Discovering That Cheating Is Fun

Hi, I am Varsha, and I am a regular reader of XIS. I thought to share  about how I discovered that cheating is fun and how my journey started.

I would like to start my story after starting my married life. I have very strong sexual desire, but everything collapsed after sex with my husband. He is not good when it comes to my sexual desires. He lost his erection and cum within 3 minutes, which is not sufficient for such a sex-starved girl like me.

I can’t even ask for more sex at that early stage of marriage. I’m a busty girl with 34-30-36 attributes. I control all my sexual desires because of my husband. Whenever he goes to the office, I will masturbate myself and try to overcome the sexual desire. But it can’t reduce my lust. Days are going like this.

He is a workaholic weak guy who just can’t satisfy me. I am getting hungry day by day. This urge is getting uncontrollable; two years passed in just sufferings

One fine day one of my friends, Anita, visited me. I was happy to see her after a long time. We went out for lunch and shopping, talked a lot, and we were so happy. Later she enquired about our family planning, which hurt me as I was not getting enough satisfaction.

She looked at me and found me tense. She broke the silence and asked me what happened. I tried to avoid the questions, but all in vain, she understood something fishy. She convinced me to express myself. I told her everything from the beginning.

She felt my pain and consoled me, and asked me how I got satisfied. I told her that too she felt pity for me and told me that everything will be fine. She then suddenly said haven’t you found someone else. I was shocked listening to that.

But she again asked, and I said no. I mean, I didn’t try. She said, why, you’re young and in need. If you’re not getting what you want, you must seek and snatch it. Her words now started to thrill me.

Anita: You deserve to be satisfied.

Me: I know, but… How?

Anita: Just seek any younger guy.

Me: You’re telling me to cheat my husband.

Anita: Just do it for yourself.

Me: But how and where can I find someone?

Anita: I’ll help you just start going out like pubs, gym, and yoga classes.

Me: Then?

Anita: Then some moves for seducing, and they will approach you.

Me: Is it safe?

Anita: Absolutely!

Me: Ok, I’ll think of it.

That night I didn’t sleep and kept thinking of what she said. My body wants it, my heart wants it, but my mind is stopping me. There is a war that started between my mind and body. I thought of that for a whole week. Later decided to give it a try.

I am also starting to gain body after marriage. So I thought to join the gym to maintain my body. There I met a man. Anshul has a very strong physique. He is around 6.5 feet in height. He can easily lift me and throw me on my bed. Such a strong young boy of 25 years, if I remember correctly.

He started to train me and help me reduce weight slowly. He is getting my attention and trying to touch me whenever he has a chance. I also didn’t bother about it. He tries to teach me in the gym and touches me whenever he gets a chance. I also started loving it that I am getting the attention that I deserve.

I then started to dress sexier for him. I sometimes went without a bra so that he could have a glimpse of my nipples and my bouncy boobies. He smiles at me as he also got to know that I am more interested in something else than the gym.

While he was training me, I told him that I am having little pain in my thighs while doing this exercise. He suddenly put his hand and started to massage them. I loved it. He started caressing them with his hands.

His movement is driving me crazy, and my pussy started to get wet. It leaked so much that my bottom got a wet patch on it. I am not able to resist more. I know I will surrender to this guy very soon.

Days are going to become more friendly. He used to give company on the bus. I finally decided one day I want his dick deep into my pussy and let him cool the fire inside it with his cum. One fine day my hubby went on a business trip. I invited him for dinner.

The time comes, he is at my doorstep ringing the bell. I wear a nice transparent saree so he can enjoy my sexy parts. I opened the door and welcomed him inside. He asked for my husband. I said he would be back at any time, maybe within an hour. I lied to him so that he would take his chance in a hurry.

I asked him to sit and watch a movie while I prepared lunch. I left the kitchen door open, so he can have a look at me. I am preparing food, and he was sitting in the living room. He then came to the kitchen and stood there. He started talking.

After few minutes, he started complimenting me on my beauty and proceeded to compliment my body. Then he put his hands on my waist and said, “Your husband is lucky to hold a waist like this every day.” He started massaging it slightly. I didn’t react and was still making food.

Later he put his hand in my hair and started caressing them and complimenting me. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and massaged them, saying, “You look tense, let me help you,” and came closer to me. I took a deep breath.

He then came closer, and I too stood close and ordered him to kiss me with my demanding eyes. He planted a kiss on my lips. I, too, responded, and we were kissing in the kitchen. We did that for around 7 minutes. Then he started to grab me tightly and started exploring me.

He dropped my saree pallu and started grabbing my boob up from the blouse. In a few seconds, he started opening the hook of the blouse and took that off. We then headed toward the bedroom while he was kissing and pressing my boob from my bra.

Then he rolled the saree away from my body. And now unhooking my bra. He had a glimpse of my boobs for the 1st time and said, “Wow, these are the best pair I’ve seen.” I replied I wished you compliment that after tasting them.

He hungrily took my boob in his mouth and started sucking them. I was loving and enjoying it. He kept doing that, and in the meantime, he unhooked my petticoat. I was only in panty now. I also took his clothes off. He was in only his undies.

Later he went to my pussy and rubbed it over my panty. A thrill went down my nerve. He took that off and said, you’re clean to be treated well. Let me rest on the bed. He parted my legs and gave me a kiss on my pussy.  OMG, that feel. The best thing I got.

Then he planted another. Then he started licking me. I was moaning heavily. He was also rubbing his finger while licking. I was on cloud 9. I kept telling him to lick me. In a few more minutes, I came and splashed on his face. Then happily I saw him and came up and took his undies down and dang!

His 8′ dick is saluting me. My eyes got stuck on it. It was almost double that of my husband. Then I went down and kissed it. Started licking and taking it in my mouth. He was also moaning. Then I told him that, “I can’t control it anymore. Please give it to me.”

He obeyed and came upon me. Putting his rod on my pussy made eye contact and thrust a little. His half dick went inside, and I was screaming. He kissed me, and a harder stroke, and his whole dick is inside me. OMG, I was moaning and screaming, and he is stroking slowly then.

He started increasing pace, and my moan started to increase. He was banging me hard, and I am moaning and moaning. He kept banging me and telling me, “You’re a busty hungry bitch, baby. You’re so hot inside.” I kept telling him, “Treat me like a bitch and fuck me harder.”

This is the 1st time I am enjoying getting fucked. He started giving me harder, and I kept moaning. I repeated, make me your bitch please harder, and he kept banging. Then he rolled me and make me on my four and started fucking me in doggy style with his full force.

My big tits were swinging and hitting me. The whole room was full with my moan and his stroke sound. He grabbed both my boobs harder, increased his pace to the fullest, and fucking hardest. OMG. It started with pain and pleasure. I came four times that time.

At last, he said, “I’m coming,” and I said to him, “Please cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.” Then I took his dick in my mouth and drank all his cum. Then we both exhausted and fell on the bed. Later that night, he fucked me many times and satisfied me.

This incident changed my life. I became a cheating, busty cock hungry bitch. Now my husband doesn’t know anything about how I’m getting satisfied by different dicks. And I’ve not been caught cheating as yet.

I will share other incidents in the next episodes if this one gets a good response. you can mail me at [email protected]

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