staring at her beautiful butt while she was facing the mirror. He came near her and gave a soft spank on it. Kalyani turned around with a chuckle and said, “Let’s wait till you return,” and kissed his cheek.

Before leaving, Kalyani went downstairs and mounted the pen cam a little higher, facing the gate. She checked the battery and found the cam will be ON for another 4 hours, long enough to record up to 11 pm. Around 7:00 pm, Ravi and Kalyani both left home to the airport by taxi.

Kalyani and Ravi entered the airport, and she could find the airport was a little tight on security. After a lot of screening processes, they were both allowed to enter inside. After some time, Ravi boarded the plane, and Kalyani wished him luck, and he left.

It was 8:20 pm. Kalyani was proceeding towards the exit. Suddenly, a security dog barked at her and tried to catch her by its paws. The security who held the dog by its leash called the other guards, and they surrounded Kalyani. Kalyani was frightened by what was happening.

They asked Kalyani’s name and purpose of coming to the airport. Kalyani replied nervously and couldn’t answer properly. One of the guards told her not to panic and asked her to step into the inspection area. Kalyani’s tongue-tied and froze up.

Then the guard told her, “Don’t worry, mam, it was just a standard procedure.” Two guards escorted her to a corner office (just a corner of the airport with little cardboard rooms). There were two women guards in their uniforms and a male one. The male asked for her hand purse for examination.

She handed it over to him. The two women then lead her to a foldable stand covered by screens (just like those in the hospitals). It was a three-sided stand wide open on the other side. The open side faced the wall with no one before it except the two female guards.

Then one of the woman guards asked her to stand inside the enclosed screen room. Kalyani was a little curious about what was happening. Then one of the women said, “Mam, could you please spread your arms?”

Kalyani did as she was told. The other woman scanned her body with a metal detector. She moved the detector slowly all-around her body. Kalyani felt a little tingling sensation when she brought the detector to her breast area. The guard took a little longer when she scanned her breasts.

This made Kalyani uncomfortable. The device beeped, and the woman asked her to show what is under her pallu. Without removing her pallu completely, Kalyani opened her pallu a little outward and showed her it was the blouse hook. The guard saw her exposed belly and a little bit of breast cleavage.

She even touched the blouse hooks with her fingers. Kalyani felt goosebumps when it happened. Then the guard brought the device to her pubic area. It gave Kalyani a urinating sensation with a little horny. Then she was asked to turn around. Then was scanned in the back, starting the upper back to her lower. The guard accidentally touched her butts with the scanner.

Any woman could only imagine how ticklish and horny she is feeling now. She even closed her eyes and felt those touch. Then one of the woman guards asked her to remove her clothes one by one. Kalyani was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she heard.

The male guard who was inspecting her bag was not more than 15 meters from where she is. The screen was open in the top and front with a little gap at the bottom, which exposed her ankle below. Kalyani was frozen for a second and saw those two guard’s faces.

They looked steady on their words. Kalyani, with no choice, removed her pallu and then the whole saree. She stood in front of them with just her red blouse and her red petticoat. Her curvy navel and hips were so hot and beautiful. The two women even paused a second to admire her hot body.

Kalyani handed it over to one of the guards. And stood there with her hands crossed. The other guard said, “What are you waiting for? Go on.” Kalyani was a little hesitant, and her heart was pounding. She started unhooking her blouse and removed it fully, and gave it to them.

Now she was in her white bra and red petticoat. The mangalsutra was hanging over her bra. The two women were excited and loved the strip show. Then one of the women asked her to turn around when she removes the petticoat. Kalyani could see where it is going.

The two women are willingly forcing her to perform a striptease. Even Kalyani loved to show them. Her only worry is she hated exposing herself to other men except for her husband. As in this case, the probability of getting exposed to another man is high.

Kalyani did as the guard said, and she removed her petticoat, turning around. She was left with just her white bra and white panty. The two women were awestruck by seeing such an angelic body standing in front of them with just a bra and panty.

The two women collected her clothes and said they’ll have to scan them with a separate scanner. Kalyani could say it was an absolute bullshit lie. Yet she enjoyed standing seminude in front of these two women. One of them went away with those clothes out of Kalyani’s vision.

The other came inside the screen and asked her to spread her arms wide. It was a tight space for two women. Kalyani did as she was told. The guard went around her and cupped her breasts along with her bra.

Kalyani was shocked, and her spine froze. The guard even pressed them and massaged them gently as if it was one of an examining procedure. Kalyani couldn’t control herself. She closed her eyes and bit her lips. The woman was feeling those perfectly round breasts slowly.

Then leaving one hand on one of the breasts. She brought the other hand to her crotch and grabbed it quickly along with her panty, which sent Kalyani a shock. She jumped a bit. The guard said, “Please stand still, mam.” The guard started massaging her pussy over the panty.

Kalyani couldn’t control her hormones and closed her mouth with her own hand. She started giving small moans with her mouth closed. The guard was slow and steady in her action. This continued for five minutes.

Kalyani threw up and climaxed in the panty wetting the hands of the guard. Kalyani had a most wonderful session. She had never experienced such deep pleasure in years. Kalyani was panting. She opened her eyes to see the other women standing in front of them both and watching the whole session.

She was smiling and asked the other one, “Did you finish the examination?” She replied, “Yes, madam, and I found some sticky fluid-like substance hidden inside her underwear,” and showed her hand full of Kalyani’s fluids. The other woman ordered Kalyani to drop the panty.

Kalyani thought it was obvious and removed her panties and gave them to the woman. Now Kalyani was standing bottomless in front of them with just a white bra covering her breasts. The guard touched the panty and felt the wetness.

She said as if she doesn’t know what it is. “It looks like some form of drugs. I’ll have to examine it closer.” She brought it closer and sniffed them with a deep inhale. She loved the aroma and said, “The smell is so intoxicating, like a young girl from a club.” Then she put out her tongue and licked it.

Kalyani felt disgusted by her acts and showed a weird face.

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