Honeymoon With Cousin Turns Into Sex Competition!

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Hi. I am Tamanna Saxena and I am back with the next part of the story.

As you know, my cousin had made me his wife, and we were on a honeymoon in Phuket. In the last part, I described how I nearly escaped from an encounter with our mutual friend, Arpit.

This is the story of the next day. Vinay (my cousin) and Arpit went for a swimming competition. Arpit challenged Vinay to beat him in the swimming. I and his intern were made judges. But since I did not want to show my face, I refused. But, the boys went on for the fight anyways.

They went out and we girls got some breathing space. We did not know how the winner would be decided, but we were happy for having a day to ourselves and not getting fucked.

I came to know that if she got a job after this trip, she would have to remain as a whore. He planned to keep her as a personal secretary and she would move in with her in his flat. Basically, she would be fucked day in and day out for a salary.

We girls had lunch and a nap together. Then, at around 11 pm in the night, I got the call informing me that they have finally decided that Vinay was better at swimming, and since he has won, he would enjoy tonight. He said that he’ll reach at 12 in the night, and I should welcome him without a shred of cloth on my body!

Arpit called his intern and said that he had lost, and he had a bad day, he at least wants to have a good night. So she should also please him to his core.

Basically, one way or another, the boys would be having fun with us.

Vinay clearly me instructed that he wanted the light of the flat to be switched off. And as soon as he came back, the first thing he wanted to see after switching on the lights was my nude body. He wanted me to be completely nude, and wait in the darkness.

I had no option but to wait like an escort and give him the reward for making the college proud.

My cousin took a cab to reach the flat. It was a cold night, and I was feeling a bit cold so I draped a thin pink dupatta over me. I also arranged for a cake, for the celebration.

He messaged me 5 minutes before arriving. I switched off all the lights and closed the door. He arrived in a cab, and I could hear the footstep as he approached the door. Our room was on the ground floor.

My cousin rang the bell. I opened the door without switching on the light. I made sure that I was behind the door so that nobody else could see me.

Vinay entered the room and placed his bed near the door. I closed the door and locked it. It was pitch dark in the room, but I could locate where he was.

I then congratulated him for winning the game. I whispered in a very low voice that I was proud of him and that we should celebrate his winning.

He replied in a high tone, “Yes dear, we are going to enjoy this big night”.

My cousin then moved to open the light. He switched on the blue night light to make a romantic scene. He was glad to see the room decorated with balloons and see the cake on the table. He was a bit saddened by not seeing me nude.

He shouted to me that he only gave me one task, and that was to be nude, but I was covered with pink pallu. He then pulled down my pallu in one go. I was now standing nude in front of m cousin, with my head down. He then slapped my ass and smiled.

I said, “Sorry that I was in the dupatta, I was feeling cold.”

Vinay said, “Don’t worry, you’ll sweat all night.”

I then requested him to cut the cake for this celebration. He cut the cake, and then I put a piece inside my mouth and fed him. He sucked my lips and tongue. He played with my tongue inside my mouth. My cousin’s tongue was trying to touch each and every tooth of mine.

Vinay then asked me to undress him, which I did. I removed every cloth from his body, except the underwear.

Vinay then asked me to take out his medal, and pose with him. He took a selfie with a medal in his neck, and I was standing nude beside him. He was holding me from my waist, and kissing me in several pics. He then said that he had brought a gift for me. I said that it was very nice of him to remember me in the middle of the tournament.

I kissed him on his cheeks and asked where was my gift? He asked me to sit down on my knees and close my eyes and that he will hand over the gift to me. I did as he said.

My cousin took something out of his bag and then asked me to put my hands behind me. As I placed my hands behind my back, I felt something velvety on my ankles. He then asked me to open my eyes. My hands were handcuffed! He said that it was my gift and I have to wear it. He said that I was his trophy from now.

I had no other choice. My hands were tied.

My cousin then sat on the sofa and asked me to come close to him. I crawled on my knees. He raised his left foot and I licked it a bit. I began sucking his toe. He was loving it.

Vinay then signaled me to lick his dick over his undies. I did that. It was getting erect. I was licking over the undies and it was getting wet from my saliva and his precum. His dick was completely erect.

Vinay then said that since I was doing a good job, I’ll be rewarded.

Vinay took out a pink lipstick from his bag and gifted it to me as a reward. I was happy to see one nice gift.

My cousin then stood from the sofa and came behind me. He put my hair in front of me and caressed my back. I was getting excited by his touch on my bareback. He then used the lipstick to write “TROPHY” over my back. I know that by ‘trophy’, he meant ‘slave’.

Vinay clicked a pic and showed it to me. He then sat on the sofa. I once again started licking his underwear, signaling I was ready for the job. He then asked me to lie down while keeping my feet on his thighs. It was a bit weird but I did it.

