Risky College Tour Sex With My Girlfriend

Hey readers, this is me Jack, the nerdy one. I am 26, well-built, and with decent dick size.

Thanks for the reviews and replies to my first story – “Nerd Guy Fucks And Breaks Virginity Of Teacher’s Hot Daughter.” It inspired and boosted me to write another adventures experience with my girl Raisa. This story will be adventurous and risky tour sex I ever had with my girlfriend during a study tour from college.

In the 2011 summer, our college planned a study tour to Kolkata to different historical places like Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial Palace, The M. P Birla Planetarium, and some other places too. So they planned for a tour of 2 days and one night stay at Kolkata.

We all were excited for the day to come. The night before the college tour, some of us my friends were planning to hit the girls of our class whom they love or had a crush on. I wasn’t part of that discussion but was listening to them.

I was excited for my girlfriend Raisa, because she was the one whom I will hit without any prior permission. Some of them had plans to hit on Raisa but listening to that made me smile because the girl they are talking about was mine already. We discussed the trip the whole night and later packed our bags for the trip.

The next evening, the college bus took us to the railway station. Before boarding the train, we bought our essentials like chips, cold drinks, novels, and sex story magazines for the trip from the station stores.

The train arrived at around 8.30 pm and we boarded the train. Everyone was just excited for the journey, and some were excited for the fun time with their girls. We had fun chatting and playing games during the journey. The teacher came in the middle and advised us to go to bed as we will reach during the early morning.

Everyone went to their bed and some stayed behind with their girls and chatted. I stayed with Raisa. After some time, the train lights were off. I bid good night to Raisa and went up to sleep on my upper berth.

After some time, I heard someone moaning and having deep breathing near to me. I peeked through my blanket and saw Ritwik was fucking Lilly at a good pace! I watched them and felt a boner inside my pyjamas. I heard the moan of Lilly and saw her bouncing boobs (wow, what a view it was). Lilly’s moans were making me horny.

Lilly (moaning slowly): Ahhhh ahhh ummmm fuck me hardddd ummm..

My classmate Ritwik was full on his pace and fucking her as hard as he can. After listening to them, I couldn’t control myself, so I started masturbating watching them! They went to their respective berths after a satisfying fucking. But I was still horny and wanted just more than just masturbation.

So I went down the aisle and went up to Raisa’s bed, which was just next to her best friend’s bed. She was sleeping calmly, and it was risky to wake her up. What if she screams because it was dark inside and only a bit of light was coming inside the train through the windows. So I put my palm over her mouth and whispered.

Me: Baby, I am horny.

Raisa (about to scream but couldn’t): Ahh, who’s this?!

Me: Baby, it’s me, your babe.

Raisa (sighed and took a heavy breath): Ooh, you dumbo! What are you doing here?

I narrated everything then.

Me: So baby, I am feeling horny too (with a smirk smile).

My gf got up from her bed and took me to the toilet by holding my hands (it seemed romantic yet scary.). She closed the door behind us and started kissing me passionately without any notice. (She was all wild!)

Me: Wait!! Baby!

Raisa: I was waiting for this tour-fuck, you dumbo.

We then kissed for almost 15 minutes, and I was feeling the sexy college girl’s boobs over her night suit. I could feel her nipples growing. She let me sit on the toilet seat and kissed me more passionately.

Raisa felt my boner growing inside my pants between her thighs. She felt it over my pyjamas and let it grow to the fullest.

I took her night suit up and two cuties came out of it, popping. My girlfriend’s nipples were hard and I started licking them and gave them a little bite. The harder I bit, the harder she pulled my hair. I was in a whole different zone.

Raisa’s sweaty body scent was heavenly. I could feel her body heat and dripping pussy which made her panty wet.

I slid my hand inside my horny girlfriend’s panty and put my finger inside her pussy and rubbed her clit slowly in an up and down motion. She started moaning. Before anyone heard her moan, I put my finger in her mouth. She sucked my finger like a lollipop in her mouth.

Raisa then got up from my lap and got on her knees. I helped her to take down my pyjamas. She took my dick in her cold hand and I felt a current running inside my whole body. She jerked it off for a while and took it in her mouth. She was good at blowjob. (She used to give me quickies everywhere we got a chance and privacy.)

The hot college girl sucked my balls so well that I cummed within a few minutes. She cleaned my dick and sucked it to make it hard again.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and she got panicked!

Me: Wait! I am getting out.

Someone: No worries, the other one is empty.

Raisa took a deep breath, and we dressed up as quickly as possible. She came out after me, and I took her to my upper berth. Everyone was sleeping, and the only sound we could hear was the train’s sound and the hissing sound of the cold wind.

It was a full moon summer night, yet we were feeling cold. So we got inside the blanket I had. We were so close that could see her in the little light and warm breath on my neck. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.

I caressed my beautiful girlfriend’s hair and tucked it behind her ear and kissed her lips. She kissed me back and looked right into my eyes. That feeling was best and could not be explained in words.

I started kissing her whole body, and she slowly put her hand inside my pyjamas and grabbed my dick. Now we turned vertically to a 69 position. Raisa took my dick out and started giving me a blowjob. On the other side, I was fingering her with my two fingers inside. She reacted to it with a slow moan.

She was at her peak arousal. She was holding my hair and guiding to eat her pussy out. The smell of her pussy was just awesome, and I started licking her wet pussy.

Raisa: Ummmmm ahhhhhh ummmm right there babe.. Right there.

I started tongue-fuck the college girl’s pussy. She liked it so I gave a little bite to her pussy to tease her.

Raisa: Ummmm fuck me, baby, stop teasing na!

So we get into the missionary position. She spread her legs and guided my dick inside her wet pussy. I ramped up to fuck her, her jiggling tits and her horny face were making the moment more beautiful. I took her right tit in my mouth and sucked it well and was tickling her left nipple.

We were kissing and fucking, all while dripping sweat. The coolness was no more there but I could feel the cold breeze of the AC on my ass.

Raisa: Ahhh ahhh ahhh ummm fuck me hard dumbo..

Me: (breathing heavily)

My girlfriend grabbed me from my back and locked me and told me to fuck her hard. I fucked her with all my energy.

Me: Ahhh baby, I am about to cum..

Raisa: Cum inside..

Me: Is it safe?

Raisa: Do it, dumbo.

Finally, I released my load inside my sexy girlfriend’s pussy. I cleaned her cum dripping pussy with my hand. We got dressed up and she slept over me.

I was holding her tight in my arms and didn’t want her to leave. I wanted to live those moments again and again. After some time, she bid me good night with a kiss and left for her bed.


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