Seduced By Neighbour, Simran

I am now closing towards my forty but was still seduced by neighbour. The heavy body of mine has already pushed my tummy more than a bit out. I have lost a good amount of hair and can now be officially in the bald club.

Yet, here I am, having slept with two colleagues, back to a physical relationship with my wife after some crazy shit happened between us. I seduced and enjoyed occasional play-around with our maid. Not really what I ever thought would happen, but no less than any man’s fantasy.

My son goes for tuition to our neighbor, who is a college student. She is a good friend of my wife. Simran was white as milk, soft tone to her voice, cat eyes. She won’t look more than nineteen should be in her mid-twenties.

She often comes to drop my son back home, handing over his bag, etc., and almost always in a T-shirt and shorts. Now that is some shorts, as one can see a lot of her milky thighs out there.

I greet her without running my eyes around, keeping a straight face while receiving my son. But what she doesn’t know is, when I hear my son’s voice, I peep through the door hole to get a good look at Simran.

People who have already read about my wife’s revenge can connect to this. While Shruti and I were having a tough time, Shruti used to hang out a lot at Simran’s place. My wife shared what happened between us to Simran, which I got to know later.

During a weekend, my wife and son were away. Simran came home dressed in casual tracks and a t-shirt. She came to take a few prints, which my wife had informed me. I had prepared for her visit with a shave and presentable dress.

I started printing some pages of the online document she had shared via WhatsApp. Since home printer takes forever, we started casual conversations around college and life away from home, etc. After some 15 minutes of conversation, I was out of topic.

But she suddenly asked how am I with Shruti now. I was shocked, out of words. I never knew anyone outside the two of us to know what happened. I played it down by saying it is all well. Simran smiled and asked what made me go to another woman when Shruti was around.

I told her that she wouldn’t understand and it was just a mid-life crisis etc. I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with her, to whom I had barely spoken apart from hello and bye. I was ashamed to even speak about it. But Simran was insisting on details.

I got mad. But since she was our neighbor, I kept my composure and was cursing the slow printer. I lost to her persistence and told her that Shruti did not satisfy me sexually. Simran had a weird glow on her face.

She asked me what I meant by not satisfying. I had to explain this to maybe someone ten years younger than me. I knew this was inevitable. So I put it all there. I told her how boring our sex life was with a mostly one-sided act. I entered her without much foreplay, cum in her vagina, and slept.

I knew Simran pretty much knew everything about sex. With a beautiful body of hers, I won’t be surprised if she had slept with many younglings. Simran laughed when I finished and asked what more can Shruti do.

I told her that I expect her to respond when I kiss her, open her mouth when I kiss her lips, to make me feel she is part of the whole act. The printer beeped, and I was relieved this was over. I handed over the prints to Simran, she thanked me and left.

About an hour or so, she came back to my surprise. She had changed to thigh-high shorts and the same T-shirt. I let her in. She said she thought she could spend the evening with me chit-chatting since she had no plans. I didn’t like the idea.

I knew what topic it was going to be. I was also worried if she was doing this for my wife to know if am I still cheating. She sat on the sofa crisscrossed. My God, I could barely look at her. It was such a teasing pose. If I look deep inside the side of her shorts, I could see her panty outline.

Without any hiccups, she came to the same point where she stopped asking me to tell her more. I didn’t go down to the minute details. But I told her when Nisha approached and what she offered. I couldn’t resist, but that is past, and I regret that today.

She said it was ok. Shit happens but happy that things are well between Shruti and me. I was happy that it ended. But before that thought vanished, Simran said she had feelings for me. I paused, trust me.

I was cursing every God I knew on what now. She said my son speaks about me on what I do for him. Some feelings developed, and she was waiting for a chance to tell me the same. I told her that my son is 6 years. What he can say that possibly makes her feel different towards me.

She was in tears on the sofa and said that she was madly in love with me. I sat next to her to calm her down and asked her to wipe her eyes. She jumped onto my shoulder, pulling me tightly towards her, hugging and crying. I had to lift her face, wipe her tears.

I told her that she was too young and it was just an infatuation. She just kissed me. Really, without warning, she abruptly kissed me. Passionately, sucking each of my lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Her lips were soft like butter, small and pink.

I looked at her, but she had her eyes closed, lost in the kiss. But what I saw was an angel figure. A beautiful girl with well-groomed eyebrows, mascara smudged from her tears. But that didn’t hide her beautifully shaped eyes. I couldn’t resist and hugged her tight and went all into the kiss.

