A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 26 (Helping Turns Encounter)

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On her way home, she saw the same back bent old man she helped that day. He was walking on the street and walking slowly with the same stick. Kalyani went near him and said hello to him. The old man recognized her. He smiled at her, and he asked about her well-being. He then asked her for a little help.

As the sun is killing him, he needs someone to hold his umbrella until he could reach his house. Hearing him, Kalyani felt sorry, and she held the umbrella over him to help him beat the sun. On the way, Kalyani saw the same two dogs fucking each other.

This time she felt a little awkward while the old man was near her. The old man also saw it. He turned around, lifted his head, saw Kalyani, and smiled at her. Kalyani felt embarrassed. She turned to the other side. But the old man checked out her boobs from the bottom view and her navel too.

He then finally reached his house. It was a little old and lonely house. He opened the door and welcomed Kalyani for a cup of tea. Kalyani refused and told him that she had to get going as she has a lot of work to do. But the old man insisted she come in, or else he might feel bad.

Kalyani felt sorry for him, and she got inside his house. He was all alone in the house, so he went into the kitchen and asked her to sit on the sofa. Then, he went inside the kitchen and started preparing some tea. After a moment, he came out and handed her the tea.

Kalyani didn’t drink the tea as she just now had some in Radha’s house. She kept talking to him and asked about his family. After some time, he went inside his bedroom. Kalyani was sitting on the sofa, and she heard him calling her. She went inside the bedroom saw the old man standing near his bed.

He told her that his eyeglasses are stuck under the bed and asked her to help him get them. Kalyani agreed to do it. She got on her knees, and she bent down. She saw the glasses are at the far end under the bed. So she went under the bed and extended her arm to grab it.

While Kalyani was bent, her ass was facing the old man. He kept staring at her ass, and he literally drooled over it, and his face suddenly went all evil. He was grinning. He slapped her ass with a big ‘Splat’ sound and grabbed it. Kalyani was shocked when her ass was slapped and groped.

Her body up to her hips is under the bed. Then she tried getting out. The old man grabbed her bare hips from behind. He rammed his dhoti-covered hard-on cock over her saree-covered ass. Kalyani panicked, and she shouted at him, “What are you doing?”

The old man said, “It’ll only take a minute,” and he pulled out his cock from his dhoti. He started ramming it over her saree-covered ass. Kalyani tried getting up, but the bed stopped her from getting up. His grip was so hard on her hips, and his thrust on her ass was also hard.

He increased his speed of thrust. He felt younger when he rammed his cock on her ass. Kalyani went horny, but she tried escaping his grip. He then pulled her out of bed, pulled her blouse, and tore it back.

Kalyani was shocked by his rough behavior as he was stronger and manhandled her easily. She shouted, “Stop it, you bastard.” He laughed like a maniac and told her, “Don’t resist me, darling, or I’ll make it harder for you.” He then hugged her waist, and he grabbed her navel and felt its softness.

Kalyani slapped his hands, but he was way stronger. He laughed and enjoyed her fight. He then completely tore her blouse in the back with the bra strap, and she was backless. He hugged her from her back, and he kissed her bareback with his filthy mouth and licked her.

Kalyani shouted for help, but there is no way anyone in the vicinity could help her. She started crying, and tears rolled down her eyes, and she started begging him. But the old man was not in the mood to let loose of the wonderful opportunity.

He removed her pallu, and he inserted his hand under her torn blouse. He grabbed both of the boobs. Kalyani could feel his rough palms over her soft boobs and nipples. He squeezed them harder. He licked and bit her bare shoulders. She reached his hair with her hand and started pulling his hair.

The old man shouted in pain and pushed her harder. Kalyani knocked her head on the wooden bed, and she fell. She was a little out of consciousness, and her eyes went a little dim, and she groaned in pain. She looked at the old man, and he was looking into her, panting heavily.

He was holding his cock out with his big old balls hanging. She couldn’t move, and this gave him an upper hand. When he tried to lift her petticoat, Kalyani saw a dim image of someone standing behind the old man beat him with a steel pipe on his head.

The old man fell, and Kalyani also felt dizzy, and she passed on the floor unconscious. Kalyani then opened her eyes and found herself in an ambulance. She was covered with a blanket, and near her sat the woman inspector Mithra. Kalyani was dizzy and asked her what happened.

