A day with three of them

As I shared in my previous stories, after my wife caught my affair, the only person who satisfied me was our maid Pushpa. The first time, we got a chance to play with each other. But then, opportunities were only for a quick grope or hug and a smooch.

My wife, Shruti, and I reconciled over time with my promise of not repeating such acts or meeting Nisha. She agreed not to get physically involved with Shiva, our electrician.

It was a weekend. Shruti and my son were traveling to native since it was a long weekend. I was excited that I would get Pushpa to myself when she was home for household work. It was about 4 AM. I felt my wife pushing our son to the other end of the bed and coming closer to me.

She sleeps in her night knee-length dress without a bra or panties. Just when we got married, it was a thing for me to grope her boobs late at night. Lift her maxi and finger fuck her till she climaxes. Once done, I used to fuck her from behind, lying in bed.

It was never too steamy and mostly one-sided. Sexual intercourse with her became boring. It was one of the reasons for me to jump in when both Jasmine and Nisha approached.

Today was different, and I was surprised that Shruti came next to me even after all that happened between us. She started rubbing her legs over mine. I could feel her hand close to my semi-erect dick. She slid her hands inside my shorts and started stroking my dick.

She came closer to my ears and said:

Shruti: Anil, fuck me tonight. I am horny.

I was hungry and smooched her before she completed her sentence. I wanted to fuck her badly, and to my satisfaction. I wanted to do more to show I was in control and that what she did with Shiva was not forgiven.

Breaking our kiss, I pushed her down, taking my dick closer to her mouth. She has never given me a proper blowjob. But she did a nasty one with Shiva to prove a point to me. Before she reacted, I pushed my dick in her mouth and stroked her a bit. Not sure what happened, but she was happy to take it in.

She went on her knees to start sucking my dick deeper and deeper, stopping in between to roll her tongue across the head and again in and out. I was about to cum. I usually don’t, but today, I had to. I pushed her to the bed. I kept my dick in her mouth, and mouth fucked her faster and faster.

She was choking in between. I ensured it was not bad but offloaded a lot of my cum in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out, but I continued mouth fucking her for another couple of minutes. I knew she swallowed a bit and spat the rest. I didn’t want her to be out of the heat.

I removed her maxi and started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were erect, and with each suck, she was moaning. I pinched both nipples until she said it hurts and took them each in my mouth. She was wiggling like a snake rubbing her legs crossed. Her vagina was wet and dripping.

I put two fingers in her vagina, and she moaned aloud. I was worried our son might wake up. Closing her mouth with one hand, I started stroking her vagina from behind. I put the first two fingers, then a third one, and then the whole fist. She prefers slow penetration but not today.

It was fast like those automatic electric dildos from porn videos. I put all my energy into fist fucking Shruti, and in no time, she was shivering. A good two minutes of ecstasy, and my hand was full of slimy fluid of hers. I placed my now erect dick in her hands for a handjob.

I made her lick her juice from my fingers. A couple of strokes, and she was fast asleep, and I didn’t push her further. We slept till 7 AM, and by 9, she left with our driver to native.

I went for a quick shower, and while drying, the doorbell rang. I covered myself in my bath towel and went to check. It was Pushpa. She was in her saree and blouse with a bunch of jasmine on her hair. I know she is not a morning person to shower.

But today, she came fresh, knowing Shruti was not home. Once she entered, I closed the door. Before she kept her bag in the kitchen, I hugged her from behind, kissing her neck. The smell of Jasmine flowers and cheap talcum was different but erotic. I pulled my towel away and was standing naked in our hall.

I looked at Pushpa and glanced onto my dick, and there she went down. I was leaning onto the wall, holding her well-tied head and slowly making her suck. She was good at it and a bit more. She ran her fingers over my balls, massaging them, and looked into my eyes.

That view and her large eyes looking deep inside me were beyond satisfaction. What she did next was amazing. She pushed a finger inside my anal while taking the whole dick in. I was not expecting that and jumped a bit, and my dick hit deep inside her throat. She coughed a bit and spat out.

We both laughed, and she winked at me. I lifted her, took her to the kitchen. We kissed for a while, and then I had to fuck her. I turned her around and made her lean onto the kitchen slab. Lifting her saree from behind, I pulled her panties down and pushed my dick in her vagina.

It was just a fantasy I had, and today I was living it. It was not easy with her heavy ass and my belly hitting and not letting me go deeper. It was just about an inch inside her vagina, but I was happy. I fucked her groping her boobs over blouse until I realized my cum in her.

Once done, I spread her ass cheeks and took a good look at her hairy pussy, slowly parting the skin. It was dripping my cum but well-shaped and reddish. I wanted to lick and take her to bed when my phone rang. It was Nisha asking if we could meet at her place post-lunch.

What a day, I thought. I cleaned up and told Pushpa to lock the house once done with her work and left home. Reaching Nisha’s place, I knew it was just us. Else she wouldn’t take any risk. We spoke for a while. She cried a bit as we couldn’t meet any more and was annoyed Shruti caught our affair.

I had to calm her down and hug her, and sit next to her on the couch. She leaned forward and kissed me, and that went for a while. Deep kisses with tongue sucking, my hands are running all over her body under her top. I pushed my hands inside her jeans.

She stopped me and said she was in her period. We cuddled for a while. She let me play with her boobs, running my fingers over her nipples. She took her hands to undo my pants, but I was tired. I told her we would go all the way next time but today, let’s be with each other.

A day to remember and a week to look forward to with Pushpa, my sex-starved maid,  since Shruti is only back next weekend. I hope you like my experience and share your thoughts at [email protected]

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