We kissed for maybe 10 minutes, and she broke. She laughed but with the tears still flowing. I kissed her again, this time with more aggression. I now wanted more. I wanted that young tender girl in my bed tonight. I lifted her in my arms while continued kissing her to my bed.

I pulled her T-shirt off, and there she was in her bra and shorts. She had a lean figure with not too big boobs. Her bra was loose on her chest, but how beautiful is she. Not a single dot on her skin and so smooth and white. We kept kissing while I undid her bra.

She lay on the bed looking at me with her small pink nipples now erect. There were the smallest nipples I had seen but the prettiest. I ran my hands over her boobs, not a handful but still soft. When I rubbed her nipples, she closed her eyes and bit her lips.

Her legs folded and back arched. I wondered if she ever slept with anyone. I took my shirt off and went close to her. Her naked body was touching my hairy chest. It was a divine and out-of-the-world experience. She was small in front of me, and I could easily get her on top of me.

I was rubbing her back while we kissed. I slowly pushed my hands inside her shorts, and I was wrong. She was not wearing any panties. Both hands were inside her shorts, groping onto her ass cheeks. We rolled again with me on top.

I went down and took her nipple in my mouth while rubbing the other one with my fingers. She was different from others, with no sound or moan. But just body movements closed eyes and biting her lips. I took each of her boobs in my mouth.

Her pink nipples were by now red. If I pinch, it might drip blood. Her boobs had become darker as well with all the mad groping I did. I slowly removed her shorts and her vagina, well shaved and smooth. It was a sight to see with those milky thighs covering the inner vagina.

I kissed her navel, which she giggled, and with slow kisses, I reached to her vagina. I slowly parted her legs and her vagina. Its lips were as pink as her nipples. I had to lick her, so I slowly kissed her thighs and legs. I bit her toes and went back to the vagina.

I kissed her vagina slowly, not to make it awkward for her. When I saw her vagina was dripping, it was time for me to move on. I put my tongue on the vagina lips, and there I heard a light aah from her. She was a cute little girl wiggling in my bed, playing in tunes of my tongue.

I felt her hands behind my hand, pushing me deeper into her. My saliva and her juice were all over the bed and a heavy arch, and she was done. I was longing for her tiny lip to be wrapped around my dick. But I felt this was her first and not to push her hard this time.

She turned around out of shyness, and her beautiful ass, curvey back, they were so pretty. Small hair running from her neck to lower back, golden color tingling, it was a sight to cherish. I went up and kissed her back to lower back to her ass cheeks.

I parted her ass and licked her pink hole down there. She jumped on the bed when my tongue touched her rim. She kissed me and ran her hands inside my shorts. Her soft fingers were running over my dick, dripping pre-cum. She lowered my shorts, looked at my erect dick, and kissed me.

She whispered, “Put it in me.” I was worried as I didn’t have a condom handy. She said it was ok, but she wanted it. She laid on the bed with her legs parted, and it was a breeze to get it inside of hers. Her nails clutched on my back. It felt good, warm inside her.

I started with slow pushes and saw tears in her eyes. I kissed her again while stroking faster. My heavy body was landing on her hard. But it didn’t stop her from getting her hands on to my butt and pushing me in. She was spreading her legs wider with each of my strokes, and I climaxed.

A huge burst of cum went inside of her. When I knew I was near, I pushed in rapidly, which I felt was another orgasm she got. We both lay naked on the bed. I woke up with her kiss on my lips. It was night, as I could see. It was all dark outside through the curtain gap.

I switched on the lights and saw her cat eyes, her naked body. It was hard again. Kissing her back, I pushed my dick again in her, and we fucked. This time it was short as in no time I climaxed. My cum was dripping from her vagina when I pulled out, but she was not done.

She kissed me, kept kissing me while I played with her nipples. She parted her legs and took her fingers to her vagina. With me kissing her and my fingers rubbing her nipples. She masturbated by rubbing her clit until she was done.

That was amazing.  She was tender, beautiful, and offered something Jasmine, Nisha, Pushpa, or Shruti ever gave me.

We took a shower together, cuddling and me applying soap all over her body, kissing while warm shower water fell on us. It was a day to remember. I went out to the pharmacy and bought an iPill for her. I ordered food and said goodnight to each other before family video calls started.

I drop my son at her place, and we kiss and often grope until an opportunity comes to do everything again.

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