Dusky Actress Gets A Birthday Gift – Part 2

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc. I am half Muslim.

You can read my stories here, and yes, they are real-life experiences just like this one about a birthday gift. I write these experiences as I want to share them anonymously with you guys. I am thoroughly enjoying speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback.

Apologies for the long wait since the first part, Dusky Actress Gets A Birthday Gift

As you may have read in my previous story, we saw a pair of headlights approaching. Dipannita just pulled down her dress and sat in the passenger seat. I lifted my seat up, put my cock back in my jeans.

The car approached and passed us by. I started my car but saw the car had stopped close-by. I didn’t wait and quickly drove off. I knew she wanted more, so I teased her

Me: So, I’ll drop you home now?

Dipannita: You’re not getting away that easily. I need to taste your cum.

Me: You’re hungry?

Dipannita: Yes, for your cum. It goes either in my mouth or my pussy. But you’re not getting away from me till you give me what I want.

I knew she was hornier after cumming once. I wanted her to be hornier.

Me: So, I’ll book a hotel?

Dipannita: Take me to my room. The landlord is out of town, and so are my roommates. I’ll ride you everywhere.

We reached her house, and we quietly sneaked. I parked my car a little away, so no one suspects anything till morning. Her landlord stayed on the ground floor, and their house was locked. The PG room was on the first floor, and Dipannita started kissing me as soon as we entered the staircase.

Dipannita: The room is too far away. Get down now

She pushed me down and asked me to lick her pussy. I did, and she started moaning as if she had sex after a long time.

Dipannita: Mmm, yes, yes, yes. Your tongue feels aah so good, baby aah!

I kept licking, and she kept moaning loudly. After about 10 minutes, she raised me up and started opening my pant to get to my cock. She found it, and it was sticky from her cum earlier.

Dipannita: I’ve marked my territory. I’ll leave a lot more marks before the night is done.

Saying that, she started sucking my dick. It was even more pleasurable now. I felt a real, tingling sensation. I got really hard in her tiny mouth. Her mouth felt like a perfect fit on my cock.

Her tongue roamed around perfectly. I could see her in the little light that came from outside in the otherwise dark staircase. She was not using her hands, just her mouth, and tongue.

Me: Fuck yeah! You suck very well. Oh, yes, baby!

Dipannita: I love your dick. It’s really juicy and fits well in my mouth.

I was now losing control and needed my cock buried inside her. I pulled her up and bent her over the staircase, and dropped her dress. She was now standing nude, holding the wall bent over with her juicy pussy inviting my hard dick.

I pierced my hard cock from behind, and she let out a long hard moan. I did too. Her pussy was tight, but it felt tighter in this position. I had to wait, stay still to adjust to this new-found pleasure.

Dipannita: Oh, baby! You feel so big! I want your cum in me!

She started reversing slowly, indicating me to start to romp. I started fucking her slowly. I gave slow strokes for a few minutes and then a long stroke that pierced through her pussy, making her scream.

Dipannita: Aaah! Fuck, is it getting bigger inside? Do it again.

I obeyed and pulled my dick out to drive it deep again. She moaned again. I felt her pussy tighten, and that made me hornier. I started fucking her hard from behind, and she kept grunting and moaning.

I lifted her left leg on the window sill and grabbed her shoulders to hold her back as I fucked her hard.

Dipannita: Oh, ma! Ufff your dick is tearing me apart! My god! Please don’t stop.

She kept moaning. I kept fucking her even more vigorously because her pussy felt so damn good! I knew she was getting close, and so was I. I grabbed her breasts from behind and started biting her neck and ears. This twist tightened her pussy around my cock more, and she had to let go.

She came, and I swear I felt like a pincer grabbed my cock. Her juices flushed my dick with a hot orgasm, and I gave in too. I started cumming in spurts, and she felt it too. She grabbed me from behind and pushed me in deeper, milking me completely.

We just grabbed each other and smooched each other for a while. We were yet to make it to the bedroom. We were already horny, as if the sun won’t rise tomorrow. As we entered the house, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

We somehow made it to the bedroom, with three single beds. She pushed me on the bed and pulled off my pants. She swiftly and quickly undressed and started going down on me. She was hellbent on getting me hard again and get fucked quickly.

Dipannita: Fuck, this dick is too fucking good.

Her mouth really was a perfect size. I still remember every second of my dick in her mouth. My dick was hard in no time, and she jumped on it and started riding it like she was possessed.

But this time, I wanted to make her feel special, so I grabbed her and pushed her down. She was surprised and grabbed my neck. She smooched me as I started fucking her missionary and started moaning in my mouth. She was dripping wet, and I knew what I had to do.

I lifted myself above her, spread her legs, fixed my hands under her legs, and held her hips down with my weight. She was stretched and could feel it. And that’s when I did it. I pushed my cock deeper than she has ever felt.

I felt my dick stab through her vagina into her cervix. She began to scream in my mouth. She started yelling, trying to free herself. But I had locked and pinned down.

She gave in to the pain after shouting and finally started feeling pleasure. She was experiencing this feeling for the first time.

Dipannita: My god! No one has aah fucked me so deeply. It feels amazing!

She was lost and mesmerized. I could see that from how she had grabbed the bedsheet. She was biting her lips and had her eyes rolled to the back of her head. After fucking her deeply for around 15 minutes, I again surprised her by lifting her up and making her sit atop me.

She could not move the same way as earlier since my cock was deeper than she was used to. I kept thrusting from below and made her comfortable. We fucked like that for some 20 minutes and then removed her from my dick. I made her lie down on her chest.

I joined her legs and spread mine over her. She tried looking back. But I held her head down against the pillow. I started entering her pussy from behind. She was tightest like this. I lay on top of her and started squeezing her tits.

My weight was on her completely. She turned her head, and I smooched her. I started slowly thrusting, and she was humming each time I went in. She was feeling my big cock fucking her pussy walls.

I started fucking her hard in the same position. In some 10 minutes, her pussy started contracting on my dick. She was close. I knew it. I didn’t know she was that close because very soon, she sort of exploded.

She cum on my dick, screaming. Immediately after she cum, her pussy walls grabbed my dick, and I felt like a hand was pulling me in. It was too much for me. I came in her pussy again. I felt a whole of cum dropping deep in her pussy.

I stayed like that, and we both fell asleep. We woke up once again to go fuck on the rooftop before dawn, and we fucked till the next day. I think we fucked some 4 more times throughout the next day.

We continued our affair for a few weeks before she headed back home to Siliguri. She later fell into some bad company and developed a drug habit, and we lost contact. She now does some softcore movies available on the sleazy OTT platforms.

I know this story was long, but if you want to know what happens in the next part, send me feedback at [email protected] Also, don’t ask me for contacts details of the girls in my stories.

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