Journey of Sexual Exploration – Part 3

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This was the next step of our journey of sexual exploration.

We were there before time as we live very close to the location. They both came on time. Arif was actually big. Not fat but very well built, Faiza was extremely beautiful. My wife is tall, but she would be 5’4” or 5’5”.

We shook hands and went to watch the movie. The idea was to get comfortable. So the ladies sat in between both of us. Usually, in the afternoons the theatres are not so busy, so we were able to talk.

Everything was going ok, and we decided to talk over the phone and plan. They invited us to their place on the weekend as no one will be there at their home. I said, “Most probably we’ll come. But still, we will confirm tonight.” There was a mixed feeling in both of us. We want to go there and not sure also.

So, I spoke to him and decided that we will drink first and then go to a club. Then if we want, we can go to their place. Else we will come to our house, and they will go to theirs.

On the day we said that we would go. Arif said that he would pick us from our house. Faiza and my wife spoke over the phone about what they are planning to wear. They both decided to wear a similar dress.

My wife had a few collections for casual parties. She picked up a dress with a strap on only 1 shoulder and short on length until mid-thighs. She wore a bra without a strap. Otherwise, the bra strap will be visible on one shoulder and looks amazing like always, heels with laces.

I adjusted her boobs myself that day to give the best shape by adjusting them in bra. Arif called me 5 minutes before, and we came outside. He had a Hyundai sedan. Faiza came out from the passenger seat and told me to sit in front. She went back to sit with my wife.

Faiza was wearing a similar kind of dress, but she had lace straps on both her shoulders and length, almost like my wife’s. His car was on a low floor. So when they were sitting, their knees were above their seat, making a good look inside their dresses. The atmosphere was hot.

Arif was complimenting my wife and straight away. He said that you are looking delicious and would have sat with her if he didn’t have to drive, in a joking way, of course. He already got drinks with him, so we decided to park the car in a mall and drink there before going to the club.

While drinking, he was just looking at my wife from top to bottom and complimenting her. I also complimented Faiza. We have 3-4 drinks and while drinking. I saw him looking at my wife’s thighs almost after every word. To be honest, I was also looking at Faiza’s legs, and she didn’t mind at all.

Arif told me we should get more comfortable. Why doesn’t he sit with my wife in front and sit with Faiza at the back? Faiza said. First, let’s go to the club.

He started driving, took his hand behind, and placed it on Faiza’s legs, rubbing them to make her hot. I was just looking at the road. He then asked my wife, “Can I put my hand on your legs too?”

Faiza placed Arif’s hand on my wife’s legs. I turned back to look. Faiza had a smile on her face, but my wife’s face was blank. It was the first time that someone else is touching her skin. She joined both her legs so tight that not even air can go in.

But Arif didn’t misbehave, and he just rolled his legs on the area which was exposed. He didn’t try to move his hand further. I can feel my wife’s face getting red. He removed his hand and concentrated on driving. I placed my hand on my wife’s legs.

I felt she opened her legs for me to go further inside under the skirt. But I was more interested in placing my hand on Faiza, so I touched her thigh with 1 finger and then placed my hand on her thigs. She didn’t seem to have an issue and let me rub my hand. My wife’s face was all red. I could feel the heat.

I took my hand under her skirt until deep things and rubbed there. Then I took it out of her and placed my hand on my wife. Soon we reached the club, and as we entered, we got few drinks. Then we started dancing. My wife was still red, but Faiza was fine.

Arif held my wife’s hand and took her to the crowded area to dance. I was there with Faiza, and we both were dancing. In my head, I was just stopping myself from jumping on her. But I held her hand and pulled her close to me for dance. I could feel her boobs on my chest, and she could feel my penis on her belly.

I saw from a distance and found that my wife and Arif both are dancing close like us. So I didn’t mind because I was with his wife. In the club, we can’t do more. So I was trying to talk to her close to her ear. The loud music and the smell of perfume were driving me crazy.

I asked her, “Do you like me?” She said, “Yes, otherwise, we wouldn’t meet. But Arif likes your wife more. He had sex with me 4-5 times in a day when your wife’s topic comes. He gets so horny.”

I looked for my wife and Arif. I saw Arif saying something in my wife’s ear, and she was smiling. I don’t know what they were talking about. Then my wife and Arif came with other drinks and gave 1 to Faiza and me also. We all sat on the couch, and then he took Faiza to talk to her.

They came back and asked for the plan now. I looked at my wife. She didn’t say anything and left the decision on me. I took my wife outside near the washroom to ask, and she said she is not sure. I asked her what Arif was saying in her ear.

She smiled and said that her boobs are tight and hard while dancing, and he wants to suck them. So I asked her reply. She said, “Let’s go near Faiza and my husband.” She told me that she doesn’t want to go to their house today. She needs some more time to think about it.

We went back and said that she is not sure. Faiza then came to my wife, hugged her, and said, “Nothing would happen if you would not want. We want to have a nice time together.”

My wife told them no for today and requested them to call the day off. Because we came with them, so I told them that we will call a taxi. But they insisted so we all 4 sat and drove towards our home. On the way, I Arif was complimenting my wife a lot and said that she is a good dancer.

He was in between asking again that should he drive towards their place, and my wife said next time. Meanwhile, he was asking me what Faiza and I did while they were away. I didn’t get a chance to speak. Faiza said that she had a good time and complimented me for being nice.

She mentioned that if my wife was ready, we could all go to their place and sit and talk more without doing anything else. But no worries, and let’s plan for another day. Faiza then placed her hand on my wife’s thigh and started caressing them.

My wife just closed her eyes. Faiza leaned over her to hug her and said, “It’s ok. Take your time, sweety.” She kissed my wife’s lips for few seconds. There was complete silence in the car. My wife and Faiza looked at each other like they were trying to communicate something with their eyes.

Faiza then asked my wife, “Did you feel bad?” My wife just said, “No.” Faiza further asked, “Can I kiss you again?” My wife didn’t reply anything, and Faiza came close to her lips. My wife closed her eyes and they both started kissing each other.

Faiza was exploring my wife’s thighs and boobs. There was a kissing sound all over. Arif laughed and asked again, “Should I move the direction to our home?” They broke the kiss, and Faiza said, “Don’t push her, Arif. Let her decide.”

We reached home, and they left. We both didn’t speak a word till the time we reach our bedroom and start changing. My wife was changing and was in her bra and panty. I held her from behind and just went mad. She started hugging and kissing me passionately as if she was waiting for me to do it.

I asked her, “Did you enjoy today?” She said, “ Yes.”

Me: Did you like them?

She: Hmmm

Me: Did Arif touch your boobs or ass?

She: He was trying to touch my boobs many times while he pulled me closer to dance. It was very crowded. So he was touching them like it’s happening because of people. But I can feel that he was touching deliberately.

Me: Did you feel his penis?

She: He took my hand below to his penis, but I removed it instantly and came to you.

Me: How did you feel?

She: I don’t know the answer.

I made her lie down between my legs, and she started sucking my penis.

Me: Did you like his penis?

She: Hmmm.

She was sucking me badly and was answering with ‘hmm,’ etc., and just keeping busy sucking.

Me: Do you want me to make a plan again?

She: Hmmm.

I started fucking her in the doggy style and pressed her boobs hard today. I am usually a soft lover. But today, I was a little rough, and she seems to enjoy that. I then made her sit like a cowgirl, and she started riding till we both were exhausted. I had an amazing experience with my Milf wife that night.

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