Me And My Girlfriend – Part 2

Hey guys, I got a great response to my previous story. I tried replying to everyone. Sorry, I got tied up with my job and all so couldn’t write. Here is the next part of the story, If you haven’t read part 1, I suggest you read it to get a better sense of the story here ‘Me And My Girlfriend’.

Now coming to part 2:

So after we had our dinner, I paid the bill and opened the Ola app to book a cab. Meanwhile, Tani became sad as she thought it’s time for me to leave. We were deeply in love. So whenever we parted ways she used to become really sad and sometimes she would even cry.

Today she was more emotional. Maybe due to all the action, we had and she did not want it to end. Anyways, for my cab, I put the destination of the hotel instead of the bus stop and didn’t tell her. She always used to drop me till the bus stop. Hence I knew my plan to surprise her would work this way.

I told her I had one more surprise for her before I leave. I need to tie a band on her eyes as soon as we sit in the cab. She insisted on me to tell her but I didn’t. After a while, she agreed to go with my plan. As soon as the cab came, we entered the cab. I closed her eyes and tied my handkerchief on her eyes.

Now she was thinking we were on our way to the bus stop but little did she know. All the while we couldn’t keep our hands away from each other’s bodies. We kept on frisking and feeling each other. She even sucked my finger and I massaged her boobs. Then we started smooching passionately.

The driver tried really hard to concentrate on the road but the poor chap couldn’t. In about 15 minutes we reached the hotel and I asked her to keep sitting. I paid the driver, went over to her side, opened the door and helped her out. Then I went behind her hugged her from behind.

My cock was already semi-hard due to action in the cab and it poked on her ass. I pressed my crotch hard on her ass so she could feel my dick. Then I slid her hair to the side and whispered in her ear, “You can open your eyes baby.” She untied the handkerchief and opened her eyes.

As soon as she saw that we were in front of a hotel instead of the bus stand, she got confused and asked why are we here. I gave a kiss on behind her ear and whispered sensually, “Oh, Baby, I am all yours for tonight. I am not going anywhere!”

She jumped in excitement. She turned around and kissed me right there on the road. It was really arousing kissing in the public. She was really happy and her eyes welled up with tears of joy. She gave me a really tight hug. We went inside the hotel, holding hands.

We checked in and all the while hotel bell boys were checking her out. I was kinda jealous and proud at the same time. As soon as we got inside the room, I locked the door behind me. She jumped on me from behind and started licking my neck and whispering ‘I love you’ in my ears.

I held her arm and brought her in front of me. I looked in her eyes and our lips met. Soon we were kissing each other madly and deeply. She was biting my lower lip. Then I inserted my tongue into her mouth where we had a tongue fight. We smooched each other like wild animals for about 15 minutes.

Then I started massaging her boobs and she started rubbing my hard dick over my jeans. I lifted her in my arms, threw her on the bed and came over her. I held her arms above her head and started licking and kissing her neck. Her neck was her weak spot. Every time I kissed them, she used to shudder.

I then bit her ear lobes and then kissed her on lips. After 5 minutes I left her lips and lifted myself up. I was still sitting with both my legs on her sides and I started admiring her. Our eyes met, my hands started rubbing her thighs, from there I went to her waist, felt her smooth waist and gave a slight pinch.

She jerked her body and let out a moan. I proceeded further feeling her sides to her underarms then came down to her neck. She was breathing really heavy now. From there I opened her top button and started feeling her collar bone. We both were so horny.

We kept looking into each other’s eyes. I started opening her buttons and she said, “Don’t waste more time, go crazy. I know you want to.” Listening to this I just went crazy. I ripped off the rest of the buttons and in a few seconds, her top was on the floor.

I bent down and started kissing her collar bone. From there I went on to lick and suck her cleavage above her bra. I put my hand behind her and opened her bra and threw it away. I couldn’t stop admiring those perfectly round boobs. I started massaging her left boob while sucking her right nipple.

She went ecstatic, with every breath her chest was rising and falling. I was sucking and flipping her right nipple with my tongue and massaging her left boob and nipple with my hand. I gave a slight pinch on her left nipple and at the same time, I gave a small bite on her right nipple.

She went crazy and let out a huge moan. If anyone was in the corridor they would have definitely heard that. I kept worshipping her boobs for another 20 minutes, switching mouth and hands alternatively on her both boobs. Then I left her boobs and started moving down, I licked her midriff, she started trembling, then I sucked her navel and she started moaning hard.

I kept sucking her navel for another 5 minutes and then moved further down and opened her shorts. I pulled her shorts down, threw them on the floor and then started sucking her toes. She was feeling tickle and pleasure both and was going crazy, slithering like a snake in a bed.

After sucking her toes I kissed her calves and then proceeded to inner thighs. I sucked, kissed and licked on them for sometime before smelling her pussy over her panty. Her panty was totally wet with her juices. I went ahead, kissed her panty line above her waist. I pulled down her panty with my teeth. She supported me by raising her hip.

I dragged her panty all the way down her legs and off of her feet. I stood there admiring her entire body, Her forehead with beads of sweat, Her eyes, full of lust and love. Her lips, juicy and red, her armpits, clean and shining with sweat. Her collar bone, perfect lines meeting above her chest.

Her boobs, shining, glistening with my saliva and moving up and down with her heavy breaths. Her navel, like a pearl, her sexy waist, with curves so smooth, putting any model to shame. Her sexy toned legs with white milky skin and in the center of all this, her pink pussy. Wet with her juices, shining and inviting me to ravage it.

I moved towards her as a tiger moves towards her prey. I kissed her inner thighs and kept sucking them. She went crazy and couldn’t resist, she started pushing my head towards her pussy. I proceeded close to her pussy but still did not touch it. Instead, I blew air on it and started licking all around it.

She lost control and said, “Why the fuck are you teasing me, stop wasting time and get to it you fucker.”

I was totally aroused hearing this and directly put my tongue on pussy. I sealed it with my lips and started sucking it while my tongue was flicking her pussy lips. She went outside of this world. She raised her body and arched her back and took a really long deep breath.

Then let out a really long moan. (Trust me guys, try this next time, it used to make my girl go crazy every time.) She immediately held my hair and started pushing my head onto her pussy. She wasn’t even letting me breathe. I kept on sucking her pussy like that for 15 minutes.

Then she came really hard and I drank all her juices without wasting a single drop. I just gave a long lick on her pussy lips to clean all the remaining juices on her pussy lips and her clit. She pulled me up and we smooched really hard for a couple of minutes.

Then pushed me to the side, came over me and whispered on my ear, “It’s my turn now. Enjoy, you fucker.”

What happens next, I will tell in part 3, I know guys. This is getting long, but I want to capture all the details. Patience bears good fruits, till then shag on my boys and finger on my ladies.

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