My Neighbor Girl, Priyanka

Hi, everyone. I am John, a fellow resident in Bangalore. I am 6ft tall, with a well-built body. There have been a lot of good stories on the site lately. I loved most of them. I appreciate all the authors. Thanks for your feedback on my last stories. Hope you all had a great new year celebration.

Now let me come to my story. The story is a bit long. Hopefully, I will share my story with you in parts. The first part, however, is about my neighborhood girl Priyanka. The story took place a few months back. I had moved in with my brother and his wife.

We had a residential association function. I was getting along with function when I saw Priyanka. She caught my eye. She had these great sexy eyes, a cute looking girl, slightly towards the chubby side with medium long hair. A curvy body, which revealed all by itself through her sexy dress.

What caught my eyes the most is the dress which showed milky white cleavage. Priyanka was one of the hosts. She was helping out with things. I felt as if she was tiring herself out. So I decided to help her out. As a reward, I started getting smiles from between those red juicy lips.

During the function, I got to my chance to talk to her. I started the conversation. Introducing myself, she already knew who I was. Her mother and my sister were friends. We talked that day a lot during work. I made her laugh with a few jokes.

Needless to say, that day went better than I hoped for, ending with me getting her number. After the party, I came back to my room, masturbated thinking about her and making her moan. I found out later. She too was attracted to me that day.

That night, I pinged her on WhatsApp, thanking her for hosting the function. She welcomed my chat, then we talked. With a straight forward flirting from my side and appreciation of her beauty. This continued for a few days. We used to talk when we meet in a lift or while coming back from office.

We were eager about getting to know each other. I used to throw in some flirting just to get her attention. Then one day, I woke up late and missed my bus for the office. I borrowed keys for the car from my sis in law. As I was driving down the road, I saw Priyanka.

Wearing a deep cut black formal type top and an open jacket and a tight black skirt, standing at the bus stop. I stopped there. We exchanged smiles and greeted each other. I offered her a lift to her office, which she gladly accepted. As we drove off, we started to chit chat.

As you guys know Bangalore traffic is a lot tough to beat. But today it was a blessing. We got stuck and this gave us plenty of time in chatroom. Our topics were random. I tried my level best to humor her in the serious talk to the fun-filled conversation.

I found out she had an ex, with whom she broke up last year. He had moved abroad. I tried my level best. But I couldn’t stop, looking at her cleavage and milky white thighs during our conversation. Then she asked me whether I have a girlfriend or girlfriends? With a naughty smile on her face.

I got her intention in those eyes. I replied ‘No’ in a very naughty way. She just passed a naughty smile on her face. I could feel that I was sweating and the naughty thoughts running in my head. Her occasional hand rubbing on my hand made a hard-on in my pants that were quite visible.

She glared it at for a moment and kept on smiling looking in front. I then wanted to hide it but made it worse. It was a bit obvious. She was giggling at my failed attempts. I then had a dirty idea.
I:- Why are you laughing? (with a smile).

She shook her head in a sexy way and smiled and nodded. Then we drove off. I dropped her to which she thanked me and told me she had a nice time. After some time I got a ping from her asking whether I still was adjusting pants. We kept on chatting. My hardness kept on for the day.

It was quite noticeable, even by my boss Arathi. She too smiled at me after my briefing. By the end of the week, I and Priyanka were thick friends. Cracking nonveg jokes, sometimes talking dirty over the phone, or having a little steamed up chat. Soon we felt the heat between us when we were around each other.

Priyanka had an important interview that would get her a big promotion. It was being a hotel on the outskirts of Bangalore. Her mom asked my sister in law to take her as her mom had to be at work. My sis in law agreed. But the day before that, my sis in law’s father fell sick and she had to go to Mysore to see him.

It left me with a good opportunity to take Priyanka to the interview. We then started off in the early morning, reaching there by 8. We had breakfast and then I bid her good luck as she went to the office. I spent my time waiting with dirty thoughts running in my head on how to approach her.

After she came out and hugged me tight, kissed on my cheek and was so happy, telling she got the job. The hug just made me in cloud nine. I told her then she should treat me in a great way for bringing her here. She then gave me a devilish smile and asked, “What kind of treat you want?”

She was still in my arms. I decided to go for it and told, “Something as hot as you.” She then gave me a smile and asked what do you plan to do when you get it. I told her that I would enjoy it like it was the last day on earth. She then moved out of my arms and kept on smiling at me.

We then moved to the car and went for lunch. During lunch, she was sitting opposite me. I accidentally rubbed on her leg, when I stretched mine. I then intentionally was rubbing on her. To which she gave me this naughty smile. We were coming out of the restaurant and got into the car.

