Twists And Turns On A Tinder Date

Hey, there! This is Varshini Shetty, after a very long time to share another of my experiences about twists and turns on a date. If you are new to my story, I would love it if you also read my previous story.

So let’s jump right to my story. It was my 4th-Year winter holidays. I was getting pretty bored since all my friends went to their native place. So an idea struck me – to use Tinder and test my luck there.

So I signed up in Tinder and uploaded 4 pictures of mine (36b-28-35, imagine Nikki Galrani). One in a bikini where my nipples are pointing, one in a saree to show off my navel, one in a skirt to show my thighs, and one portrait to show off my lusty face.

I was surprised to see so many likes on my profile to prove how horny they were to fuck. There was this one unique profile. His name was Aarav. He was hot, and chatting with him was so good. His frequent praises about my body and how he was bragging about his cock ruining my body made me so horny.

We decided to go for a car drive to a hilltop in the morning and spend the rest of the day in his farmhouse. The plan was so good to spend a good time with him and get fucked by him. He hyped it too much that I ended finger fucking myself just imagining the things he would do to me.

The next day, I wore leggings and a tight shirt with no bra inside. I saw him outside my house. I went out and hugged him, and for in the car, I guess he noticed that I didn’t wear any bra inside with that little smirk he had on his face, we started to move.

We were chatting like we just are started to chat for the first time. We reached the hilltop. Since it was a weekday, the hilltop was pretty deserted other than 2 other couples. We both climbed a cliff. While watching the view, he slowly slipped his left hand to my inner thigh and pressed it slightly.

I understood and turned to him. He then turned more confidently. He moved his left hand to the waist and right on my inner thigh. We both kissed. He was massaging my thigh whole, tonguing me roughly. He started to rub my vagina over my leggings.

We were kissing for so long that saliva was dripping off our mouths. I was leaking down from his rubbing. We decided to take it next level. So we left the place and went to his farmhouse, which wasn’t that far from the hilltop. We to his place, and God, it was amazing. He has his own horse barn.

He pulled me into his house. We both had zero patience and wanted to fuck each other so bad. As soon I entered I was horrified to see a person inside suddenly. I imagined that only we both were in this house.

Aarav: Don’t worry about him. He’s my dad, and more than that, he’s my buddy.

It was horrific and weird to see his father just smiling at us. I didn’t know what to do, so I just waved at him and went inside. Once in, I went to him with so much lust to kiss him. But he pushed on the bed, he came over me, turned me around, and tore my leggings and panty in one go.

I didn’t mind cause even I had no patience. I thought he would make me wet first by tonguing my pussy. But he took out his dick, pushed it in by one go, and trust me, it wasn’t fun at all. It was extremely painful, and a tear fell from my eye.

Me: (in pain) I guess you can take it slow, can’t you?

Aarav: Trust me, you’ll love my roughness. My previous dates loved me.

Saying this, he gave a spank on my ass so hard that I might have bled a little. He kept pumping me so hard that I didn’t see a human but an animal. Dry fucking my pussy wasn’t good at all. His balls were slapping me rough too. He pulled my hair and he was a person who liked it rough.

I was holding my scream cause his father was just outside, and I didn’t want to get embarrassed. It was nothing as he bragged in our chats that he would make me want more. All I could say was, “Slow, slow, slow, you are too rough, please slow down.”

He seemed to care less and was fucking me harder. He suddenly said he was gonna cum, and I shouted, “Not inside!” So he took it out and turned my body, and sprayed it all over my body.

Aarav: Sorry, I couldn’t last longer!

Me: (in mind) It felt like a lifetime, you asshole.

He just slept next to me. I lay there with my legs spread cause my vagina was burning like a volcano. After some time, I woke up. He tore my leggings and panty. All I had was my shirt, so I took a towel, tied it to my waist, and went out.

At this point, I cared less about someone outside. I just wanted fresh air. Hence, I stepped out. I saw his father watching TV. He saw me and was surprised to see me in a towel. He was kind enough to offer me water. I sat there next to him. He went into his room and came out with a nighty of his wife.

Him: Here, please wear this, this is my wife’s!

Me: Oh, you are so sweet, thanks. I hope she doesn’t get mad.

He: Hahaha. Don’t worry, she passed away 2 years ago.

