Romantic Sex Between Me And Ranjana – Part 4

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The next day morning I waked up, had my breakfast and waiting for Ranjana. It was 12.45 and Ranjana knocked on my door. I hurriedly went to the door and opened it. Ranjana was standing outside. I held her hand and pulled her into my room and closed the door.

I took her office bag from her shoulder and put it on the table. Ranjana was blushing with shame. She wore a red lipstick on her lips which made her sexier. She wore tight jeans and a casual office shirt. She was looking like a college girl. Very hot, bold and sexy.

We hugged each other tightly. I pressed her on the wall and placed my lips on her soft juicy lips. We were biting each other lips passionately. We both tried to suck saliva from each other’s tongues. We were sucking, licking chewing each other’s lips hungrily. Almost 20 minutes, we were in that position.

Finally, Ranjana broke the kiss and pushed me a little.
Ranjana: Hey Mr. order some food I am hungry.
Me: Why don’t you eat me?
Ranjan: You are very naughty.

I laughed and placed some order to the room service. We sat on the sofa and looked into each other’s eyes. We moved closer and again hugged each other. That time it was filled with love. I moved my hand on her back and she moved her hands on my hair.

We were cuddling each other with full of love and affection. I took her on my lap and smooched her soft lips. She wrapped her hands around my neck and tried to eat my lips. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Ranjana accepted it and took my tongue in her mouth and suckled it. I offered myself to her.

After a good 10 minutes, I took her tongue in my mouth and gave an intense suck. I took her lower lip in between my lips and sucked with full intensity. I moved to her upper lip and again sucked it. All the time she was seating on my lap and we wrapped each other in our arms.

Ranjana moved back and opened my t-shirt. She moved her head down and kissed on my chest. She tickled my ear with her tongue. I giggled. She whispered, “Today I will punish you because last three months I was in pain due to you.”

“I am sorry jaan, I love you and I missed you too,” I answered.
Ranjana: If you missed me then why did you come so late?
Me: It was not in my hand, love. Try to understand.
Ranjana: Then, in whose hands?

I gave a soft kiss on her cheek and said, “In your hand, jaan.” Her eyes were moist with emotion. She again placed her lips on mine and gave a tight smooch. She moved her head down and kissed and licked on my neck and shoulders. She was biting me there also. I screamed in pain but she was not ready to listen.

“Today you will feel the same pain that I felt in the last three months due to you.” Ranjana was biting on my chest and scratching deeply on my back. I tried to stop her but she was not ready to stop. She took my manly nipples one by one in her mouth and sucked. She circled my pointed nipples with her tongue.

Suddenly she gave me a strong bite on my left nipple. I screamed in pain. She laughed. I held her hair and gave a light peck on her cheek. She moved away and held my face and said, “Today you are my slave.” Ranjana got down from my lap and opened my pants. Now I was in my shorts only.

She held my hand and pulled me to the bed. She pushed me on the bed and made me lay on my back. my erected dick was prominent under the vest. She took out one rope and tied both hands above my head with the bedrails. She went down and took out my vest and threw it to the corner.

Then she spread my legs and tied it with the railing. I was nude but she was in complete clothes. She then took out her shirt and jeans. She was wearing black lacy panty and bra. I wanted to have her right then but I was tied. She came upon me and sat on my belly. Ranjana bent down and moved her lips near me.

I moved up my head and tried to catch her lips with mine but immediately she moved back. again she moved down and when I tried to get her lips she moved back. several times she did like that. I got frustrated. I wanted to open my hand but I failed. Finally, she placed her lips on mine but for a few seconds.

I was aroused completely. My hard dick was jumping in the air. I want to fuck her real tight. She didn’t open her bra. I saw her cleavage and wanted to see her melons but she only showed her cleavage and excited me. She took her bra covered boobs very close to my mouth.

But didn’t allow me to suck or kiss or lick. She was torturing me like anything and smiling at me.
Me: Why are you doing this to me?

Ranjana: This is your punishment. For the last three months, I was craving for you. Now it’s your turn.

She again moved down and licked and kissed on my entire chest. She kissed on my belly and slowly moved down. She kissed and licked every inch of my body. She knew that I loved to see and suck her boobs very much. She didn’t open her bra purposefully so that I was craving for it.

Ranjana took the position in between my two legs and held my hard dick with her soft hand. I felt current in my body. My whole body was shivering with pleasure. Slowly she bent down and took my mushroom head in her mouth and sucked. I tried to move up my butt and pushed my entire dick in her mouth.

She softly licked and kissed my hard dick. It made my dick harder. She opened the foreskin and sucked. She was sucking my dick with full intensity. Within 2 minutes I was reaching climax. But just before that she left my cock and sat beside me. I moved my butt up and down in the air with lust.

I wanted to release my juices. I looked at her. she was looking at me and smiling. She looked pain in my eyes. She opened her bra and came to me. She held her one boob and put it in my mouth. I start sucking like a hungry baby. She moved her hand in my hair. I was sucking her breast with full intensity.

After around 10 minutes, she moved down. She took my hard throbbing dick in her mouth and started sucking with full force. I was in heaven. I was grunting with pleasure. She was nibbling my manly nipples one by one with her hand and sucking my dick. Within a few minutes, I was going to cum.

She understood and sucked my dick with full intensity. Finally, I released my juices in her mouth. she ate every drop of my hot thick juice. She didn’t waste a single drop. She didn’t stop but continued her sucking. Within a few minutes, my dick got hard again.

Ranjana opened her panty and she became completely nude. She came upon me and sat on my throbbing cock. My hard dick went easily in her cunt. She was moving up and down and fucking me. She leaned towards my mouth and gave her boobs to me. I moved up my head and sucked her nipples alternatively.

