Friends Who Like It Rough

If you are into soft lovemaking, then this story is not for you.

Hi, I am a 24 years old guy living and working in Ahmedabad. I have a decent-sized dick and a mind full of bad intentions to make sure she’s having the best time. This story dates back to my college first year. I met a girl who looked very cute. Very calm, simple and good looking girl.

Her face was too beautiful and so was her body. She had a very good set of boobs. It was only once I made her open up. Little did I know that the beautiful face came with wild thoughts. We first became friends, started hanging out together and having late-night chats.

Eventually reached a phase where we were doing everything but dating. The once upon a time friendly hugs turned into long hugs. The friendship was getting slightly physical, a day at a time. Then there was this one time where we fought too much.

In the evening when we met, we resolved everything and got closer than ever. The evening was followed by a long and sensuous hug. While hugging, there came a point where she looked up and I looked down. And we were suddenly making out. It felt we needed this for a long time.

Then one thing led to another thing. Within a month or so, we ended up having sex at her place. It felt amazing, like something we couldn’t have enough of. She usually used to come too soon. The fact that she was getting multiple orgasms, brought us together time and again.

With time, we started knowing more about each other’s choices. It seemed to me that this cute little girl had a lot more in her mind. In reality, she was a sub who needed to be controlled, needed to be tamed. She needed to be handled roughly by someone. Fortunately, this is exactly what I wanted.

Now, this is where the story starts. This one time I was home alone. So we decided to meet at my place. When she entered the house, I closed her eyes from behind. I then whispered in her ears that I wanted to try something she would definitely enjoy. She just had to cooperate. She stood silently.

I then told her that from this moment onwards, she was submitting herself to me. That she would be my sub and I would be her dom. Her breathing became heavier. With a tensed tone she said yes, getting excited and anticipating at the same time. I asked her again if we were clear on our role. She simply nodded.

I grabbed her hair from behind, and I told her, “Speak, bitch’.” She was in pain but somehow managed to say a yes. Now, with my other hand, I tried to enter inside her jeans slowly. She was aware of it but didn’t dare to interrupt. Soon I was inside her, fingering in a way she didn’t expect. Intense and rough.

Her eyes were closed and were giving out soft moans. With another hand, I again pulled her hair and asked her if she was sure of this yes. She said yes. I asked, “Yes who?” She said, “Yes, my Master.” We knew it from then itself that we had established a new relation here.

Not everyone might like this, but this is what we wanted. I dragged her to my room. The way I handled put fear on her face. But she was equally excited to know the way I would treat her next. She knew exactly what I wanted. She went down on me without me even having to ask for it.

She removed my jeans, grabbed my dick in her hands. She looked at me with those cute eyes seeking permission to proceed. When she was certain, she grabbed the tip of my dick and sucked it completely. Finding it difficult to gulp but still trying hard.

Then I grabbed the back of her head and pressed it further, catching her by surprise. Her nails dug deep in my thighs. I allowed her to gather her breath in between. I grabbed her jaw, and gave a slap and asked who are you? She said, “I am your bitch.” This was the moment I was waiting for.

I again grabbed her hair and guided her towards my dick. Then I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. We got into missionary and started fucking slowly. It was painful for her in the beginning but that soon turned into pleasure. We switched position, and she came on top.

She was constantly jumping with her eyes closed. I was grabbing her boobs with both the hands, controlling her jumps. In between, I was pinching her nipples in order to inflict pain. Then I got up before I could ask. She had turned the other way and wanted me to come from behind, showing her bubble soft ass to me.

She got into the doggy style position, just the way a Bitch should. Her ass was so soft that I absolutely wanted to eat it. I initially teased her pussy a bit with my dick, and she started begging me for it. I suddenly grabbed her waist, and with one jerk entered the entire size into her pussy.

She was unable to take it and her eyes were closed trying to understand the magnitude. She felt the whole length and asked me to go slow. But I did the exact opposite. Before she could talk, she started enjoying it. She had her first orgasm. She thought I would stop, but I didn’t.

She mentally started preparing for more. Then just to make this more intense, I did what I loved doing. I grabbed her waist-length hair from behind, to make it appear like I was holding a leash tied to her neck. I wanted to show that I was in control of her. I asked her again, “Who are you?” She said, “I am your bitch.”

I gave her a tight spank with the other hand. Asked her again, she said, “I am your bitch.” She started enjoying this pain. I continued asking her questions followed by spanks and constant hair pulling. I asked her, “What do you like?” She said, “To get fucked.”

I asked, “By whom?” She said, “By my master.” I asked her, “Should I go rough or soft?” She kept quiet. I gave her another spank turning her ass even redder. She quietly whispered, rough. I pulled her slightly upwards and asked again in her ears. She while moaning, loudly said, “Rough sex.”

I said, “That’s my bitch.” We continued fucking in the same position for 10 minutes more with the constant spanks and hairpulling. In between, I was also fingering her other hole. When I was about to come, I turned her around and sprayed all over her body, her face, her mouth.

After this, she told me that she had never come so many times on a single occasion. She absolutely loved it and wanted more and more of it. From that day onwards we knew the real nature of each other. Till today she is my sincere and obedient sub. Hope you liked the story.

I look forward to knowing more females who like similar things and like being manhandled like that. If you liked my story, feel free to drop a mail at [email protected]

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