Me: I am really sorry.

It was weird to hear him say she passed away. I went to his room and took off my shirt and wore this nighty. It was pretty tight for my tits, I went out, and he started to look at me and up and down like gazing at his wife.

Since I had no bra and this dress was tight, my nipples were poking out. He didn’t take his eyes off my breasts.

He: You remind me of my wife. This dress suits you well.

I just smiled, and we started chatting with each other. He was kind and super friendly to talk to. He asked about his son.

He: Did he take good care of you? You seem to lose your pants on your way out. (laughs)

Me: Come on, to be frank, he was the worst sex partner I ever had. My pussy is still hurting. (I didn’t realize I said pussy to him)

He: Oh, I am sorry, really. (putting his hands over my shoulders, consoling me). Hey, it’s late-night now. I have a really interesting thing to show you in the horse barn. It’s mating season for them, you wanna see?

Me: Eww, why would you think I am interested? That’s gross to even ask me.

He: It’s dick weighs 8 pounds. (smirks)

Me: Wtf… really? (Surprised and eager) Even I am bored now and not sleepy. Let’s see what you saw talking about.

We both sneaked into the barn silently cause he warned me not to make any noise. We both kneeled down and was watching horses neighing. He said to focus on one horse. That horse was constantly running its head to a mare. I was just shocked to see a horse’s penis for the first time in my life.

It was so huge that my eyes were locked on the horse’s penis. Since I was kneeled down, I am sure that he got quite a view of the shape of my ass. He was explaining to me on horse’s anatomy while slowly rubbing me. I didn’t care about what he was doing cause my focus was all on the horse’s penis.

He: (keeping his hand on my butt and slowly pressing) Do you know horses generally get about 17-20 erections per day.

Me: Wtf, really? They fuck all the time?

He: (slowly moving his hand towards my vagina over the nighty while I was bent) No, only if the mare is interested, see how it is kissing its head and seducing the mare. horses in the forest actually fight to win over the mare. (rubbing my vagina and making me wet)

I was giving out small moans as his fingers rubbed me. But I was completely staring at the horses. Add he was rubbing me, the horse jumped over the mare’s back. It seemed that the mare is seduced as I am.

The horse started to push his penis inside while Aarav’s father pulled my dress up, revealing my soaking wet vagina. The horse and the mare were both neighings while they were mating. Here I was, moaning. He gripped both my ass cheeks and licking my pussy from behind.

The horse was fucking the mare so good for a few seconds and fell to the ground like he was shot down. I was surprised and shocked to see that.

He: Hahaha, don’t worry, it usually happens. After mating successfully and pushing its sperm deep inside the mare, horses fall due to high blood pressure. He’ll be ok.

After that, I came to my senses, and I realized that I was the mare to him. I was pretty wet down. I realized that I was horny, and I want Aarav’s dad’s dick in me as a horse’s dick. I went in for a kiss. He pulled me towards him strongly and started kissing me while massaging my boobs roughly.

But this roughness made me hornier, unlike his son’s. I then went to his dick and started to blow his Hard cock, slurping it. I couldn’t stop but imagine him as the horse. I was his mare for tonight, he then pushed me to the ground. He slowly inserted his wet penis inside me and I took it gracefully.

He started to pump me like a horse I just saw. I was all moaning and scratching his back in ultimate pleasure. This continued for 10 minutes, and he said he was going to cum. So he turned me and pushed his dick in and pumped his love juices inside me and creampied me, and I orgasmed at the same time.

We both neighed loudly like that horse and mare, and he fell next to me. I slept happily next to him in the barn, and the next day, his son woke me up. It was weird and funny to get fucked by father and now son waking me up. I could say that he was angry looking at me naked and got ready to leave.

I just wore that nighty his father gave me and a vagina full of his father’s cum. His father came and smacked my ass in front of his son. (They both were so friendly to fuck son’s date, lol) and told him to drop me back. I could almost see his Aarav’s anger in his eyes to kill me right there.

But I went, and French kissed his father in front of him while he groped and massaged my ass. It was horny. From that day onwards, this place became my favorite place to take my friends here once in a while. So I did get lucky with my Tinder date but in a different way.

If you liked my experience, I would love your comments about that. You can also message me on hangouts using [email protected]. Feedbacks on my story writing is also welcome.

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