Magical Meeting With A Client

I recently started experimenting with boudoir/bold shoot. I created an Instagram profile to explore this genre. Finding people to pose for you with minimal clothing or totally nude is very difficult. I started following many people and also posted some of the work I had previously done, till I arranged a meeting with a client.

After over a month, I got my first breakthrough. An anonymous profile sent me a message request asking for more details about this genre of photography.

After a brief while, the anonymous person gave out her name as Deepa – a 32-year-old resident of Chennai. We got to chat a while, and she was convinced to do a photoshoot with me.

Deepa and I exchanged numbers, and we were in constant touch. By now, we had also seen each other’s pictures as well. She was medium built, dusky colored, and had one of the most expressive eyes I had seen in a long time.

She called me one afternoon and told me that she is coming to Bangalore for a 3-day conference. This would be the right time for the shoot. I was looking forward to meeting her and taking amazing pictures of this beautiful girl.

Deepa arrived on a Saturday morning from Chennai. She told me that she is in a service apartment in the Kormangala area. Since I knew the area well, I asked her if we could meet up that evening in a pub. I also told her that it was within walking distance of her apartment. She agreed, and we decided to meet by 7 PM.

Deepa wore a casual sleeveless khadi top paired with a long cotton floral skirt. She looked very different and gorgeous than what I had seen of her in the pictures. We started talking, and we hit it off from the word go. We bonded well over conversations, good booze, and food.

Out of the blue, Deepa asked,  “So, when do we shoot?” I told her we can do it tomorrow if she was fine with it. Deepa asked me if I had any idea for the shoot. I showed her some samples and ideas (on my phone) about how I would want to capture her.

She was awestruck at seeing the images on my phone. She had a mischievous smile while she scrolled the gallery. “Can you do it, or is it too much?” I asked her. She said she was looking forward to the shoot. (Psst… she was more eager for the shoot than me.)

It was 9:30 PM, and we called it a night. I walked her to her apartment. She invited me in, and we hung around for a while. It was a pretty spacious pad, and I asked her if we could shoot there. She was more than happy coz she did not have to travel anywhere. (Those who are aware of the Bangalore traffic know it best.)

We sat in her living room and asked her if she had any more ideas that she would like to try. She opened a galley on her phone and asked me to scroll through while she went for a quick change. I saw some amazingly shot nude pictures that she had picked off the net as references.

I must admit that they were 100 times hotter than the samples I had shown her earlier. As I scrolled further, I saw some self-shot nude pics of Deepa herself. I was stunned by looking at her picture. While I saw her pictures, Deepa came out of her room, changing into a comfortable pair of shorts and a long t-shirt.

She had a mischievous smile on and quipped, “Like what you saw?”

Even before I could say ‘Yes,’ my hard-on gave away the answer. She was quick to notice that and started laughing. She came and sat next to me and asked, “How do we take care of these horny situations while shooting?” pointing at the hard-on.

I was embarrassed and told her that I was a thorough professional and would not do anything silly. She said, “But I am not a professional as you are,” and kissed my lips. I gave in to the temptation and went with the flow.

We kissed passionately while my hands had already started exploring her beneath her t-shirt. There was no surprise as she had not put on a bra inside her shirt. We removed each other’s shirts and continued kissing. I caught on to her breasts and started licking and biting them.

She was moaning already. I slid my other hand into her shorts (again no underwear) and started rubbing her neatly trimmed, already wet vagina, her moans got louder, and I slid her shorts down. Her kisses and her grip on me became stronger and passionate.

Within no time, I had my pants un-done. Both of us were naked, and we hugged each other tightly while she continued stroking my dick. We moved into her bedroom, where she lay on the bed. I went on top of her and shifted the action towards her legs. I licked and kissed her legs and feet.

I could say that she was thoroughly enjoying this. I then moved to her pussy and started licking the pussy to maximize the pleasures I let my tongue do all the tricks. She was screaming with pleasure and within no time burst out a sigh of relief of an orgasm. It was her turn. Next, she rolled me over on the bed and went straight for the kill.

She held my dick in her mouth and started giving me one of the best blowjobs I have ever got. She gently stroked my balls while she sucked on them. After a while, she mounted my dick and started riding me while squeezing her breasts.

I rolled her over and started pounding her pussy in the missionary position. We thoroughly enjoyed this. It was my time to finish off. She wanted me to cum on her breasts, and I did just that. Both of us lay next to each other for a while, reminiscing the magical evening that it was.

The next day was the actual shoot day. Can you just imagine what all happened there? Write to me at [email protected] and I will tell you about the sex at the hot photo shoot.

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