Mithra told her to relax and told her that they received an anonymous call about a woman being victimized in a house. After Mithra arrived there, she only found the pervy old man unconscious, and near him was Kalyani with her blouse torn in the back.

They took the old man into custody and now taking Kalyani to the nearest hospital. On her way to the hospital, Kalyani was given a shirt to cover herself. After the treatment, Kalyani gave her a statement. Mithra dropped her in the colony and told her to be careful next time.

It was her second sexual assault in three days. Then before Mithra could leave, Kalyani asked her about the person who made the anonymous call. Mithra replied it was a woman, and she called the police through Kalyani’s mobile. Then Mithra left the spot. Kalyani came inside the colony.

Ayesha and Devi saw her and asked her about the head injury. Kalyani told them what happened, and they helped her get to her flat. Then Devi told her that she’d stay with her to help her with the chores until she gets well. Devi also asked her if her husband knew about the incident.

She replied that he doesn’t know about it and she likes to keep it that way as it will ruin his office trip. Kalyani sat on her sofa and was watching the TV. Devi was in the kitchen and was washing the dishes. Kalyani saw Devi and admired her compassion and helping mind.

Devi, after finishing up the dishes, came near Kalyani and sat beside her. They were watching some songs. Suddenly, a romantic song came up on TV, in which the hero romances the heroine. It was very hot, and it made them both blush and made them horny.

Then Kalyani asked Devi about how she manages her desires without her husband. Devi blushed and told her that she used to talk to him through the phone and sometimes through video calls.

Then Kalyani asked her, “What about physical contact? What will you do if you ever get so uncontrollable somedays.” Devi blushed, and she came near Kalyani and told her that she would use her hand and giggled.

Kalyani asked her, “That’s it? Nothing more?” Devi replied, “What more can I do? At least I can use some vegetables for a change.” Then Kalyani boldly asked her if she ever got a thought of having an affair or anyone tried to flirt with her in her husband’s absence.

Devi giggled and replied, “At first, I had an uncontrollable desire to have sex. Even the thought of having an affair crossed my mind one time. But with a loyal husband who is working hard for me, it is a sin to have an affair.”

Kalyani agreed with her point. Then Devi also told her that males around her tried seducing her many times. But she never permitted them to do so. Then Kalyani asked her if there is anyone she must be aware of while her husband is away.

Devi replied, “Keep your distance from the plumber. He is a pervert. And also keep your distance from that mailman who delivered the package that day.” Then Kalyani asked her if she had any seductive encounter with any stranger? Devi blushed, and she kept quiet with her face smiling.

Kalyani insisted she tells her what it was. Devi told her about the incident when the sorority tried watching a strip dance for fun and how she grabbed the stripper’s cock in her hand. Kalyani giggled and asked her if she liked grabbing his cock.

Devi replied with a smile that she was forced to grab it and forgot her limit for a minute. She told Kalyani that the event still haunts her. Kalyani was finally glad that Devi has started sharing her secrets with her. Devi also told her about the sex doll Kevin who is now fulfilling her desires.

She told Kalyani at least her conscience is clear about not cheating on her husband with another man. Finally, the evening came, and Radha came to Kalyani’s house to deliver the finished garments. She met both Kalyani and Devi.

She asked about Kalyani’s encounter with the old man. She felt sorry for her after some time. She left the colony. After having supper, Devi went back to her house and told Kalyani that she’d be back in the morning. Kalyani is now alone in her house.

She kept wondering who saved her from the old man’s sexual assault. Finally, she closed her eyes to get some sleep. The whole day was a rough one for her. She couldn’t sleep as the day’s events disturbed her so much. She then woke up and called her husband and spoke with him for some time.

The speech was not so sexual. After speaking with him for an hour, she felt a little heartwarming. Then she hung up the phone and turned on the TV. The same late-night romantic and sexy songs were played. She kept imagining herself in those scenes.

She then watched a song in which Sunny Leone danced with some other girls in just her swimsuit. Kalyani always wanted to try a swimsuit. She was mesmerized by the beautiful bikini dance of sunny leone. She then slowly passed into her sleep.

The night went by, and she didn’t have any nightmares that day. The next day Devi came early and helped Kalyani with her chores. After some time came Ayesha to Kalyani’s house. Ayesha was wearing a T-shirt and track pants. She was all sweaty.

