An Erotic Hot Spa Story

I was a reader of for quite a long time and still I am. I always loved this site, I had many experiences but this is my first story.

Stay with me and you will definitely enjoy reading this story. No crap freshly brewed.

*** This is just a story of satisfaction, no fucking will be presented. Maybe in the coming stories I will describe my experiences, if I get enough encouragement from you readers on this one. ***

It all started on a Friday evening, where my friend and me were sitting at a nice restaurant and was sipping some chilled and freshly brewed beers. I asked my friend on coping up with pressure. He casually replied why not go to a spa. He said that he would take me to a nice and safe place on Saturday morning.

We completed our beers and left. On Saturday morning, we started our journey and reached the place.

My masseur was having very red juicy lips, white skin tone, with a glow around her face and was really cute. She was wearing a little make up, but her face was so relaxing and her figure was like a sculpture. She had firm boobs, thin waist line and an awesome back figure. She was wearing a blue uniform. I was lost looking at her.

The hot masseur took me into a room and asked me to change in to a disposable poly cotton panty and a towel was given. The place was smelling so fresh with the essence of sandal wood, jasmine and benzoin. I was laying back, relaxed.

She came with some oil and started rubbing my feet, toes and legs. Then she made this awesome move, she placed the front portion of her closed fist and twisted in the center of my feet which kind of made me float in the air for a second! She then started climbing on the bed and was massaging my back with oil. That was an awesome feeling!

The masseur’s boobs (still in her dress) were touching my bare skin slightly and the sexual energy in me was slowly increasing.

I went to heaven the moment she bent down and placed her front portion of arms on my back to apply oil, which made her boobs touch my bare skin. She started massaging my neck and back with her arms for quite sometime.

I was enjoying the relaxing massage and the slight touch of her boobs. Meanwhile my dick was saluting her for the excellent service she was delivering.

The massage girl started pressing my butt and was slowly going near my penis. I was enjoying this whole act. I even thought that my dick would come out and tear this weak poly cotton panty but it withstood the pressure.

This went on for quite some time and the sexual beast in me was shouting for her touch on my dick! So, I made my mind whatever happens, let it and asked her, “Are there any happy moments you will be giving me?”

She looked at me seriously. I was confused for a second.

The masseur went out and then came back. She said, “I was just confirming with my boss and you have to pay separately for that”. She just smiled and that smile made me relax and my dick started raising more and was standing to get pleasured. I agreed to pay and the art of seduction started.

She asked me to turn on the front side and lay down. She was standing near my head and started massaging my forehead.

When she bent forward to massage my chest, her boobs were beside my face and it was like the entire side portion of her boobs were touching the side of my face. Her hot breath near my neck was giving me goosebumps and the dick started to come out.

She massaged my chest and then went on to my stomach and massaged for some time. Slowly, the masseur started moving her hands near my dick. She went in for some distance and came back – this repeated for 3 times and my dick was oozing precum! I guess she might have noticed it too. She tuned off the light and placed her hand on my dick and started stroking in the dark!

I was trying to touch her, she laughed and lifted her shirt near the waist so that her waist portion was accessible to my hand. I was moving my hand near her waist slowly. It was very soft and smooth. Intentionally, I delayed touching her belly button and slowly started moving my finger tips through out the front and back portion of her waist.

Slowly, the masseur started twisting and enjoying my touch. Then I slowly moved to her belly button and made a circle with my index finger, just outlining the outer portion of her belly button. Her body twisted for a second and I slowly kept my index finger inside the belly button and made it twist in a sensible manner. She left out a slight moan was continuously stroking my dick.

I was not able to cum even after quite some time and she asked me to cum fast. I said that I want to touch her boobs. I thought she would refuse but she lifted her shirt, lifted her bra and freed her boobs and positioned my hands on them with her other hand.

Her boobs made me realize nothing on earth might be that softer and fluffier. I was in ecstasy and I squeezed her boobs with my full force. She might have felt a bit of pain and left out a moan.

I controlled myself and said that I will be gentle and started moving my lips towards her nipples. But she kept a finger on my lips and pushed away. I understood and respected her. I finally gave her another hard squeeze and left her boobs from my hard grip.

Then I made a circle on her areola with my middle finger. Gently, I caught hold of her nipples. If there had been a chance to put them in my mouth, I would have sucked them like a daemon. But the massage girl did not let my mouth near her boobs and I respected that. But she was in mood and her nipples were very hard.

I started touching her nipples gently and she was enjoying. Then I placed her right nipple in between my index and middle finger and squeezed it hard. She increased the pressure on my dick while she moaned and enjoyed.

I did not squeeze her left nipple for some time and was making circles on the areola. After some time, I placed the left nipple in between my middle and thumb and pinched it.

She twisted and made quite a loud moan. She was showing her pleasure on my dick and was stroking at extreme pressure. I felt pain and I told her to decrease the speed. She came back to her senses and said, “Cum fast, it has been quite some time now.”

(Trust me guys, if you concentrate only on pleasuring the girl, you can hold the hardness for a very long time!)

I noticed an urgency in her tone maybe due to her bosses. So I started concentrating on cumming. I sat up and started feeling her boobs and nipples. Finally, I did cum so much with much greater relaxation. The sexy masseur gave an excellent happy ending for me.

The main thing in this story was I completely forgot my worries, frustration and everything for 2 hours and enjoyed the spa session. She adjusted filters for me in the bathroom for nice warm water.

I took bath and came back. I paid her more than what she asked for. While I was dressing, she gave a kiss on my cheeks with a nice smile and left the room.

Thank you for reading!! I hope you have enjoyed too!

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