Hot Pune College Junior Girl Alisha

Hey readers, let me introduce myself. I am Rehan, 21 years old with a good masculine body and a dick with 9-inches long. I live in Pune and this is the incident of my college years.

The goddess of this story is Alisha. She was a sex bomb with a figure 34-30-36. Her boobs were perfect to be squeezed with bare hands.

One day, I was walking down the library to return some books and there I met her, leaning across the table with deep cleavage and hot pants. I went towards her and purposefully bumped myself into her!

Alisha: Oh! I am so sorry; I couldn’t see you coming.

Me: Hey, it’s all right. Are you new here? Never seen you around.

Alisha: Yeah, actually I was looking for some books to help me through my studies.

And later, I found she was the junior of my stream and I reached out to help her. We used to have long study sessions in the library where we used to chat about other stuff as well.

One day, she asked me to meet her in the mall and she sounded very scared.

Me: Heya..

Alisha: Hii! Let’s go and sit somewhere.

Me: Sure.

And we sat at the corner table of an open café. Alisha seemed to be very scared and then when I asked her, she confessed that she liked me a lot and don’t want to lose me. I was shocked when she said those words even though I used to imagine her all the time. However, I reacted very strangely and left the place.

Two days later, I asked for the study session and here I was planning for every possible situation.

We sat at the last seat, next to each other and on that day, she was in her crop-top showing her sexy navel and hot pink pants. After an hour, I slowly slipped my fingers on her thigh and started rubbing it slowly. She was enjoying it but didn’t have any reactions on her face. Then I pressed a little harder and she left a soft moan, “Ahh.”

I whispered in her ears, “You are going to regret this” and pressed my fingers harder and harder.

Alisha: Do you want to have all the fun here only?

Me: Not at all. (pressing her thighs deeper and harder).

She whispered, “Come to the lecture hall in 5 minutes”.

I was not able to stop myself and went only two minutes later. The hot junior girl was standing across the table, and I was losing myself to fuck her badly. I went very close to her and slipped my fingers across her neck, squeezing my lips on her shoulder, lowering the top by my teeth.

I pinned her against the wall and squeezed her chest between me and the wall. Rubbing her wildly, I pressed my hard and muscular dick between her thighs. She was moaning softly. Meanwhile, I was kissing her neck, licking behind her ears and raising her with my dick touching her soft thighs.

Then I lowered the hot junior girl’s pants and panty in one go while pressing the north Indian girl’s boobs with my bare fingers. I squeezed them harder and she removed her top, standing naked in front of me ready to ride.

I made her sit and lowered my shorts, revealing my big dick and rubbed it on the junior girl’s sexy lips. She started sucking it like a professional. I pulled her hairs hard to move faster, gagging her wildly.

Later I raised her and bent her down the table, stretched her legs wide open and squeezed my dick on her pussy. I started moving slowly, rubbing my tip on her clit and making her wet. Suddenly she pressed herself back and my dick was inside her and she screamed in pain.

Alisha: Fuck me, you bastard. Ahhhhh..

Alisha: Thrust that dick and stretch my pussy wide.

I slipped my hands on the horny college girl’s legs and started thrusting hard. My dick was enjoying the junior girl’s tight virgin pussy and I went harder and harder. I kept on pounding her like I want to fuck her till eternity.

Her boobs were getting pressed against the table and she was moaning loudly. With her loud moans, I went faster and faster. The room was filled with her moans. I raised her leg on my shoulder and held her neck with my fingers. I pushed my dick all the way in and she screamed.

I continued thrusting my dick back and forth. Alisha’s boobs bouncing told me that she was in heaven and enjoying this the most. I increased the pace and went faster, making her pussy stretch more.

Then I lifted her and made her sit on my dick. I pinned the Pune college girl against the board and sucked her boobs, making them red. She started bouncing hard on my dick and it went fully in. I touched her G-spot and she was moaning my name loudly.

Alisha: Ahhh..ahhh..ahhh..Fuck me harder..Fuck me!! Your dick is so big.

I started pounding the horny Pune college girl crazily and she was about to squirt. I laid her on the table and spread her legs. I licked her pussy with my tongue and pushed it in. I was flickering it faster against her skin, squeezing my fingers on her nipples and making her crazy.

Alisha started shivering and I went faster, thrusting my tongue back and forth on her pussy and squeezing her pussy lips. Her moans made me even more horny and I started eating her pussy, wildly nibbling around her lips and biting them.

I went faster and faster. The junior girl was about to cum very hard and I squeezed my lips over her clit. Suddenly, she squirted all over the table.

We got dressed after our hot session and were standing next to the door, kissing each other.

Alisha: You are a hot fucker; I am lucky to have you.

Me: Thanks, you are a sex bomb. No one can deny that.

After that, we fucked and made out at every possible place in the college.


Thank you all for reading about my experience. Hope you liked it and made you aroused. You all can contact me at [email protected], I would love to hear your feedback.

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