Story Of A Cuckold Boyfriend – Part 2

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Earlier in the story, you guys read about how I seduced Neha and had a sex chat with her. In this part, I’ll share how we met and exchanged our cum with each other.

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After the streamy sex chat, Neha was eager to meet me, and so was I to fuck her brains out. She was happy that she would taste another man’s cock after 9 months. That too with someone she could trust and enjoy.

We chatted for some days discussing where to meet, which place to book the room, what she should wear, etc. After a lot of discussions, we fixed the date. We decided to start the trip on Friday and then come back by Sunday evening.

Finally, it was Friday. She was nervous, and her mind was somewhere else. All the excitement was visible or, say, imaginable through the way she talked on call. We decided to meet at Newtown gate no 2 and then head towards Digha. I took my friend’s car and waited for her to arrive.

I was struck looking at Neha. She was much hotter than what could be seen in her pictures. She had such a pretty face completed with her never-ending smile. She was in a yellow dress that came up to her knees, and her milky white legs were in full display.

We both were happy and nervous seeing each other. We didn’t know what to say. To break the silence, I introduced myself, and then we both hugged each other. It was a short hug for around 10 seconds. Then I opened the car door for her. Then we headed towards the hotel where we had booked the room.

Neha’s body was tight and firm. She was not fat but medium built. The size of her breasts was perfect. But the boobs would not fit in one’s hand perfectly.

After a drive of 1 hour, the roads were almost empty. I kept my left hand on her thigh, feeling her skin for the first time. She gave me a naughty smile and leaned forward. She placed her hand on my pant and started feeling the hardness of my cock over the pant. We played with each other till we reached the hotel.

It took us around 4 hours to reach the hotel. Once we were in, I hung the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ card on the door handle and then bolted the door.

Neha pulled on my t-shirt and kissed me passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck and continued smooching. I picked her up in my arm and moved towards the bed. We broke the kiss to catch up some breath. She rolled on the bed, pulled out her phone, and video called Anil.

Neha – Hey, babe, we have reached.

Anil – That’s awesome. I was waiting so eagerly here. Let the show begin.

I understood this was a pre-planned move by the couple. But I didn’t mind it as I just wanted to make his girlfriend my bitch. Neha placed the mobile on the bed facing us. I got on top of her, and we kissed again. She closed her eyes as I felt and cupped her round tits and squeezed them softly from above the dress.

I could feel her hands exploring my body and feeling my boner.

Me – You want it?

Neha – Yes, I want it so bad.

Me – I’m gonna make you my personal whore and fuck you like one.

Neha – With pleasure. Show no mercy and give this dick to me. Use me as you want.

I removed her dress in one swift move. She was half-naked by now. My erection was at its full enjoyment. We both were enjoying the moment to the fullest. Within no time, I unhooked her sexy bra.

We then switched positions to cowgirl. Her big tits staring at me as I felt her press her pussy on my boner was enticing. She then removed my T-shirt and began kissing all over my chest leaving love bites wherever she kissed.

I groped her boobs and teased her hard pointy nipples for few minutes while she was busy kissing and moaning. I played with her milky boobies one by one. I also squeezed, pinched, sucked on them while licking her areola and nipples.

I kissed and licked her gorgeous neck repaying with dark love bites. She dry humped my boner and spanked her soft bubble ass hard a couple of times. Neha moaned in pain and pleasure.

Me – Anil, your girl is a proper fuck toy. I’m gonna enjoy her so much.

He was jerking off, watching his girl all naked on top of another man.

Anil – She’s all yours, dude, make her your bitch and satisfy my cock hungry slutty baby girl.

I turned to look at her. Neha just blushed with a seductive look on her face. I then ordered her to release my cock from my boxers. She moved down like a good girl, unbundled my belt, opened the pant button, and slid the pant along with the boxer. My hard cock just swung up in full glory in front of her.

Neha stared at it for a good time. She kept her hands on my cock that had become more hard with her touch. She was caressing it with her soft hands and moved the skin to and fro. I then moved to the bed edge, and she got down on the floor.

