Realizing My Fantasy Of Being A Cuckold

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. A reader who was very much aroused by my story ‘Banging My Muslim Girlfriend’s Siblings’ texted me and shared his cuckold experience.

Hi, my name is Sidharth from Kolkata. I am 20 years old and have a well-built body and a good-sized dick. This story is about how I turned to be a cuckold boyfriend by watching my girlfriend Shanaya fucked by an unknown guy.

Shanaya is a 5.6 feet 19-year-old fuck bomb with 32d boobs and an ass of 36. Her waist is around 26. Anyone would go crazy when she wears a tight dress. She smells amazing and tastes sweet at her pussy. Her pussy used to be small thin and tight until I started fucking her and made it more broaden.

Our sex life was amazing from day one. We tried every possible position we came across online. But something was bothering me and I couldn’t asses what it was until the 7th of this month. It was a weekend we planned to go to a movie and spend the night at my flat fucking our brains out.

So we went to a movie for the 1st show and booked corner seats in the last row. The theatre was empty for the fear of Coronavirus. Only we were there in our row. So immediately after taking our seats, we started smooching. Shanaya was wearing a mini skirt which made it easier for me to finger her pussy.

She was holding my dick from above the pants. I was slowly rubbing her pussy above panty while kissing. The movie started and after 5 minutes of smooching, we parted. We saw that someone was coming towards us. He came and sat beside Shanaya on the other side. He saw us and gave a smile.

I could see this guy clearly. He was cute with a clean shave. He must be around the same age as us but was very well built. His tight t-shirt gave a perfect look at his chest and muscles. He wore a sweatpant that showed his strong thighs. As the movie progressed, I couldn’t stop myself from touching Shanaya.

She sat on my left and the guy was on her left. I put my right hand on her thigh and slowly made her skirt slide up exposing more of her milky thighs. The guy was eyeing her thighs from the corner of his eyes. I used my left hand to put across Shanaya.

I pressed her left boob for which she hissed and was breathing heavily. The guy was getting aroused and his dick made a tent in his tracks. I increased pressure in Shanaya’s boob and was massaging her thighs. Now her skirt was up to her waist, exposing her panty.

The guy was slowly massaging his cock from above tracks. Shanaya saw this and giggled. I whispered in her ear, “Babe he got hard for you. Do you like what you are seeing?”

She just gave a yes signal with her head.

Me-“Then go on do whatever you want.”

She got stunned with my words and turned towards me. I gave a kiss on her lips and said, “Do it, baby. Do it for me. I wanna see you getting screwed by this guy.”

She gave a sexy whisper, “Yeah, okay,” and kissed me. Now while I was fondling her boob and thighs she slowly landed her hand on the guy’s thigh. The guy jerked with her touch and looked at us. I gave a smile and winked at him. Shanaya was looking at the movie as if nothing happened.

He was shocked by my wink but didn’t do anything to stop Shanaya. He then turned towards the screen. He removed his hand from his dick so that Shanaya could do her work. She started rubbing his thighs and he was getting more and more hard.

His dick looked so big from above his tracks itself. I began rubbing her pussy over her wet panty she was giving out moans and increased her massaging on the guy’s thigh. I moved the panty aside and started rubbing her clit. She was becoming wild.

Then at once, I inserted my two fingers in her pussy. She automatically responded by catching the guy’s dick and squeezed it. He gave out a moan. Then I fingered her slowly. She went on to stroke his length from the tracks. I removed my fingers and started removing Shanaya’s t-shirt and bra.

I didn’t mind making her nude because no one could see. Her sexy boobs popped out and became a feast for the guy. He was spellbound and had his mouth wide open looking at her amazing boobs. I then took her boobs in my mouth one by one sucking them and biting her nipples.

She increased her speed on his dick. Then I kneeled in front of her and pulled her to the corner of the seat. I removed her panty. And also I pulled down the tracks of the guy exposing his 7 inch thick cock. His dick was shining due to precum and he had no foreskin. He gasped.

I held Shanaya’s head and guided to suck his dick. She held his dick tight and took it in her mouth. She was sucking him and squeezing his balls while I buried my face in her pussy and enjoying her womanly juices. The guy held her head and was fucking her mouth. Both of them were groaning.

