A Quickie In A Hotel

“How much time is left?” She asked with a low voice. Our three days of love, sex, and fights had come to an end with the last quickie.

“Another thirty minutes for checkout.” She could see that I was missing her already, but we couldn’t do anything. We had to go.

She looked hot in a black top that extended above her knees. She was trying to look ‘traditional.’ She was for an outside eye. But my eyes knew every turn and every crevice on her, and my fingers traced every inch of her smooth, soft and luscious skin for the past three days.

To my eyes, she was walking around naked. I always had a high sex drive, and she did her best to satisfy my urges. We said to each other that we wanted to meet since we missed each other. But we knew that we need to fash so badly in our hearts. We did just that.

Every morning and every night, we just fucked like animals. I had enjoyed every inch of her body. Yesterday, it was different. We had a big fight during the night, we made up, but we just cuddled and slept. There was no sex yesterday, and the morning was no different. We hurried and rushed packing things.

“Come here,” I pulled her onto my lap. She sat there, and we were in front of a mirror. I took my phone out and started clicking pictures. Her hands snatched from my fingers, and her body started giving poses. She felt sexy. I moved forward, curled my lips over her nipples, and sucked it hard.

She was pouting for a picture. My bold move made her almost drop the phone, and she bit her lip, moaning, eyes half-closed. She loved it. My lips moved to her neck, and my hands yanked her hair back.

Whimpering and massaging my hair, she let her horniness get over. She sat on my lap, enjoying my lips doing things to her.

“Baby, stop!” She pushed me away. “Keep doing this, and I can’t control myself anymore. We have to checkout.”

I was not a person who would give up in such situations. “Another quickie?” I smiled. She loved the idea.

“Ok, only for fifteen minutes.”

My smile was enough to start the next set of events. She was wearing a legging underneath her top and started taking it off. I took off my pants. I left my t-shirt in its place while she took off her panties. I moved towards her and started reacher for her ass.

“No, stop. We don’t have time for foreplay. Anyway, I’m already fucking wet down there.”

She just lay on the bed calling for me. I jumped on her, and before she uttered a word, I started pushing my dick into her pussy. She was always tight down there and took a few tries before I went all in. But she was fucking sloppy wet this time, and my cock went in easily.

She was so wet and warm in there that my dick felt like it was melting. Eyes half-closed, I moaned at once. My long cock stretched her pussy, and the head rubbing its way as it went inside. She grabbed the sheets and just lifted her chest up, gasping.

Fuck, it took everything in me to stop myself from cumming at that point. I didn’t want to waste any time. I took my phone and put a timer for fifteen minutes.

“Faster, what’s the delay?”

Her eyes were still half-closed, and she said that in a seductive voice. I cupped her face and moved my body forward, pushing my cock into her, balls deep. Eyes wide open, she gasped, looking into my eyes.

“You want that cock now. You want to be fucked, huh? I’ll fuck your brains out.” My hips raised, and I gave a big hard thrust into her.

“Hmmm,” She couldn’t stop herself from screaming. A few more thrusts and her hands were on her head, trying her best to contain that pleasure in her. My ‘making love’ switched to pounding her pussy. I went faster, surfing my cock in her sea of juices, my head forcing and splitting her pussy in two.

She went crazy. She pulled my hair, grabbed the sheets, and kept raising her chest. It was so fucking good watching her, and it riled me up. I couldn’t stop myself. I went hard on her, really hard and the room filled with our sounds of our hips banging against each other.

Her juices flying out as her sloppy pussy hit my balls. Her tits bouncing and wiggling, up and down, and her hair got messier. I took a peek at the timer, and it showed two minutes left.

I grabbed her thighs and lifted her legs. She put it on my shoulders. Hands wrapped around her legs, I started banging her faster and faster. The whole bed creaked and shook. Her breathing became erratic.

She was finding it tough to breathe and even took gulps as the air refused to enter her. She was on the verge of cumming, and I knew that.

“I’m cumming. I am cumming!” She screamed out loud as her legs squeezed my neck fucking hard. Her body raised up like a demon had entered her, and the river of her juices hit my dick and my lower body.

It was like standing in front of a dam whose gates had been opened. She looked at me with her eyes barely open.

“How much time is left?” She asked, panting and still not recovered from the orgasm. I got down and licked her pussy, holding her legs.

“Not much, let’s get ready now! We have to go to another hotel and check in with your sister.”

Her sister was going to arrive any minute, and she booked another hotel with her while I went back to my hometown.

She had a smile of satisfaction on her face, and she didn’t need to say anything to me. We just looked at each other and dressed up. All the while, smiling and hating to see the other having too many clothes.

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