Anil was screaming from the speaker as he wanted to watch it all. I took the phone and handed it to Neha. She then held the phone with one hand as she knelt down. She cupped the base of the cock shaft with the other hand, kissed the tip of the cock, and circled it with her tongue.

Then he took it fully in her mouth. I was lost in heaven as I was enjoying one of the best blowjobs of my life. While sucking my cock Neha kept looking towards my eyes. I just held her hair, rolled them in my fist, and started fucking her mouth gently. Her movement was under my control now, and she knew it.

I was moving her mouth to and fro on my cock slowly as she sucked on it with every stroke. Then I increased the speed and depth, making her deep throat my cock. After a minute or two of hardcore mouth fucking, she pushed back with saliva dripping from her mouth, moaning at the same time.

I took the phone from her. I allowed Neha to suck on my dick and choke herself with it few times as her bf watched her in surprise. She increased her speed and fucked her mouth for around 5 minutes. Then I removed my cock from her mouth.

I pulled her up and kissed her lips before laying her on the bed. Then I ordered her to open her legs wide, and she did so like a good girl. I then slid her panty aside and kissed her socked, warm pussy lips. Neha closed her eyes in ecstasy and pressed my head towards her pussy.

I teased her clit with my tongue tip. Then I slid my 2 fingers in her pussy till I felt her g-spot. I started fingering her and gradually increasing my speed. Within no time, she had an orgasm, and her pussy juice started to flow through my hand.

I cleaned all the juices from her pussy and my hand. Then we were all ready for the main session. I got up and bent her over in doggy style. I took my dick near her pussy entrance and teased her for some time, making her beg to be fucked by me. Anil was excited too and cheered for me to fuck his girlfriend.

Once I felt she could not control it, I gave her a deep thrust. I slipped in my dick tip in her tight pussy and spanked her ass. Neha let out a moan, and her moans got louder with each increasing stroke as I entered her inch by inch. She started pinching her nipples one by one. It made her appearance more sexy and horny.

I kept thrusting till I was deep inside her pussy in a doggy position. Then I pulled out fully only to slide my hard dick back inside her wet, lubed pussy. I banged Neha in hardcore sex nonstop for around 10-15 minutes. Then I removed my cock and turned her over.

I pulled her on the edge of the bed and inserted my dick in her pussy in one go. I kissed her as I pounded her pussy with slow deep long strokes. I sucked on her nipples and kneaded them. Her boobs were all red and left with marks. I felt her pussy was soon going to explode. So I increased my speed.

I was continuously banging her pussy and pinching her nipples. She kept playing with her clit as I fucked her harder and harder. Soon enough, she released her cum all over my cock. My cock was drowning in her love juice. I felt her get too relaxed and loosen up.

But I was not done with her. Soon I shocked her with two slight slaps on her ass. She was back in her form as soon as I slapped her, though she liked how I treated her. I could feel I was about to cum. So I slowed my speed and started banging her more.

I was softly brushing my dick on her spongy spot, which made her scream more loudly. Neha wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her sliding my dick deep down her pussy. She moaned for me to cum inside her, and I did the obvious.

I pinned her on the bed and started fucking her with all my force. She matched my strokes by pulling me back inside her with her legs every time I pulled out. Soon I felt my balls tighten up as I left out a moan of pleasure. I filled her pussy with my big hot load of cum.

We rested in the same position with my dick inside her pussy and her legs wrapped around my back. We both were breathing heavily. I complimented her style and beauty. After some time, we got up, and my soft dick slipped out of her pussy.

We both looked into each other’s eyes, and then I kissed her lips passionately. Though she could not say anything through her mouth, her eyes spoke out how satisfied and happy she was after a long time.

She then took her phone and showed Anil all the love bites, handprints on her butt, and the cum over her thighs from her freshly fucked pussy. Anil thanked me for fulfilling their cuckold fantasy and ended the call.

We then cleaned ourselves and then slept naked, hugging and kissing each other. We were tired, and it was almost 1 AM in the morning (night).

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