My head was rested over the ground, and he was holding my feet. This made my navel, boobs, and pussy directly facing him. My cousin first played with my boobs and massaged them. He grabbed them hard and pressed them. He pinched my nipples a couple of times.

My cousin then kissed over my navel. I knew he like navel very much and he spent over 5 minutes on that. Then he kissed my pussy and inserted his tongue into it. My cousin then inserted one of his fingers in my pussy and started fingering me. Slowly, he added two and then three fingers. By then, I was screaming and my pussy was getting wet.

My cousin fingered my pussy for over 5 minutes. He then started kissing my pussy again, but this time, he was inserting his finger in my ass. He kept fingering my ass and kissing my pussy.

After 15 minutes, he put me down and then asked me to remove his underwear. I hoped that he would uncuff my hands, but he did not. So I used my mouth to remove his underwear. I pulled it from one side, and then from the other, and so on. I did it 15 times before his underwear was finally below his knees.

My cousin’s dick was at 90 degrees. I did not waste any time and started licking it. He was enjoying it and so was I.

Suddenly, he held my face with his hand and started stroking my mouth hard. He was full from a week of practice and he ejaculated all his cum in my mouth.

My cousin still kept his dick in my mouth while I drank all of his cum. I then used my tongue to clean his penis.

Then he sat on the sofa while I lay on his lap. I was now lying on the sofa, with my face near his penis. My cousin was enjoying my nude body by caressing his hand over my clean pussy. I was also playing with his dick. I was licking it. I used my hands to play with his foreskin.

His dick was getting bigger and bigger. After 15 minutes, my cousin’s dick was ready again for the job.

He asked me to stand up near the window. Our window was just in front of the dressing table. As I went there, he cuffed my hand to the window grill and asked me to watch myself in the mirror. He then brought some ice-cubes and a peacock feather.

My cousin used the ice-cubes to rub over my boobs. I was feeling cold and my nipples were erect. He then used the peacock feather to run over my body. My body hairs were erect with sensation. He then used the peacock feather to run over my pussy and asked me to pee.

I was shocked a bit, but he wanted me to pee in the standing position.

Vinay wanted me to look myself in the mirror while I was peeing. It was a bit of effort but finally, I peed. He was holding my waist in his arms while I was peeing.

As soon as I peed, he clicked a selfie while kissing me. This was the weirdest thing I had ever done! To be nude in your cousin’s arms, while peeing standing, and getting clicked and kissed, was even erotic for me.

My pussy was wet. I was just looking at my cousin in the mirror and begging for his erect dick. He finally accepted my begging.

I spread my legs when he came from the front. He was tall enough to be able to stroke me in the standing position. My cousin inserted his half dick in one go. Then he rested for a while and inserted his full dick.

It was a big dick and I screamed! I grabbed the windows tightly while my cousin rammed me. I was shouting in my full voice while my cousin was using his athletic power to stroke me.

He asked me to count every stroke. I did that with a scream. I counted till 40 before he ejaculated inside me.

Vinay then allowed me to rest for a while. We could still hear fucking sounds from Arpit’s room. He was giving his intern a nightmare! She was shouting on top of the world. I did not know what gift he had brought.

Hearing those sounds, Vinay was feeling a bit jealous. How can he not fuck so hard? So, he decided to punish me more.

I was still handcuffed and tied to the window. Vinay took a stick out and tied my legs on the end of the stick. My legs were wide apart. He asked me to turn around and face the window.

My cousin then took some of the ice and inserted that inside my pussy. He first fingered it and then put two ice cubes in it. It was very titillating. But the worse was yet to come.

My cousin’s dick was erect again and he rubbed another ice cube over my ass hole. And then he started finger that hole. I started screaming. I begged him not to do that, at least in the standing position. But he did not listen.

Vinay then inserted two of his fingers in my ass. I shouted as loud as possible. He then said, “Shout my wife, shout! We have to win this night also.” And then my cousin inserted his dick in my ass. It did not go through my ass in one go. I screamed hard. He wanted my voice to reach Arpit’s room.

Vinay then pushed again and I screamed again. He tried once more, and then it was fully inside my anus. I was screaming in pain.

My cousin then started to thrust my ass and I started shouting. His only aim was to ensure that my screaming reached Arpit’s room. In this manhood contest, we girls were rammed like anything!

Given that Vinay was my cousin, I could only imagine what was going in the other room. I felt pity for the girl and for me too.

My cousin fucked my ass for another 15 minutes, till it started bleeding. By then, the ice in my pussy has also melted. I was ready to pee again.

I asked him to open my handcuff so that I can go to the bathroom. He opened the stick and handcuff but held me by my waist.

He hugged me, and said, “Tamanna, today you pee in my arms.”

He touched his dick to my pussy, his one hand on my boobs another on my back, his lips on my lips, and said, “Pee now.”

I was already in pain due to bleeding ass. I had no strength to argue and I peed then and there in my cousin’s arms.

I hope you liked this part of my honeymoon also. Please let me know at [email protected]

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