She asked how fast can you book an Oyo room nearby. I was amazed and looked at her, as she gave me a great smile, biting her lower lip. She told me she can give me her treat then. I then checked and booked an Oyo. I stopped and bought some condoms and chocolates.

Then we moved to a hotel. All the way my hand was rubbing over her lap. She was rubbing over my dick. We checked in without any delay. I was eager to carry her and pump her like anything. My dick was throbbing As soon as we entered the room, we got wild.

I pushed her to the wall and lip-locked with her hips in my arms. I deep pressed her navel, as our tongue fought each other for a few minutes. We explored each other’s body with hands. She felt my hands, my abs and moved to my hips, pulled me in closer.

As we kissed, Priyanka threw her shoes. She raised my t-shirt and threw it on the floor. I kissed her and I raised her hips. Her long milky white legs wrapped around my waist. I carried her by her ass. We further continued our passionate kiss and I carried her across the room. She was in a red kurti and pants.

I then placed her against the wall. I lifted her top and threw it. I then kissed her neck as her breaths became a little deep. I kissed her earlobes, then her chin moved to her neck. I bit the skin here and there. She gave light moans in stutter breath. I felt her bareback.

I got hold off her bra hook and removed it. I then grabbed her ass and boobs at the same time with force. She let out a strong moan. Her pussy was rubbing over hard dick through my pants. I then saw her breasts, fair skin-colored, round, firm, light pink boobs.

I then placed her on the table. I grabbed on to them. I started to squeeze them and kiss those pink nipples. I then started to suck on her boobs as I squeeze each one of them. As I bit her nipples, she again gave out a light moan. I squeezed her nipples making her moan a little more.

I then carried her to the bed. I made her completely nude. I pulled out her panty and smelled it. It had a small wet stain. I then threw it. I kissed from her toe to her thighs after I raised them and biting her inner thigh of both legs. I then moved up to her belly and sucked her navel.

I bid my time teasing her licking her from those thighs, sucking it and biting the skin, making her wild. I then rose, deep kissed her belly button. Her navel was curvy. I pressed it as licked her belly button. She was giving out light gasps of air and light moans.

Priyanka slowly spread her legs. What an amazing sight it was. Her pink juicy pussy, ready to be taken by me. I then looked at her eyes. They were forcefully making me bow down and suck on that pussy. I then dove into that wet cunt.
I sucked her like anything.

I dipped my tongue into her wet pussy, drinking her juice. My fingers slowly drove into the tight cunt, to find her g-spot. Her body was shaking, trembling, as my right hand rose to squeeze her nipples. her moans starting becoming a little loud. She was restless as she pulled over sheets, making a mess.

She then pushed my head deep in to and tightened my legs with her legs. Her hips jumped as she neared an orgasm. Soon she gave a satisfying yet loud moan. Her body became lose and she pulled my hair with all force. Her juice filled my face and those sheets. She took a minute to relax.

I then came on top of her and removed my jeans and underwear. My hard throbbing 7-inch long, thick dick sprang out. She held it softly, the cold feeling, made my dick throbbed and had a tingling sensation in my backbone. She kissed it at first then slowly licking the top.

Soon she took the whole cock in her mouth like a pro, playing it with her tongue and sucked me off. She didn’t let me cum. I then made lie on the bed and spread her legs and we kissed each other. I rubbed my cock near her pussy and gave a hard push.

I felt her reaction, as she took hold of sheets and took a very long deep breath, with a small light moan. She sure was tight, her pussy walls ground my cock. We rested for a minute. I could hear her squealing. We kept on kissing, as my hands fondled her boobs.

I then slowly started moving. The first few strokes made her jump. She scratched up the sheets and took a tight hold of me. Then as I increased my thrust, she started to become ecstatic. Her breathing became heavy. Her moans started to rise.

I kept on sucking her boobs and biting her nipples, as her moans rose. I kept my moderate speed in driving the dick inside. I then took hold of her hips and started to pump with all my energy. Her boobs started to bounce off me. Her nipples rubbed against my chest. I leaned on them, crushing them.

The room was filled with the sound of the moans. Our bodies radiated with the heat of lust. She moaned as I sucked each one of her boobs. I raised her by hips and pumped her more and more. She was moaning loudly, hugging me tightly, scratching my back.

I felt her pussy walls tremble. She was having another orgasm. I then pumped her up as she was shivering and after hardcore sex for about 10 minutes. I came inside of her as we kept on kissing after that. I was so focussed on sucking her nipples for milk. We lay in each other arms. Later dressed up and went back.

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