Seduced, Fucked 34-Year-Old Neighbour Nisha

Hi Readers, I am Harish from Tamil Nadu and my age is 27. I am a slim and normal looking guy at a bed. This story is about how I seduced my neighbour Nisha aunty and how we both had the pleasure on the bed together.

We shifted our house to an individual house and I took the first-floor room for me. While standing on my room window, I could see the opposite house’s bedroom on their opened windows.

On the first day, I am very busy shifting and placing things in our new house. On the second day, I and my mom went to the neighbour’s home for introducing ourselves and asking details about the milk and newspaper agents. I could remember that moment by the time itself.

At 8:30 am, we went to the opposite house and I rang the calling bell. Nisha opened the door and invited us inside with a smile. She wore a green-designed churidar and she looked beautiful, a little chubby and lovely. While seeing my neighbour aunty first time, she looked below 30 (afterward only I knew her age was 34.)

We introduced ourselves and she introduced herself and her husband. She was working in an IT firm as a manager and her husband was also working in an IT firm on a different company. Their son was staying with her parents because they both working so they can’t have time for their son.

They were in a hurry for their work so we invited them to our home if they had free time on some other day.

Several months passed by, we both exchanged smiles and had casual talks while meeting. I noticed that my neighbour aunty and her husband used separate vehicles for them because their office time may differ as per the work.

My bedroom was just opposite their bedroom. If I open my bedroom window, I could watch their bedroom if their bedroom window is open.

One night I came late from my work. I usually take bath after I come from the office. I took a bath and came out only in my trunks. On TV, some hot songs were playing. I was watching it only with trunks.

I accidentally noticed that someone was watching me from Nisha’s bedroom window. I forget to close my window. Without them noticing, I went towards the window to know who was watching me. To my surprise, it was my neighbour aunty Nisha. She was watching me standing behind the window curtain.

After this incident, various things started going through my mind. Why is she watching me? Isn’t her husband not home? Is she interested in me?

Then I hid on the window side to know if she was really interested in me. After ten minutes of my absence, she came and stood towards the window like for getting air. Then I wore my nightdress and came casually towards the window and saw her standing opposite.

I raised my hand towards her like I had seen her now only. She also acted as she saw me now only. I said, hi. She also said, hi. I asked her why she did not sleep at late night. But it was not audible to her because I asked in a light voice.

So I showed my mobile to her and asked her, “Can I call?” I already had her number because we were neighbors. She showed a thumbs-up sign. I called her and she immediately attended the call.

I asked her why she didn’t sleep on this late at night? And I asked about her husband. She said that her husband was out of the station for a week for his office work. She was alone for already two days and she will be alone for the next four days.

I was excited on hearing this news. We talked about our work and made some jokes. She liked and enjoyed the conversation a lot. Then we both said “Good night” and cut the phone call.

After the call, I made a plan to seduce my married neighbour aunty and have sex with her because I knew she was interested in me. The next two days, we both chatted well and then Saturday came.

I knew Saturday was her holiday and she would be alone at home. Luckily, my family went to my distant relative’s house on Saturday morning. I had already applied for leave in my office.

At 9 am, I rang the calling bell of my neighbour aunty’s house. She opened with a smile. She wore a pink t-shirt with white night-pants. I told her that it was an off day for me and as I felt bored, I came to chat with her. She said that she was feeling bored too. She offered me a coffee.

While having coffee –

Me – I have heard that in the IT sector, elder women use to have affairs with guys younger than them. Is it true?

She – Maybe. It depends on the situation. It is common for men and women. Men too like younger women and women like younger men.

Me – Would women of your age like me?

She – Yes, you are a young guy with a good humor man sense. women always like guys like you but you young guys will like only young girls.

Me – No. I am not like that. Just imagine, what if I say I like you? What would you do if you are in that situation?

She – It depends on the situation. If I am interested in you, maybe I will accept. It’s just an imagination.

Me – Now, listen, I like you and you are gorgeous.

She – I think you should leave.

Then my neighbour aunty got up from the chair and asked me to get out. But I went closer to her and kissed her cheeks. I held her hands with my hands and moved towards the wall. She was saying “no” with her mouth but she was not pushing me away!

Then I kissed her ears, neck and again on her cheeks. I placed a gentle kiss on her mouth. Slowly, I moved toward my neighbour aunty’s boobs. I kissed her right boob over her t-shirt and then kissed her left boob.

After kissing her boobs, I kept my finger inside her mouth. She started to enjoy it. I moved up, kissing her upper lips and lower lips. We enjoyed liplock by exchanging our saliva. I kissed her wildly.

While kissing my neighbour aunty’s lips, I put my hand inside her pant and rubbed her wet pussy over her panty. She just loved it and then we moved to the bedroom.

We both fell on the bed. I removed my shirt and placed her hand to feel my body because she had already liked my body from the window. She kept moving her hands on my chest.

I was kissing lips wildly. I kissed her ears, cheeks and then moved to the neck. I removed her t-shirt and wow, I was delighted by the sight of my neighbour’s boobs hidden under a sandal color bra.

Then I went down and kissed her navel. I removed the bra and started sucking her left boob and pressing her right boob. She was enjoying and making horny sounds.

My neighbour aunty’s boobs size was 40. Imagine how it will look like while sucking and pressing those huge boobs. While I was pressing the married lady’s big boobs, I removed my pants. She moved her hands inside my trunks and made my penis harder by pressing it.

I moved towards her pussy and removed her pant. I kissed her panty over her pussy. She liked it and removed her panty. I started sucking my neighbour aunty’s pussy which was already wet. She liked it so much that she took my penis in her hands and placed it at her pussy entrance.

I entered my penis slowly into my neighbor aunty’s wet pussy. It moved smoothly inside her pussy. I started banging her pussy hard and I kept pressing her boobs at the same time. My speed was increasing and she was making horny sounds.

After some time, I told her that I was going to cum whether I should cum inside or not? She said, “Please cum inside. I will manage. I want to feel a real rod inside my pussy.”

Then I came inside my neighbour aunty’s pussy.

After 10 minutes, I placed my penis in the middle of her boobs and was tit-fucking her. She then said she likes to give blowjobs. So I took my penis to her mouth and she was sucking it hard. We also tried 69 position and fucked till the evening.

In the evening, I called my parents. They said that they will stay at the relative’s house that night and will come home tomorrow. Then we ordered food and had sex till the next day.

At night, I revealed to her that I knew about her watching me on the trunks through the window. We enjoyed that situation and made a deal that our sex relationship will not disturb our personal lives. We both agreed it would be a one-night stand.

Now my neighbor aunty is living in another city and we are good friends. This story is written with her approval and I have removed some personal details.

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