She told them that she was doing some exercises on the terrace. Her t-shirt is all soaked with her sweat, and her sports bra was visible through it. She wore a headband and a ponytail. Kalyani took a minute to admire her beauty. Then, the three sat on the sofa, and they talked all the girls’ stuff.

Then Kalyani told Ayesha that she was told that the sorority once brought a stripper to the party. Ayesha looked at Devi, surprised with a question on her face. Devi replied, “What? She is also a member of our sorority. She deserves the truth.”

Then Ayesha had no other way but to tell her the whole story. Kalyani had already seen them in the video. But she was listening to Ayesha’s dictation like she was hearing it for the first time. The three giggled and laughed out while hearing the story.

Then after some time, they heard a man’s voice shouting “MAIL” from the main gate. Devi went out to the 3rd floor’s corridor, and she looked down over the front gate. It was the same pervy mailman with another mail. Devi came back and told the girls, “It’s that pervert,” and her face was a little angry.

Ayesha was confused and asked them briefly. Kalyani explained to her about the incident that happened when he was here the last time. Then Ayesha had this kinky idea. She told them that she’d go and get the mail and try to tease him with some exhibition.

Devi said it was a bad idea. She is giving him what he wants that might end up getting groped by him. Ayesha laughed and told her, “If he does that, I have other plans for him,” and giggled.

Then Ayesha did something that neither of them imagined. She removed her t-shirt and then her track pant. Kalyani and Devi were shocked by her act. Ayesha is just in her thin grey sports bra and a low waist micro shorts that revealed her lower ass cheeks and the front waistline was too low.

She looked over the two. She winked at them and asked them, “How do I look?” The very sight of Ayesha made Kalyani horny, and her eyes were fixed at Ayesha’s breast cleavage through the sports bra. She looked like dusky Disha Patani.

Devi told her, “He is going to eat you today,” and laughed literally. Ayesha swung her ass, and she left the flat to the main gate. Devi and Kalyani looked at each other. They followed Ayesha to the ground floor and hid near the stairs to see what would happen.

Ayesha opened the gate, and the mailman was awestruck. His mouth was open, and he was petrified. Ayesha snapped her finger and asked him for the mail. The mailman snapped out of it, and he was so nervous, and he extended the envelope.

The envelope had Kalyani’s name on it, and Ayesha asked him if she had to sign anywhere. The mailman was nervous, and his eyes were roaming over her hot dusky body. He was looking at her as if there was no tomorrow. Her body looked like a model with those perfectly round boobs and butts.

Then he extended a pen to her and a paper in which her signature was required. His hands were shaking. This time he dropped his pen eventually. Ayesha, who was looking forward to it, bent down, and she took the pen. Finally, the mailman opened his mouth.

He saw her two globes almost out of her bra except her nipples through the cleavage. He also saw her exposed back, and he got the boner. Ayesha saw his crotch is making the tent, and she smiled. She then signed the paper with a heart symbol and gave it to him.

In order to lengthen the show, she looked at the pen. Finally, She told him that she likes the pen and asked him if she could keep it. He told her that she could keep it, but he needs some other pen for himself in exchange. Ayesha then told him to wait while she brings another pen.

She turned around and showed him her slim and curvy hips and her ass cheeks. He didn’t even blink for a second. His eyes were fixed at her ass while her ass swung as she walked to her flat. After she went inside the flat, the man unzipped his pant and pulled out his cock.

It was already horny, and he started stroking it faster. Devi and Kalyani, who were watching it hidden, were shocked by his act in broad daylight. After that, he masturbated in the open, and he was moaning a little faster and panting. He went all sweaty in seconds, and then he finally cummed then and there.

His right hand was wet with his cum. Kalyani and Devi were giggling while seeing him. Then he heard her coming back and put his cock back inside. She handed him another pen. When he extended his right hand to receive the pen, Ayesha felt the wetness and stickiness in his hands.

She immediately pulled her hand back, and with a disgusted look on her face, she shouted at him, “You pervert bastard,” and she slapped him hard on his cheek. He then left the place with a sad face.

Ayesha then washed her hands and came to Kalyani and handed her the envelope. The three chatted about how bold the act was, and Ayesha was so proud and enjoyed the time.

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