Trip To Eternal Sexual Freedom

Hello friends, this is my second story here. It is about how a small mistake changed my life forever and gave me sexual freedom. Mohit and I are very close friends. We used to share almost everything with each other. So one day after our office got over we decided to catch up with each other and have fun.

After drinking a few pegs, Mohit started telling me how his wife Sneha is complaining of getting bored. It was the same with my wife Neha too. So we decided to have a holiday trip to Bhutan next month.

Everyone was happy knowing our plan and got excited. This was going to be the break we wanted in our life. But we had no clue this trip would change our lives forever. The day came, and we left for a fun journey.

We arrived through our car in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital. We got our self ready to roam around. We had decided to enjoy this trip not as husband and wife but as boyfriend and girlfriend to reignite our sex life.

I used to flirt with Sneha to make Neha jealous, which was fine with both of them. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and at night decided to in a karaoke. As we reached there, we enjoyed all the Bhutanese songs and food, which were really tasty.

We started drinking a local drink, which made all four of us dance like crazy. Both the girls got tired and decided to leave. We two had to drink more and decided to follow them. As we reached our hotel, it started raining heavily.

We both got wet and hurried ourselves to our room when suddenly the electricity went off. We were not in our senses. But we knew our wives (or I should say our girlfriend) are waiting to get fucked likes it’s their first. We reached our rooms.

Mohit gave me a packet of condoms and told me not to disturb him that night. As soon as I entered my room, it was all dark. Neha attacked me and started kissing my lips. I, too, responded to her and started smooching her. I grabbed her waist and lifted her to pushed her to the walls.

She started opening my shirt and started pulling my hair. This was new and kinky, which I loved. I took off her clothes at once and made her give me a heavenly blowjob. Guys, this was perhaps the longest blowjob I ever had.

My dick was fully choking her, but still, she didn’t stop. I then pushed her on the bed and jumped over her. We started kissing each other, and I started licking her boobs. Her boobs were bigger than normal, and I was enjoying eating them like a hungry dog.

Her loud moan made me hornier as I started licking her delicious pussy. She was begging me to fuck her. But I made her wait as her begging was making me hornier. Finally, after fingering her pussy for 20 minutes, I decided to fuck her pussy.

I tried pushing my 9-inch rock solid hard dick inside her but could manage only half of it. She, too, told me that today my dick was way longer and thick, which her pussy could not take. She started telling me to go slow as it was hurting. But I didn’t listen to her and again started pushing in.

This time I was successful, and I started fucking her like a wild dog. She was giving me these loud moans, “Ah fuck me please. Deeper, deeper, OMG fuck me more. Mujhe pura chod dalo bc mc. Isse pehle kyu nahi choda mujhe?”

I was taken aback as she never used to abuse me. But the sound of her moan and abuses made me go wilder on her. After I guess 50 minutes of insane wild fuck I cummed inside her. She gave a loud moan, “Ah, Mohit, this is what I always wanted from you.”

I was in a state of shock hearing Mohit’s name from my wife. But then I realized it’s Sneha whom I’m fucking for the last 3 hours. It was all dark as there was no electricity. I asked her who is she. “It’s Sneha,” came the reply.

We realized we had accidentally entered each other’s room. There was a complete sense of silence in the room, and we could hear Neha’s moan of Mohit fucking her.

We were all drenched in sweat, and the thought of me fucking my friend’s wife made me hard again.  Sneha, too, realized her mistake and started covering her body with her hands. I grabbed both her hands, got over her.

I told her, “Sneha, jo hona tha woh ho chuka. If you want, I can leave the room right now. But listen to the loud moans of Neha and Mohit. Woh log aab rukne wale nahi hai. So why stop? Let’s continue.”

Her reply shocked me. She said she had realized who I was when she gave me the blowjob. Mohit can never last for more than 3 minutes. Hearing her words, I started chewing her lips again, but she was on top of my dick this time.

She said, “I wish we had earlier planned this trip. I could have enjoyed your big cock earlier. But no regrets, let’s complete all my desires today,” as we started having our second round.  We fucked each other like hungry dogs 2 more times.

The sweat of her body was giving me the satisfaction of that mistake. After we got over, we were left naked in each other arms.

When I woke up, I saw Sneha completely ready in a blue saree. This aroused me. I got up naked, got close to her, made her hold my dick, and kissed her. I asked her for her panty to keep it as our memory. She readily agreed, and she asked what’s next.

I said, “Just go and check in the other room. You will know it.” She returned happily back saying, “Mohit and Sneha are enjoying one more round. So why are we not?”

We had a foursome that day, and the rest of the trip became our sex trip. We enjoyed ourselves to our fullest. Sneha became pregnant with my child. Mohit thought it is his child up to this date.

Thank you for your patience. I will be back soon. I hope you liked my story about my night with my friend’s wife. All the married girls can contact me on my id [email protected] for satisfying themselves.

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