She was pumping my cock with her juicy hole. She was now in full mood. Ranjana opened my hands. I wrapped her in my arms and fucked her from the below. She was grunting and moaning with pleasure. After 15 to 20 minutes, we both released our juices. Ranjana slept on me.

She kept her head on my chest with satisfaction. I hugged her tightly in my arms. We laid there like love birds for a few minutes. Then Ranjana got up and opened my legs. I took her in my arms and placed my lips on her. She reciprocated with a good kiss.

She told, “Now wear your dress and we should take lunch now.” We wore our clothes and asked room service to serve our food. A few minutes later our lunch came. We were taking lunch and talking to each other. Ranjana was very happy. We completed our lunch. I lit a cigar.

Ranjana took the cigar from my mouth and threw it in the dustbin. I looked at her. She sat on my lap wrapped her hands around my neck and whispered, “No cigarette please.” I kissed on the side of her neck. I took her and placed her on the bed. I took her shirt and jeans and opened my dresses.

We both were sleeping in our underwear, in each other’s arms. I placed my lips on her. we were again kissing and sucking each other lips. Ranjana parted her lips and said, “Again you are ready? You are a sex monster.” I replied, “you make me a monster.” And bit her one nipple with my teeth.

She screamed, “It’s paining Rohit.” I took some icecream and poured on her boobs, belly, neck face everywhere. She was shivering due to cold. “What are you doing?” she screamed. I told nothing but came upon her and pinned her hands above her head.

I bent and first licked icecream from her forehead. Then I moved down and licked her cheeks and chin. Then I moved to her lips and again sucking her lips. It was tasty. I moved down and licked icecream from her neck and shoulders. She was trembling with tickling sensation. She was giggling and laughing.

I moved down further and it’s time to lick her magnificent boobs. I licked her boobs from the base to top. Every inch of her boobs was being licked by my tongue. But I didn’t touch her nipples. The hot sensation of my lips and tongue on her boobs and cold sensation of the ice cream on her nipples made her crazy.

“Rohit please suck my nipples. Don’t torture me like that, baby. Suck me.” Ranjana moaned. After a few minutes, I held her boobs in my hand and sucked her nipples one by one. I took some ice-cream and spread on her armpits. She jumped with the cold sensation. But I held her hands tightly above her head.

I licked ice cream from her armpits softly. She was breathing heavily. I came to her boobs and gave byte. I gave several red marks on her boobs. She was trying to stop me but I was not listening. “Please, baby, don’t give a red mark on my boobs, otherwise Samar will doubt,” Ranjana said.

Me: That’s your problem.

Ranjana blushed and gave a light peck on my cheek. I put my face on her belly and licked ice-cream from there. She got tickling sensation and giggled. I put my tongue deep in her belly button and tried to suck ice-cream. Ranjana was moaning with pleasure. She held my hair tightly.

I went down and took her panty. She cleaned her pubic hair. Her pussy was clean. Love juices were dripping from her cunt. I kissed her pussy. she jerked with ecstasy. I gave a deep kiss on her pussy lips and gave a small bite on her clit. Immediately, she jerked her body and released her juices.

I licked and ate all her juices. She was lying on the bed. I could see the pleasure on her face. She was breathing heavily. I took some ice-cream and put it on her pussy. she opened her eyes and looked at me.  She felt the cold sensation on her pussy lips.

“Rohit please come, baby, come inside me. I was waiting for the last three months. Don’t torture your love anymore. Give your hard dick inside me. Fuck me,” Ranjana said. I didn’t answer but placed my mouth again on her pussy. I took the outer lips of her pussy and sucked.

Then I stretched her pussy lips with my fingers and put my tongue deep inside her cunt. I tickled inside her pussy with my tongue. She was trembling and shivering with pleasure. I moved my lips and took her clit in between my lips and sucked hard. she was moaning loudly.

I got down from the bed and stand by the side of the bed. I pulled her towards me. I took her both the legs on my shoulder and placed my hard dick at the entrance of her love hole. She held both hands. I held her waist and pushed my dick inside her wet pussy. It went half.

She screamed with pain. “Rohit, baby, please slow,” Ranjana said. I pulled out my hard dick and again pushed inside. This time it went fully inside her pussy. I stopped for a moment. After a few seconds, Ranjana opened her eyes and looked at me.

She told very softly, “Rohit now fuck your jaan. She is waiting to take your hot juices inside her cunt.” I smiled and started my forward and backward motion rhythmically. With my every thrust her soft boobs were bouncing up and down. I was ramming her pussy with full speed.

The room was filled with our grunting and moaning. I didn’t try to change the position. I continued my fucking at the same speed in the same position. Ranjana held my chest. I held her waist, sometimes, held her bouncing boobs and pressed.

For 30 minutes I was fucking her like that. She already released her juices one more time. But I didn’t stop. I was fucking her like a machine, like a monster. Again she was reaching for another climax. I also reached my final climax. I held her boobs tightly.

I pressed my hard dick deep inside her cunt and released my hot thick juices. Immediately she also released her juices. We both came for at least 5 minutes. I pulled out my dick and laid beside her. She was lying on the bed like a dead log. Our mixed juices were dripping through her thigh and finally on the bed.

I turned towards her and hugged her tightly. I kissed her cheek. She held my hand and moved closer into my arms. We slept like that.

When I woke up, it was 6.30 pm. Ranjana already got up and freshen up. She already dressed and ready to go. She looked at me smilingly. I was looking at her. Ranjana came to me and kissed on my forehead and said, “Let’s get ready, we have to go now.”

I tried to pull her on me. But she stopped me and pulled me up from the bed. I hugged her tightly. We were in a standing position. A few minutes later, she pushed me to the bathroom and asked me to get ready. After around half an hour we both ready and went out to her house.

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