I inserted my tongue and started fucking her vigorously. She was shaking and increased her speed on the guy’s dick. Soon enough she released her juices into my mouth giving huge moans with his cock still in. I drank her juices.

While she was cumming the guy held her head and pushed his dick completely into her mouth and gagged her. I started sucking on her boobs again while the guy started moving his ass up and down fucking her mouth. He increased his speed and at once held her head tightly and cummed in her mouth.

He groaned like an animal. She drank every drop of his cum. When she got up from his cock she bent over to kiss me. We had a good kiss with his cum. The guy’s cock was still hard and didn’t go down. I made Shanaya stand añd I took her seat. She removed my pants and took my cock in her mouth.

She was sucking me while the guy made sure his dick is still hard by stroking it. I stopped her and said to sit on his dick. She did so and the guy started fucking her from below. He held her waist and was guiding her to slide on his dick. She bent over the front seat seeing the movie.

Then with one hand she took hold of my dick and stroked it. I spanked her ass repeatedly and she gave out sexy sounds. I held her boobs and fondled them, pinched her nipples. I took away her hand from my dick and started stroking myself.

I asked the guy to change the position. With his dick still in her pussy, he got up and changed the position. Now he was standing in the walkway and banging Shanaya in the doggy style. She held my legs for support and was bending over my dick. She tried taking my dick in her mouth but I didn’t allow her.

Me-“No babe don’t suck me. I wanna jerk off myself by seeing you getting fucked.”

I started stroking with one hand while pressing her boobs with the other. I slapped her face with my dick. She was looking like a slut. Now I realized what was missing in our sex life. It was this cuckold experience.

I realized that I wanted to see Shanaya getting fucked by someone else while I jerk off. The guy increased his speed and was ramming her pussy with his dick. She was moaning heavily. He was panting and moaning. He said he was going to cum.

I jerked fast as I wanted to cum with him. The slapping sounds of his thighs with Shanaya’s ass could be heard even in the loud movie sound.

Guy-” Yes, I am cumming, take my cum, bitch.”

Shanaya-“Yes, cum in me, fill my pussy with your hot cum. Fulfill my boyfriend’s fantasy. Fuck me.”

Me-“Yes, baby. I am also gonna cum.”

The guy held her and pushed one last time groaning heavily. He let his cum fill Shanaya’s pussy. Here I released my cum which spurted out fastly and flew to hit on Shanaya’s face. As she had her mouth open some of it went directly into her mouth and she drank it.

Some of my cum also landed on the front seat and also my body. I then pushed her head onto my dick. She immediately gave a moan releasing her pussy juices. All her juices flowed down her legs mixed with the guy’s cum. She cleaned my cum off me.

The guy released her and sat beside me. Shanaya then went in to kiss him with my cum. They kissed for sometime when the lights were switched on. That was the interval time. We immediately put on our clothes before someone could see us.

Then we went for the toilet and relieved our piss. After the interval, we again had an amazing round where I made them fuck in different positions. I stroked myself fulfilling my forever fantasy of being a cuckold. I even took some pictures and videos while the guy rammed my girlfriend’s pussy.

We didn’t even introduce each other. We just had the amazing sex and left the theatre. While going home I and Shanaya talked.

Me-“Babe, that was amazing. I always wanted to see someone fucking you. How did you feel?”
Shanaya-“That would have been better if you shared this with me earlier. It was weird doing with some unknown guy but was awesome.”

Me-“Yeah, sorry for that. I thought of discussing this with you. But never got a chance. But anyway I wanted to see you fucked by a stranger rather than a known person.”
Shanaya-“Yeah it’s ok.”

Me-“By the way did you have anyone on your mind to fuck?”
Shanaya-“Yeah I did have but I didn’t want to cheat you.”
Me-” Oh, thanks, baby. Who was on your mind?”

She gave a shy smile and said, ” Your brother.”

Me-“Oh fuck, you bitch, you eyed my brother?”

By listening to this I got a hard-on and I realized that my brother fucking Shanaya would be awesome. After some days we trapped my brother and made him lose his virginity to Shanaya.

So, guys, that was the story of Sidharth being a cuckold. I felt awesome when I heard it from him. I had an amazing orgasm thinking about Saba and me in the position of Shanaya and Sidharth. I never got an opportunity to be a cuckold.

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